Friday, August 7, 2020

Random Thoughts - Check-In, OT Ramblings and On Topic Tidbits

Another bit off a stream-of-consciousness post.

How is everyone doing out there?

Unfortunately, since my last check in things have not gotten any better, at least in my neck of the woods, in fact it seems like things on the plague front are just as dark if not darker.

I had written (and rewritten, and rewritten) this post on my views of the current state of affairs, but deleted it.


Because do we really want to talk about the plague, the mask arguments, the political divide, the social unrest, etc?

No. I didn’t think so.

Yet, I honestly do want to hear about how you are all doing, so feel free to share. I just am not necessarily in the mood to go on a political tirade, but if that is what you need to do, to vent, go right ahead.

These are tough times for a lot of people, if nothing else on an emotional and psychological level, and I am afraid a lot of people are feeling isolated and aren’t reaching out for help as they should be.

Again feel free to check in here regardless, but especially if you are feeling alone. If not here please check-in with someone.


As for myself. Lets summarize, shall we.

The Girls
I had also planned about writing about the ongoing girl relationship issues, but that also seemed to read a bit too negative for my liking. Interesting to note that during these times where relationships are especially heavily reliant on communication, vs in person and physical connection, that this has led to some truths to rise to the top.
Following? Probably not, but I hope so.
I will summarize that even at my age I still seem to be relearning lessons from younger days that some things don’t have deeper meanings. Sadly sometimes things just are because some girls despite their actual age are reacting out of fear of growth, fear of being vulnerable, fear of being honest with themselves. Or as I’ve come to realize most recently maybe some of their actions, for lack of eloquence, are just selfish dick moves. 

The Road
If you recall, I travel several times a year to visit my ailing aging father who lives quite a distance away from me. Rather than “jump on a flight”, I choose the all day drive instead to take advantage of the time to enjoy the quiet, watch nature roll past and seek serenity on the open roads. I haven’t visited him since January of this year, was meant to go in February and postponed that and then… I Have been trying to figure out a plan of how and when (as this whole plague seems to not be going away anytime soon) to visit and those decisions have been weighing on me.

Speaking of the open road and nature, I had planned a big trip for late summer to one of the National Parks. Unfortunately I have put that on hold as hiking and camping, although reopening in phases, is still very limited. That and the fact that I’ve been holding off on traveling out of my immediate area even for my usual weekend hikes. I am definitely missing being in nature and in need of it. I don't know about you, but nature really helps my spirit. Maybe not during a grueling hike when I'm questioning why I choose to undertake it, but when I return home and especially long afterwards. Maybe you can relate.


So if you read this far I give you credit and your reward is a few things that hopefully will make you smile.

1) Travel - As I mentioned above, the allure of travel is calling. I just need a companion to join me. The right companion. Someone as excited as this girl pictured. Someone excited enough about and yet still knows how to enjoy the peace, calm and beauty of a sunset.

The problem is considering my patience at the moment she might end up like a few of my former road trip companions. Impatient girls who couldn't calm themselves or quit complaining throughout hour long road trips and needed to be disciplined on the spot; the last resort in order that we could both enjoy the sunset; such as this girl:

2)  Selfies - I often reminded my ex-Girl that selfies were all about confidence; good to take even if not to share as they can still have the same outcome; building or keeping self-esteem levels up.
This picture reminds me in so many ways a lot of the selfies made at my request. Taken in protest, taken reluctantly out of a desire to simply not get in trouble. Taken as a result of a random panty-check test. Unfortunately for her, pictures do not lie. She failed inspection and no doubt the reason for that sour face. Even if she'd followed the updated orders at this point, to change into another pair, she would still face similar consequences later tonight. It made her pout; it made me smile.

3) Corner Time  -
Apart from the smile at receiving selfies, requested or not, it is the view of corner time that brings me joy. Yes, a contrite young lady bared, panties rolled down but not off entirely and awaiting her spanking is indeed lovely, but...

is only surpassed by one who has already been disciplined and sent to the corner. Left alone with nothing but her thoughts; and I left alone with a beautiful view.


Hope you enjoyed these random thoughts or at least the visuals. Let me know if you did or didn't or at least answer the poll. Or even better let me know how you are doing.


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