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Teacher Orientation: The Story Continues

How's everyone doing? In need of a distraction? Well today I hope to offer you just that.

Almost a year ago, I shared an excerpt from a longer story I am working on. Today I am sharing the continuation of that story, or what we can refer to as 'Part II'.

You might find interesting that at the time of writing Part I, I had no idea of the world events we are currently going through and the references you will obviously note were in regards to opposition to our seasonal flu. Ironically this story seems to fit into our national narrative quite well today. Regardless, don't worry it is not written in a serious tone; it is meant to be fun as all my stories aim to be.

I will advise to go back and reading Part I as I'm not sure how much you will be able to follow without that story setup unless your memory is quite remarkable. It can be found by clicking this convenient link HERE.

So please grab a beverage of your choosing, snuggle up and enjoy the story as it contains a couple of favorite elements for me, including teachers as characters.

Be sure to share your thoughts and interest, or lack there of, about any future installments.


Grabbing Jennifer’s soft hand firmly in her own, Ashley peeked over her shoulder to see the Doctor prepping the syringe. He tapped it to test it and a dab of fluid shot out the glistening tip of the longest needle she had ever seen.

Ashley tightened her grip on her younger colleague’s hand and not able to bear to watch the incoming assault on tender flesh, turned her attention out the window once more. Despite the allure of warmth and freedom, the previous distractive scene had now seemed to have shifted.

The sun was now rising higher in the sky and casting a heat induced trance over the animals. The blond heifer which had previously been the center of Ashley’s envy was no longer trotting carefree, but instead was standing in the center of the pasture, alone and visibly uneasy sniffing the air. The unease was heightened as a trio of free range hens ran past in a panic clucking wildly. Ashley winced at the high pitched disturbance as rapidly approaching clicking and clacking added to the disturbing chorus. She blinked her eyes repeatedly in an attempt to refresh the scene she had hoped to find solace in.

Nurse Robinson had marched into the room, her own impractical white heels click-clacking across the linoleum floor in haste, and instantly grabbed Jenny by her upper arms and attempted to hold her still.

“Nurse! Nurse, settle her down this minute!” The Doctor was commanding as he rubbed at his shins, “She just kicked me with those pointy heels.”

“My heavens, what do you think you are doing? That is a doctor you just assaulted!”

Jenny swayed madly left and right trying to free herself, “Assaulted? Me? He was trying to assault me! Have you seen the size of those needles?”

“Look, this will all be over before you know it, if you just calm down and follow orders. Just do as you’re told, Ms. Madura.”

“And what if I don’t?! I’m a professional teacher, I’ll have you know; I have my ri…”

Robinson tightened her grip, her nails digging in, and leaned into Jenny’s face and changed her tone, “Listen you, do as you are damm well told! You are going to turn around, and bend over and stay in position and take those shots…”

Jenny shook her head and shoulders in a flutter of defiance, ultimately breaking free.

Ashley reeled her head, plunged back into the reality of the exam room at the precise moment Jenny’s open palm made impact with the Nurse’s face.

The thundering slap filled the room and the simultaneous gasp of all three women echoed. Two were gasping in disbelief of the impact, but only one realizing the true consequences of such an action.

“Young Lady! That is enough!” The Doctor yelled out, “What in the hell do you think you are doing!”

Nurse Robinson rubbed her face attempting to speak while choking back tears as he asked her if she was ok, but without waiting for a response as he had already proceeded to move her out of the way. Towering over the fresh teacher, even despite her heels, he broke out in an intimidating tirade. The scolding was so stern that even Ashley felt herself unable to make eye contact with anyone else in the room and just like Jenny found herself stepping on and off the top of her own feet in a single point anxious dance.

“Are you listening to me, Young Lady? Are you?!”  He demanded, pausing only until a set of scolded puppy eyes finally glanced up to meet his.

“Nurse, get me another vial of the vaccine, Jenny here caused me to shoot out too early and waste my dose. I’ll be sure that doesn’t happen again.”

As Nurse Robinson hid her own face she scurried out the room as the Doctor barked another order, “As for you, bend over right now! You behave yourself or I’ll make sure you remember this appointment for a very long time.”

