Friday, November 16, 2012

Follow Up: Love our Lurkers

Just wanted to follow up on the Love Our Lurkers Day.
As you may already know (or as you can read from my previous post) this awesome online event was created by the talented Blogger named Bonnie
(more details here). This is an opportunity for those visitors to a blog to speak up and introduce themselves and comment. 

Well I am happy to say for my first time around (I missed the date in previous years) I received a few comments, and am very grateful for those who stopped by and spoke up. The stats were definitely high that day so people were still lurking even if they weren't commenting; but perhaps they were new lurkers and if so the more the merrier!

The second half of that previous post was my intent to make commenting for the shy visitors here hopefully that much easier. 

I asked for creative answers to the following questions, based on the original posted picture, in hopes to have your ideas worked into a short post:

1) Where is this flirty adult girl? or how did she get here?
2) Who is she teasing?
3) What color/type of panties is she wearing under that dress? 
4) What should the consequences be for such bratty, teasing behavior?

The Results 
From those who commented it seemed you liked the picture which is a good thing. As far as the rest of the questions......well.... I will answer them myself as to what I pictured when I first saw this image:

1) This is a an adult university student in the school's library who takes her studying seriously, yet knows how to have fun!
2) She is teasing YOU. She has followed you around the maze of bookshelves, from the moment you walked into the university library she has timed your interaction perfectly.
3) This brat must be wearing red panties as deduced by the hint of a red bra strap. No doubt this is a girl who loves to match her undergarments.
4) The consequences? The answer is obvious; is it not?!

What makes the above image extra sexy?
It has a lot to do with the location and the surroundings and the associations. As my friend used to say and summoned up the attraction up nicely -
" A girl who reads?! Hot!"

I have to say that there is something extra special; extra sexy, about an adult girl who is smart and is not afraid to show it. Add a pair of glasses to that beauty and you have just increased the e-factor by 5.

I praise you Young Lady for spending your evenings and weekends in the library studying hard in order to get good grades. 

I also appreciate the fact that you like to have fun too. In fact, I also know that you love to distract yourself from your studies by reading naughty books and getting yourself all hot and bothered so much so in fact that those books give you crazy ideas. 

Crazy ideas such as flashing your ass to a lucky library patron....

However, Young Ladyno one likes a tease! Thus it is best I take you home now to a one-on-one tutoring session in the comfort of your living room and as a result get a clearer view of your panties. Hmmm, cheeky red lace panties on a perfect bottom demands my close attention. 

Yes, Miss Smarty Pants (or shall I say Miss Smarty Panties?), it is time you learned first hand about the firm punishment for ignoring your studies and the stiff consequences for being such a tease.

For your sake Young Lady; by the time you return to your studies tomorrow, I do hope that the University Library has upgraded from those cushion-less chairs to something more forgiving to a well spanked, red swollen bottom. 

But then again, your lesson might best be fully learned only after an extended 12-hour day of sitting on one of those cold, extra stiff, splintery wooden oak chairs. What do you think Young Lady?

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