Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Tuesday Toons - Windy Wednesday

Was my last post to serious for your tastes?
Not your intent on why you visit here?

Well today’s menu is quite different.

Today I offer you a genuine twofer. Yes, a two-fer. As you know in our corner of the blogosphere, bloggers are fans of posting funny toons on Tuesday, with the toons being on topic or off topic all the same.

If you are familiar with this little blog o mine, you may be familiar with my Windy Wednesday casually themed posts.

Why Windy Wednesday? Because it is Wednesday and Wednesdays are Windy.


And windy upskirts always make me smile.
Don’t they make you smile?

Well today I offer you the the best of both worlds in one simple pack.

A Tuesday Toon / Wind theme post
and or
a Windy Wednesday / Toon theme post

All for you to savor over two days.

What is it about windy upskirts that make me smile?

This young lady’s expression says it all. The sheer panic, embarrassment and like reactions that usually accompany such unexpected situations is what does it for me.

Are you a fan?
Do they make you smile?
Yes, ladies, I’m asking you in particular.

These moments can also be quite synchronistic to the fortunate enough to witness.
Our friend on the bench would agree no doubt. Unfortunately this might be his last view, but at least it was a great view!

Why do you figure she is so shocked?

The simple fact that her dress blew up in the wind?
That she knew our friend got an eyeful?
An eyeful of plain panties?
An eyeful of sheer panties?

Thoughts are always appreciated and since I'm in the process of prepping for a road trip and no time to set up a poll, let your voice be heard via the comments below.

Image credit to artist Massimo Carnevalle, but not confirmed.
Carnevalle, the comic book artist's work seems more refined in other examples.