Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Post-Holidays Daze

....And we are back – The Holidays are over and a New Year is here!
Back to old routine and to new resolutions; and to apparently the same recurring realization that there is not enough hours in a day.
Hope you all survived the holidays with minimal scars and scratches. In general, it seems to me that there was quite a bit of bad news going around my multiple interlaced circles; all of which was magnified by what should be a festive time of the year. 

I was not spared; but I will spare you all the rehashing; because that is not why you came here. No. You came here for other things. What are these things you ask? 

You came here for simpler reasons and the same reasons you return time and again. I hope not to disappoint. What I offer you today to get back into the groove of things is my usual gift  — The gift of Distraction. 

Apologies, no spanking stories just yet. Those will come soon enough; if there is interest. Today we remember that often times there are things just as, if not more, entertaining and possibly humiliating than the usual OTK events.

Well; what is a more beautiful and distracting gift than the humorous, pin-upesque real life misfortunes of beautiful young ladies?!

So tell me how was your New Years Eve celebrations?
Did you spend a small fortune in exchange for the opportunity to dance the late hours away at a crowded Club with a paper crown and cheap champagne?

Perhaps you were like my two friends
who eagerly drank the countdown (and night) away?
Alcohol relaxes you; and your muscles and your ladly-like manners. 

Not the most color coordinated of panties to outfits; 
but rather coordinated skimpy panties to skimpy dresses!

Those triangles of joy caught my attention immediately regardless. 
As long as others were buying, they were drinking and 
not paying much attention to my camera flashes...
or eventually much else.

Their immediate concerns, after fear of an empty glass, 
fixated on the lack of plastic horns to blow. 
That issue was creatively remedied later...

And all that too was forgotten by mid-afternoon the next day, 
when social media caught up with candid shots 
for all their other friends who couldn't be in attendance!

Or perhaps you were more coordinated like my other prudish acquaintances
in seemingly similar dresses...or... I guess not so similar dresses?
More like matching big bright smiles,
matching big attitudes,
AND matching bright panties!

These old acquaintances will not soon be forgot...
nor their embarrassment!
Caused by sharing of their coordinating "outfits"
vía social media. 


Or perhaps you were like my fashionable friend who believes 
the holidays are best spent in a winter wonderland. 

As she often states; there is a high price to pay for fashion....
I'm just not sure this is what she had in mind.

She wanted to show her gratitude for the 
Christmas boots she received
 by wearing them out in the snow...

I, and perhaps you, would agree that this little incident 
 – this reciprocal gift  – is truly priceless.
Well worth the price of the gift of those leather boots!

Honestly I just love this and can't stop watching it! 


Cheers to a New Year!
May it be filled with brighter days, bright smiles and bright bottoms!

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  1. Love the slide, poor girl, a cold bum

  2. Hi Sunny Girl -
    Isn't that slide a great scene.
    Every time I see it, I feel sorry for her for a second and then I just cant help but laugh with my mind going to feeling that cold bum and warming it up!
    Thanks for commenting.


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