Saturday, November 10, 2012

Love our Lurkers 7

Greetings Lurkers and a few brave souls 

So apparently 7 years ago the talented and very smart blogger Bonnie created this online event that she called Love Our Lurkers Day. This awesome event is an opportunity for those visitors to a blog to speak up and introduce themselves and comment. She explains it so much more clearly than I here in case you want to read it in her own words.

I know it can be intimidating commenting on a blog as it took me quite a long time to get comfortable doing it. Remember the life of a young blogger can be solitary not knowing weather s/he is connecting with his or her audience; thus the importance of feedback. 

I hope you all take advantage of this opportunity today to say hello and:

1) Tell me you name (doesn't have to be your real name)
2) Where you are visiting from
3) How often you come here?  
4) What if anything in particular brings you back and /or 
what you would like to see more of?

Still too much to ask of you?
And for those of you who are still shy I offer you the following game, an opportunity in fact.

The most creative answers to the following questions will have their ideas worked into a short post:

1) Where is this flirty adult girl? or how did she get here?
2) Who is she teasing?
3) What color/type of panties is she wearing under that dress? 
4) What should the consequences be for such bratty, teasing behavior?

Last, but not Least
To all the brave souls who have visited here and commented in the past I Thank You as it honestly means a lot to me and invite you to comment again when you can.

In the words of Walt Disney himself, "To all who come here....Welcome"



  1. Hi from Belgium and happy Belated LOL Day.


  2. Happy (late) LOL Day! We found your blog just today... thanks to Bonnie and LOL. As for the naughty girl... looks like she's checking out a book and VERY much in need of a spanking!

    ~Todd and Suzy

  3. Hi Enzo,

    Happy LOL 7 Day! I come here at least once a week.

    Great picture!


  4. @MrBB - Thanks for stopping by.

    @Perfectdt - Glad you stopped by.

    @FD - I discovered your blog thanks to your visit here.

    @Todd & Suzy - Glad you found me.

    @Hermione - Wow - I am honored you come by every week.
    I hope you find my writing entertaining.
    Would love your feedback.

  5. Theo
    State of Georgia; US
    First time here
    1.) Library
    2.) Boyfriend
    3.) Pinkish red to match bra
    3.) Spanked until her ass matches the thong

  6. Hi Theo!
    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for commenting.

    I like your guess on the color and type of her panties
    (a thong) and the consequences for her behavior.

    Please feel free to comment on any of my other stories.


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