Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sunday Morning Dance - Part I

I have so many ideas I often think I should write a book of short stories.
Then I stop and think who would buy it? Really, would anyone truly spend money to read this stuff for the mere luxury of reading it on their own Kindle or Nook or iPad etc? Really, would you?

I was planning on posting a part of a three-part Thanksgiving related adventure.
A story of a young lady who learns some very hard lessons in some unexpected places. Uncommon places for her, and possibly most, including along the highway and at her parent's home. I may wait on posting those stories.

Well today, I decided to share Part I of an experimental story style. 
Remember Comments are Always Encouraged! Always love to hear feedback.

Sunday Morning Dance - Part  I

Coming home from an early morn'
Been up since farmer's dawn, makes me wonder why...
(I'm no farmer, but I know the land)
So much done; so much done before the mornin' sun
Back aching, legs heavy, hands and fingers tight

Coming home with seemingly nothin' won
Coming home with nothin' more than mud on my boots and dirt on my hands
High hopes for the smell of bacon and breakfast
Thirsting to refill my dried up cup, warm caffeine never lasts
Hard work I'll always trade for a gracious smile
Hard work for a warm embrace

Coming home greeted by silence
Coming home greeted by nothin'
No lights on, no warmth from an oven
Table's not set, mornin' coffee not refilled
No warm meal awaiting

High heels, keys and coat still strewn about
An open purse, crumpled cash still out
Empty half hidden cigarette pack
Our living room in utter disarray
All expected late last nigh
All excused at my pre-dawn start
All irritating at this hour

Searching upstairs, a warm bedroom much unchanged
Late morning sun breaking in
You still curled up, under sheets and blankets

I throw sheets to the floor 
Unaware of the time, indifferent to day's tasks
You stretch out in feline moves, back arching, long legs pointing
Hair tangled, pointing every which way
Wavy hair locks draping your shoulders
Wavy hair locks warming your bare chest
(Always beautiful even at rest)

A gentle nudge via
A solitary kiss to your neck 
My whispered morning greetings
Your protesting mumblings as response
All capped by your under-breath swears

I pull back, you want to complain
Your unfulfilled agreement is the broken key, but
Right now I am much too tired 
Right now I am much too tired for this discussion to be had 

Another unmistakable swear stops my retreat
Pulling you across the bed and onto your feet
Pulling you close I stop, your tempting scent negotiating a possible easy reprieve
My hands trying to run through dried hairspray tangled mess
(Such a tangled yet alluring mess)
Met only by your continued grumbling
Your friends are gone, but a hangover remains

I pull my disheveled beauty into an embrace
You tiptoe in place, squinting from the blinding windows
Running my hands down your pale soft skin
No fabric resistance met, I reach your ripe bottom
Feminine mounds barely encased in skimpy sheerness

My hands don't hesitate, they continue on, grasping handfuls of warm cheeks
"Stop your hands are rough; your hands are dirty"
You protest, you push and try to step away

My hands grab tight, easily flex hand muscles out

Releasing delicate cloth from your cheeks
Quick and easy panties fall (much, much too easilybunching at your thighs 

"Young lady, YOU are the mess!" I scold
"You're gonna dance for ME this morning!"
Twirling you around and again 
Some other time your skirt would have revealed quite a show
No twirling skirt for this show, instead effortlessly your panties further slide
This time you're the v.i.p. show

A final swing around and down over the bed
I hold you down with ease
My hand rises in the air, sunbaked palm outstretched
Your pale cheeks about to properly greet a hard morn's work

I swing back and slap you bottom with a targeted hit 
You buckle back and scream 
"I didn't do a thing! What did I do?!"
"Thats right...You didn't do a thing!
A delivered solid slap you have earned for each of those 'things'"

And so it begins

My palm is firm, my hand is tough
Your bottom bounces and shakes
My aim, always precise
You kick, buckle and scream
A flurry of hair, a pouting of feminine hands against the empty bed
Head shaking, bottom shaking
"Tell me Young Lady, is that how your ass was shaking last night?!
Quite a different dance this morning!"

