Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Memories

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!

My Halloween festivities were dampened by various worries and issues, but none the less keeping true to the mission of this blog I am here to spread some everyday joy.

My imagination goes wild this time of year as Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! As I have said before; all those sexy costumes have my mind going on overload thinking of spanking all those adult costumed girls!

A few years ago I received a phone call from a friend on Halloween.  What makes this such a memorable phone call was that although we are now friends, she was merely a work acquaintance at the time. We had only worked together on a few varied projects together as we were not employed by the same company, but we had hit it off from the start. 

We will call her C for the sake of identification. C was a young, attractive petite Russian blond full of energy, all topped with succulent pouty lips.  I was in the office past 2:00pm on Halloween getting ready to make my way out of the office early; when the phone rang. I hesitated to answer as I could not wait to get out onto the city streets to view the costumed beauties on their way to various parties and events. I picked up the phone and instantly she began talking in a combine run-on series of sentences and comments and simultaneous observations.

"Hi ! It is me C ! Glad you are still there. 
I was worried you had already left...."

She rambled on telling me how excited she was that she had just found out that we were to be working on another project together in the next few weeks.  This was her fluid method of speaking, seldom pausing. When she did manage to pause in order catch her breath, I wedged in a word politely agreeing that I too was looking forward to working together, but at the moment I was trying to get out the door.

"Oh I am sorry. I didn't mean to make you late. I know how it is...trying to leave work... I left early...about an hour ago."

"Where are you calling me from?" I asked, not having noticed any hint of a cell phone reception.

"Oh, I am on my way to the pharmacy".

"Are you driving?" I started to tense up at the irresponsibility. "You are calling me while you are driving?"

She noticed my tone change "Don't worry. I am parked now and running into the pharmacy."

"Well I should run to. I have to get home and change into my costume..."

"Oh I know. I am already changed. I changed in the car at work...into my costume."

"You changed into your costume at work? in your car?"

I could hear her breathing... thinking "That was probably a bad idea right?"

"Ahh...Someone could have seen you."

" I know right?!" 

She continued on unfazed, chatting as she walked and honestly I wasn't really listening. My mind had stopped at the thought of her changing out of her business clothes into her costume in her car and in possible full view of any pedestrians walking past.  I saved that thought to be recalled as a nice visual for later that night, but honestly I was too preoccupied with shutting down my laptop and grabbing my jacket in order to get out the door to really focus. 

"What are you 
dressed up as anyways?"
 I asked packing my laptop into my messenger bag.

"Oh I am dressed as a nurse."

I immediately pictured a PG Rated attractive costume; nothing too short or too tight.

"Is it short?" I half joked not suspecting she would be wearing anything risque.

" is very slutty looking." and then she giggled. 

I literally dropped the phone. I wasn't expecting that response.

"It is slutty looking how??" I stumbled on my words and using her words to attempt to cover my shock.

"I made it myself. Sewed it up and everything. I always make my costumes...although this is really tight so the seams might need to be redone."

I was speechless.

"I really should whisper...this little old lady just gave me a dirty look" she literally whispered.

"Where are you?"

"I told you. I am in the neighborhood pharmacy...the Russian 

"Is the old lady not happy with your costume?" 

"No I think she heard me say 'slutty'"  and then she giggled.

"Are you wearing thigh-highs?"

"Of course" she replied matter of factly. "Well, not the kind with the garters and suspenders, just the stay up thigh-high kind...with heels."

"Oh..." that was as much as I could get out. I was now in shock. Here was this gorgeous girl dressed in a naughty nurse outfit and describing her costume to me while she was walking around a pharmacy in said costume.

"So how short is the dress?"


"Can you bend over?"

She giggled again "Of course. I have underwear on."

That wasn't quite what I was asking, but was taken by her candidness.

She then dropped her voice again "The Babushka is asking me something in Russian. Hold on....
Nyet. Nyet."

I heard a muffled conversation in half English and half Russian. C was Russian American and her Russian was often choppy at best.

"I am back. She is scaring me. She was pulling my arm and asking me something. She wass saying something about the war and when she was a nurse and my 'indecent uniform'. I really think she can't see very well and thinks I am a real nurse. 

Hold on again. Sorry, the Pharmacist just called my name"

I was waiting patiently on the phone wishing I was there in the little neighborhood store with C.

"Okay I am back. I have to sit and wait for the order to be filled." 

"At least you'll be less noticeable when you sit down."

"Sort of"

"Sort of??...Can anyone see you panties while you are sitting"

"No...... Wait...yeah, the old ladies sitting across from me can, but its OK - they are white."

"Whose white? The old ladies."

"No, silly. The old ladies are Russian. My panties are white."

I had no response as my mind could not comprehend her logic. Not that I was trying very hard to understand as I was stuck on the added visual.

"What kind of white panties do you have on? The ruffly multi-layered kind"

"No not those. You know the kind.... the accurate ones, real-nurse kind of panties. You know - white sheer panties. "

I nearly fell. Thankfully my chair caught my fall as my rush to end the call had left me.

"Hold on. The Babuska is raising her voice at me." There was muffling sound and then inaudable voices and raised tones and then....

In a frenzied voice C rattled off a scene
She just old me I am an insult to the mother country...and to the war?!! Something about not being decent enough? She is nuts! 

She threatened to strip this uniform off least that is what I think she meant. 
Can you believe that?!! 

I need to get out of here. Where s my order?!"

The phone was still on and I could hear C arguing now with someone in the background. At first I thought it was the pharmacy employees about her order, but then I heard C raising her voice in Russian.

"...Wwhattt the........DDDon't!!!!....Nyet! Nyet!"

That was the last clear thing I heard C say, then the sudden muffled sounds of a struggle. Then suddenly the unmistakable clear sounds of cloth tearing followed by an audible pout. 

A scream.


The fading sound of click-clacking heels on polished floors.

Then the phone went dead.

Regardless of how "slutty" she may have thought her costume was; what C truly regretted most as she ran out the Pharmacy that day, was choosing to wear those "authentic" panties because as she well knew, and countless others soon learned, "real nurses" always wear white panties.  Sheer white panties whose transparency becomes entirely evident out in the bright sunlight.

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  1. The fantasy of spanking a naughty nurse has always intrigued me. Dressed in her uniform top, but with underwear consisting of garter-belt and stockings, she poses bent naughtly over a bed, awaiting a good spanking on her bare bottom, is pure heavenly joyous.

  2. I agree with you sixofthebest, there is just something about the naughty nurse fantasy which never gets old. I attribute it to a large part having to do with the white uniform and stocking and of course white sheer panties.


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