Friday, January 20, 2017

Who Wants to Play a Game?

If you are visiting today, or during this weekend, you are mostly likely here seeking a distraction from all the tension, unrest, anxiety and all the mind-clogging of the unknown, all based on the current political situation. I am guessing you need a momentary escape to a different place. Let's take a small trip to another place; to a place where things are a bit more relaxed.

Today, I welcome you all a special session of the E.M. Academy of Continuing Education for Wayward Adult Girls (and Military Training Academy of Young Men). Yes, come in out of the cold reality and into this welcome oasis - if only for just a few minutes.


Welcome dear readers and come all in, come in and gather around. I am Professor Enzo and thank you for joining me today as my students.

Please, shoes off and take a seat on the floor. 
Yes; in a circle. 
In a circle like in your good ol' school days. 

Spread out, spread out and form one large circle.

 Come on this will be like when you were in primary school. Just sit and criss-cross your legs.

Excuse me, is there a problem? I don't care if you don't want to Young Lady; take your shoes off and sit down, please. Yes I know, but you aren’t the only one wearing a skirt, now sit down!

Okay now students, to start things off in class today, we are going to take a little pop quiz.

Shh, no, no; now listen!
This is going to be more like a game than a quiz. A game I thought would be fun to play with YOU,  yes you, my dear readers; I mean students. 

Here, take a sheet and pass the rest of the copies down.

So allow me to explain, adding in a bit of background information. On one of my recent posts, a chapter to an ongoing story, a scene came up that might have made some of you students uncomfortable…

Excuse me Young Lady; do you have something to share with the rest of the class?

No, okay please zip that mouth before I have you move and sit up here next to me.

And what did I tell you about how you are to sit; not on your thighs; criss-cross those lanky stems now!

Okay, now where was I? Yes, there was a scene in a recent story post that came up and that may have made someone of you young ladies uncomfortable. I don’t know for certain, but I am guessing based on low comments and votes that it might have.

Therefore, allow me to explain something about my personal preferences. Although I truly enjoy spanking as my main course I often need some "side dishes". In other words, much like any good meal, I enjoy my spanking served with a side of this or that. Not just any side, but spicy sides preferably.

And that brings us to your one question quiz for today, which in essence is:

Do you like your spanking stories as a single entree with no sides? Or do you enjoy them with a side of _______________ (fill in the blank)? 

Now, please take a pencil and write in your answers to complete following statement:

I enjoy reading stories about a delicious, warm spanking with a side of __________.

Excuse me! You again, Young Lady. Would you like to share with the rest of the class what you are whispering to your neighbor?!  No?! I didn’t think so. Now please listen up, I am only explaining this once.

Since I am guessing a lot of you might be shy about sharing this information, I thought I would make it a bit easier for you to do so. Please use the images and corresponding letters to fill in your answers. Just answer in the comments with your preference using the corresponding letters. Remember you can list as many "side dishes" as you like. Plus, I am offering extra credit for explanations as to why.

If you are still shy about sharing you may fill in the surveys, but remember you will only get half credit for submitting your answers that way.

 Okay let's get to work, the quiz begins - NOW!

Excuse me, Young Lady! Yet; again. You just earned yourself detention. Please remain seated until after everyone is gone. We will be reviewing your answers and your attitude closely. And I have a feeling I will be introducing you to an old-fashion tool of the teaching trade, a nice old-fashion wooden ruler. 


I enjoy reading stories about a delicious, warm spanking with a side of _________ .
(Remember you can fill in as many answers that apply.) 

1. Anal  2. Butt Plugs  3. Corner Time

4. Domestic Discipline 5. Marking Territory (ie cumming on panties, etc.) 6. Rectal Temps. 7. Non-Consensual Spanking (ie spanking between strangers) 8. Wetting Accidents 

9. Windblown Skirts

Reminder: Full credit for answers in the comments listing your preferences using the corresponding numbers. Plus, I am offering extra credit for explanations as to why.

Hope you enjoy this game/quiz! 


  1. Well looking at the pictures, I was going to say one for sex; and what is the difference between four and seven? But then, I scrolled down and that answered all the questions. Anyway I chose voted for four, but I also a side of sex- any kind will do. I'm really not into eight and nine is probably the least appetizing.


  2. Ok, so for extra credit:

    So I usually look for sexy spanking stories when I want to get in the mood. So spanking stories with a side of sex definitely help to start thinking about sex.

    I really like your more detailed stories and stories with good endings. Stories the leave off without a spanking or sex, leave me wanting more. The stories that focus on the more embarrassing scenes, kind of kill the mood. I really like to picture stories and imagine them, so I prefer good vibes at bedtime.


  3. Hi Heather -
    Thanks for pointing out the possible confusion regarding what the numbers stand for; therefore I reformatted with the numbers closer to the pictures.

    Thanks as well for all your feedback, I truly appreciate it.
    So the “cliff-hanger” stories aren’t fulfilling; I can understand that. I have recently received similar comments.
    Interesting that the embarrassing scenes kill the mood as they are actually meant to do the opposite, enhance the story and the mood.
    Can I be the only one who sees it this way?

    Thanks again,

    PS So far you are the only star-student earning extra credit.

  4. Unlike Heather I enjoy spanking stories with a good side of embarrassment! I have long thought that spanking has a dual aspect: a sore bottom from the physical spanking and a hurt mind from the indignity and embarrassment of being upended, having one's skirt lifted and knickers lowered and one's bare bottom on display!

  5. Hi Sophie -
    Not sure "a hurt mind" would be the words I would use to describe the intent of any embarrassment associated with spanking, but I think I understand what you meant.
    And I am guessing you are not alone.

    Appreciate the feedback, thanks for commenting.


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