Sunday, January 8, 2017

If It Makes You Happpy....

Time seems to fly along despite our attempts to keep it under control. The holidays came and went before I seemed to catch my breath. I had planned posts, but before I knew it, I was stuck having to finish up my work in the office for the season, and then immediately turn around and pack for a road trip that led me back home.  Came back and been feeling under the weather ever since and before you know it, we are all here at January 8th together. 

Here's to the unknown of a new year, but also the promise of a brighter future. Nothing worth having was ever obtained without a fight or a struggle of some sort. May in a year's time we look back accomplished and satisfied with our efforts in our struggles for positive change and filled with the joy of our accomplishments.

Now, I hope you enjoy these thoughts on relationship goals.

“What are you doing?”


“I asked you a question, what are you doing?”

“Oh. Sorry, I was reading.”

“But why are you reading? I told you to wait.”

“Well, I didn’t want to stand there doing nothing, seemed a waste, especially since I’d rather be reading anyway so I was...just while you came up.”

“I think you are missing the point, Young Lady.”

“How so? You sent me to my room to wait, so I…”

“It is part of your punishment; for you to wait in the corner; nose to the wall and with your ass on display.”

“That...well, that just... It just sounds so embarrassing. Plus, I was cold standing there in just my panties like you said, and you weren’t coming up, and I had this book I wanted to finish and you weren’t coming up and it seemed like a waste…”

“Yeah, you’re missing most of the point.”

I slammed the book shut and tossed it away.

“You don’t have to be mean about it! You should be proud of me for being productive with my time while I w…..”

“You could have been productive by thinking about how you are not going to get yourself in trouble with me next time; how you are going to think through the consequences of your actions….”

“Yeah, but my book is more interesting than those thoughts.”

“Stand up! Take that sweater off; I never gave you the okay to wear it. And get your tight, spoilt ass over here.”

“Do you really have to spank me?”

I look at her not believing she can be serious.

She climbs off the bed, eloquently yet cautiously, stretching out one bare leg after the other as if testing the waters of a pool on an overcast day.

“Come on, let’s git going.”

“I don’t understand why you have to punish me and then why we have to go out to dinner afterwards?”

“Because all of it, from the corner time, to those humble panties I told you to wear, to the spanking; are all part of your punishment.

Because watching you squirm uncomfortably on an unpadded wooden seat in a restaurant all night, throughout dinner, really makes me happy.”

“Well....well, books make me happy. That’s why I was reading…”

“Well keep disobeying rules, disobeying punishment orders and instead read your books, and you’ll learn soon enough what other things make me happy when I think you haven’t learned your lesson.”

“Other things? Other things like what?”

“Other truly uncomfortable things.”

“Oh.” She audibly gulps, darting her eyes to her pink colored toes; running her bare feet on top of her each other anxiously before mousing out an almost inaudible response,  “ you spank me now instead, I don’t want to think about those other things.


Hope you enjoyed that. Let me know. 



  1. Leaving us guess what's coming next - I bet I can guess.
    Happy New YEar Enzo.

  2. Oh Sunny -
    Please do share your guess; it is more fun that way!

    Thanks for always commenting.


  3. Oh I can guess too! Don't keep us waiting, write more!

  4. Hi Minelle -
    Are you sure you can guess correctly, do share.
    Actually, I just posted a continuation of another story I would love to hear your opinion on.

    Thanks for commenting,

  5. yes write more ....i loved it but put warm because it was sooooo short and unfulfilling ....come on Enzo write longer and end it well ....

  6. Welcome Squirt! Are you a new reader here or just new at commenting?
    Funny thing is this was intentionally written as a short post, intended as just thoughts on relationship goals, but it seems like all who commented want a follow-up.

    Thanks for commenting,

  7. i have been reading for a while now , but haven't commented before ...i enjoy your stories , i just wish you could put new ones more often ...

  8. I liked this one, but the pictures seemed to come before that part of the story. It seems like I must have been away for awhile. I checked your blog today and this is the third new story. Since you used the last picture in your newest post, I'm assuming anal is next.

    But is anal really a punishment? (Ok, going in dry really hurts. Thankfully my husband isn't trying to be cruel or turn me off of it.)

    Very personal- but they other night we tried anal. I was so worked up and desperate to have him inside me, that having him go there just made me that much more wet. I tried using the vibrator on my clit and I got so worked up, I had to stop using it and try to calm down. I couldn't stop squirming and moning, even when he stopped moving. I wouldn't call that a punishment.


  9. Hi Heather -
    I’ve missed your comments!
    Thanks for coming back and commenting.

    Yes, the pics are sort of out of order, they are referenced in the conversation, but haven't actually happened just yet; so depends on how you are reading the story.

    To answer your question, yes, anal can often be a punishment. Done with minimal lube it can be both enjoyable and painful. Also, depends on the size difference between the couple; it can often be a punishment for petite girls.

    Thanks for sharing that tidbit of a story and in that instance, no wouldn’t call that a punishment. In all fairness, it does sound like you enjoy anal, but not all girls do; or would you say all your friends share this same enjoyment as you do?


  10. Enzo,

    I'm having a hard time getting my post to publish.

    I can enjoy it and mostly do.

    I'm not sure about my friends. I only have one that I would share this fetish with and while I think she enjoyed what has transpired between her and her partner, I don't think they have explored it much.

    My husband has never used it as punishment. But it was semi-annoying when he stopped because he thought I was becoming hysterical. I never said stop, my senses were just very heightened.



  11. Hi Heather,

    I’ll just say your husband is a lucky man.
    My point was that if you ask your friends, I would guess that most would consider it more of a punishment. Then again I could be totally off and this can be a regional cultural difference.

    Thanks again for sharing, I do appreciate it.

    I answered your comment publishing issue on the next post.

  12. Enzo,

    I'm from the south. Most of the women I know are strong spirited and most of our men are laid back (and our father's are protective). Not many of the men in my circle would ever try to punish a woman. And if they did so without her permission, well, it wouldn't end very well for them.

    So the DD lifestyle is much more of a fantasy for me. My husband will spank me to turn me on but it hasn't developed further then that yet. I'm still waiting on him to figure out the biggest turn on is his dominance. A girl can get tired of always being responsible for everything and figuring out her emotions and dealing with them on her own.


  13. Heather -
    I appreciate your added comment, despite my delayed response.

    So a Southern Girl :)

    I understand why a lot of women, not just women from the South, fantasize about a DD lifestyle. I still believe cultural upbringing and generation plays a role on how DD is viewed in modern relationships and not just in what most would consider obvious ways. Also believe education, surprisingly enough, seems to add some confusion to deciphering the mix as well.

    Thanks again,


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