Friday, December 9, 2011

Tights, Hose, Pantyhose = Beauty

Let me start off with this reminder:
  • I love women.
  • I love the female body.
  • Any opportunity to see the female form is a gift. 
  • A female encased in tights is beautiful.

Another reminder:
I love my Girl despite all the apparent flaws she sees in her body that no one else does. I do not see them. I just see beauty.

The other day we were going out to a holiday event that required us to dress up.  I was ready first and walked out of the bedroom leaving my Girl her privacy to finish dressing. Within a couple of seconds I spun around and walked back into the bedroom haven forgotten my tie. As I entered my Girl was laying on her back, legs up in the air struggling to pull her tights (pantyhose if you prefer) on. Apparently I caught her by surprise as she looked at me, stood up and walked out of the room in in an audible humph. As she passed me to hide herself in the bathroom and finish her private war against pantyhose, I captured a momentary vision of her lace panties beneath her black tights. A vision --- a vision of beauty. (My Girl apparently does not agree with my vision).

If I had my way, while prepping to go out, my Girl would comfortably walk around the house dressed in nothing more than her pantyhose and nothing else; all while doing her make up and hair. 

So who else out there loves the beauty of an encased female body in tights? or do I dare say "pantyhose"?*

So where am I going with all this? 
To this:

If the regular sight of a girl just trying to pull on pantyhose is a struggle in of itself; imagine a freshly spanked girl in the same situation?
Now that struggle would present extra troubles. ;) That vision of a freshly spanked girl struggling and wresting to pull up her unforgiving elastic skin-tight hose over her burning red ass could not be sexier (spanked for taking to long to get ready for the evening party, in case you were wondering). 

This vision topped only perhaps by the defeated pose after the two-handed pull and stretch struggle as her beautiful cheeks are now framed by her skirt at her waist and her pantyhose just below her cheeks; all happening at the same time she is struggling to slip on her high-heels that have been thrown about the room.

All this without a doubt would add excitement to the night. 

And the best part?
Coming home, one of you rushing upstairs to get to bed; the other taking your time only to be surprised by the eventual greeting of a vision of beauty...
encased in tights.

I know some people may have a problem with the the name “Pantyhose” which may conjure up images of old ladies or “restraining equipment” or perhaps even worse “saggy drugstore purchased” thick tan pantyhose. Or perhaps  it may just be a generational word. The girls I have worked with in office settings over the years have all worn pantyhose due to the nature of the businesses, but always referred to them as “tights” even though we were in the U.S. [Tights often considered a British term] and these tights were not winter wool tights either. The main difference was that these tights/pantyhose were sheer black more often than not. If you work in a big city take a look around. I would venture to guess most girls are wearing black full length tights/pantyhose. There even seems to be more stylish choices now with striped and pattern tights.