Jenny began a stuttering plea, “Nooo. Pppleassse. I juuus, I jusss don’t underrrstand, whyyy I have tooo…” 

Ignoring her protests he reached over to grab her wrist once more with the intent to turn her around only to be caught off guard by Jenny’s high kick.

Grateful for his reflexes his thigh caught her attack, but that hardly tempered his anger from where it may have landed had she made contact with her proposed target.

“Damm it! That is enough, Young Lady! You have no business being in front of a classroom with this attitude. In fact I’m going to remind you the consequences when you misbehave in a classroom!”

In furied haste, he had sat back on the stool and swung Jenny over his lap in no time. There was no warm up or gradual rise; he began with a burst of force and a rising crescendo of slaps against unprotected flesh. Jenny yelped out for him to stop, but the Doctor simply ignored her as he proceeded to punish her bare bottom, cheeks vibrating and bouncing with every firm slap.

Nurse Robinson backed into the door of the small room, holding a filled syringe up high and froze upon turning around and being greeted by the confirmation of the noise she has clearly heard from down the hall. Her still reddened face, instantly morphed from a frown to a smug smile by what she was now witnessing. She straightened her posture proudly as she was greeted by Jenny’s ample bottom, upturned and center-stage; her unprotected flesh was being slapped as harshly as her own face had. Except over and over, and over again; and rightfully so she thought without a single ounce of compassion.

Ashley stared speechlessly at the scene unfolding before her while she rubbed her own bottom empathetically, as it was still throbbing from its own fresh, needled assault and singular opportunistic slap. From the sounds bouncing off the room, the Doctor was making his point very clear while delivering scoldings sporadically like thunder in the midst of the raining down of the continuous spanking. Ashley continued to watch as Jenny’s pale bottom filled with a deepening rose hue.

Ashley wanted to turn away from the humiliating assault, but was magnetically drawn to the unobstructed view of another grown woman practically naked and being punished like an insolent mere feet away from her. She couldn’t explain the consuming lure much less the feelings she was having.

If Jenny had only listened to her. If she had only
listened to the warnings of colleagues, done what they had been advised to do, Ashley thought, it would have all been over by now; but instead here she was. And it was then that Ashley came to a sudden realization.

Indeed Jenny had been accurate about one thing. They were not just sans-skirts as Ashley had try to tone down; no, they were in a predicament that Jenny had more accurately described. Indeed they were sans-panties, but further more they were in fact both butt naked, truly bare assed and fully exposed. She was instantly self-aware and swiped her hands away from rubbing her own bottom and proceeded to cover her modesty.

He stopped as suddenly as he had begun and preceded to stand Jenny upright, manhandling her towards and over the table, “Now that your bottom is properly prepped, let’s get these shots over with shall we?”

As she readied to pass
the syringe, Nurse Robinson failed at stiffening a giggle glancing from its sharp point to Jenny's tender blushing bottom which clearly had been no match for the Doctor's firm hand. 

“Something funny, Nurse?” the Doctor asked.

“No. No. Just was reminded of my tomato pin-cushion for some reason.”

“Uh huh”
He acknowledged, but did not understand.

In contrast, the reference instantly registered with the other women in the room. As the visual of that analogy became sharper in her mind, Jenny shuddered. It was then that she conceded, swallowing hard and releasing a steady whimper as tears began to flow.

The Doctor’s gaze was now focused. He was obviously pleased, smiling at the ripeness of Jenny’s bottom anxiously jiggling in time. Ashley saw the contempt and her mind raced. Even if she thought some of the punishment had been well deserved,
she needed to do something to save the girl.

Do something, but what?

It was then that a brilliant idea flashed in Ashley’s mind.  


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  1. Hi Enzo, interesting story. You are a good writer. I enjoy your descriptions looking out the window.
    This reads like many of the dystopian spanking stories. I picture quite a bit of angst and possibly later rebellion coming!

  2. Hi Minielle -

    Thank you. I do hope you enjoyed more than just the scenes of Ashley staring out the window; LOL. Hopefully.

    And we will see where it goes from here, but wasn’t intending it to be full on dystopian; it was meant to be a lot lighter with some humor.

    1. Need you ask..? Lol! Of course I enjoy the spanking part. However..... I also wonder about the spanking injustice ;) smiling here!


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