Bottom is fully blush
Bottom throbbing, no end in sight
And then...
I stop


Then oddly delayed the sobbing begins
Tears roll down
Cheeks soft red
Your soft tear-filled words met by
Met by the swoosh of my belt

"No. No! A hiding I already got..."
"No penitent words. Your lesson learned?
Not just yet."

c2013 Enzo Man

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pleased to Meet Me = L.O.L. 8

A Bit of My Background –

"The internet can be many things to many people and 
different things to the same people at different times."

That is my quote from one of my marketing presentations, but it also true about my other online presence - my voice here on Everyday Spankings. 

Years ago I sought answers on the internet like so many of us. Actually that is not a 100% accurate statement. I was searching not for answers, but for some sort of solidarity; some sort of acknowledgment that I was not alone. 

In such a big world how can someone be alone?
It sounds like such a silly idea to feel alone in a vast populated world. 

It only sounds silly if you have never had to ask the question.

What I was searching for was some acknowledgement that I was not a total anomaly. I wanted some proof that I was not so far off base in my unique desires, turn-ons and pleasure points. The short version of the story is that I found validation.

There were others like me in the world. 

People who even better seemed "normal". Although at first observation most of these people were either "professionals" or seemingly having the apparent status of online celebrities. Yet, upon further investigation these same professionals, online personas and so many others were for the most part...ordinary! 

Not ordinary in a dull way, but ordinary in an everyday way. In a familiar way, in the way of people you run into on a daily basis; the familiarity of acquaintances and even friends.

So although I found like minded kin, I did not immediately "come out" and start commenting on blogs, forums or websites overnight. I dabbled, but for the most part I continued to keep to myself. I kept mostly to myself since some of my likes were not as extreme as to what seemed to be popular online and my other likes were non-represented at all. I remained a lurker for the longest time, but thanks to certain welcoming blogs I was reminded that I was not alone and that there were so many others who shared my likes and opinions, my desires and beliefs. I was not alone in my admiration of the female form, not alone in finding pleasure in the female bottom, in finding joy in the sound of spanking a lady's posterior; in the pleasure of punishing, embarrassing and exploring deserving young ladies.... oh so much female fascination and sub-genres... 
(Read this post if you want a better idea of the philosophy behind this blog.)

I eventually came "out online" via this blog with one of my primary goals for this blog to be a welcoming place for those who seek reassurance, who seek a welcoming place and to let you know...
I am a lot like you... believe it or not. 
Isn't it nice to know you are not alone? 

So YOU are Here. Now.

It is OK.

Now's your chance to say hello.


A bit of LOL Event Background –

What will undoubtedly one day become legend, about 8 years ago the talented and very smart blogger Bonnie created this online event that she called Love Our Lurkers Day. This awesome event is an opportunity for those visitors to a blog to speak up and introduce themselves and comment. She explains it so much more clearly than I here in case you want to read it in her own words.

As I have mentioned, I know it can be intimidating commenting on a blog as it took me quite a long time to get comfortable doing it. However it is a great opportunity to connect with others, share opinions, ideas and hopefully share some laughs. 

Your comments are also a benefit to the blog authors. Remember the life of a young blogger can be solitary not knowing if his or her voice is connecting with a predominantly silent audience; thus the ever importance of feedback. 

Thus, I hope you all take advantage of this opportunity today to say hello.
Come on. I'll make it easy on you; here is a simple set of questions:

1) What is your name (doesn't have to be your real name)
2) How often do you come here?  
4) What in particular brings you back?
5) Favorite story or post here?

Bonus question:
6) Age range

Looking Forward to Meeting You! 
Pleased to meet Me!


"A lurker is someone unseen. They peek in and listen to our conversations. They watch and learn. Sometimes, they may wonder, but they make no sound. Maybe they're a little bit shy or nervous or don't know quite what to say. A lurker is someone unseen. Until today, that is...Fear not, dear lurkers, because we too are fascinated with the same kinky subjects that brought you here. Better still, today is your day! It's Love Our Lurkers Day. This is your opportunity to poke your head up just enough to say hello. Since you and good people like you constitute more than half of our readership, we bloggers are curious about you." Bonnie - My Bottom Smarts