Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Scoldings at Grandma's

As we creep slowly into January let us not forget the subtle joys and responsibilities of the Holidays; such as spending time with family –
extended family,
for long periods of time,
at their homes!


Here is a snippet of a weekend visiting with her Grandparents. Hopefully enough to keep you entertained. Not sure how much more detail I need to set up the scene. Aren't most grandparents and their ways all essentially the same? Sure, some traditions, customs and languages may be different, yet "that" generation all seems very similar in their ways.

Picture yourself as either half of this young couple spending time at her grandparents; something most assume would lack excitement. Not so the case here.

Three things to keep in mind are;
1) Grandparents are set in their ways and have no intention of changing
2) Some ladies fall back into their young, spoilt ways much to easily (to no ones's approval)
3) Your own house rules should always travel with you wherever you go.


There you are; I was wondering what was taking you so long.
Dear, please don't sit on Grandpa's chair.
Yes, yes I know it is comfortable, but it is HIS chair.
You should know better.

Pull up a dining room chair.
Yes, that ol' oak chair.

That stiff wood is good for your posture anyways. 
You really shouldn't slouch Dear. 
Besides it will help keep you awake long after dinner;
when Grandpa begins with his long war stories.
He's just been itching to tell you both about the time when he met that pilot
they just made that movie about. 

Ha ha ha; nonsense! 
We aren't going out to a fancy restaurant; what are you thinking?!
I made a nice broccoli casserole. 
We are staying here, at this dinner table, and you are going to 
keep that bottom plastered to that chair all night young lady; really.

No, you will not get a pass on the post dinner talks.
Really young lady, you are only here for the weekend... 
he so loves to spend time talking to you. 
It would break his heart if he heard you didn't 
want to spend time sitting here with him.

Sit up straight...and you really should be wearing hose Dear....
Did you rip your pair; do we need to go down to the pharmacy to get you another pair 
before morning services?....

My, my, whatever is the problem! 
You are squirming like a child.


"Come here.


Undo your jeans and drop them.

I'm waiting.

Do it now or I will do it for you.

I said, Now!

Too tight to roll down completely?
I can see, it is going to be a long weekend.
What are those?!
Roll those frumpy cotton things down.

Now come here...Closer.
 Give me a hug.

Yes a hug; I want you close. I want to whisper something to you.

Good Girl.
Mmmm, I love the smell of your wet hair in the morning. 

I'm trying not to lose patience with you Doll.  
It really shouldn't be that hard to understand.
If I need to tell you time and again to do something 
it either means I am not being clear 
OR you simply aren't listening. 

So which is it?

I think you just aren't listening.

But in case I'm not making myself clear lets repeat.

Unless, I tell you otherwise, you wear a dress or a skirt. 
Especially, if we are visiting your grandparents 
you definitely do not wear jeans out of respect to them.

Stay still. You aren't going anywhere.

Stay still!
The only thing jiggling should be your ass!


Let me see your face. Look up.


Shhh…I din't ask for a rationalization.
I simply said look up.

And what is with those frumpy panties? (SLAP)
Did I not buy you a whole new batch for Christmas?
Why aren't you wearing those?!


Do you need me to sort out your panties 
by days of the week, again?
Do you? 





OK, Shhh... Relax.

Now one last reminder. 
Turn around.

Bend over.

Oh so soft and tender.
And, just so tight.
Now, let's spread these blushing cheeks apart. 

Don't clench I want to enjoy the view for a second.





That was just a warning young lady.



Good Girl.

I will wait for you downstairs 
as I'm sure they are already wondering where we are.
Now get your ass out of those jeans and changed.

And be sure to put on some punishment panties; the sheer white pair.
Yes, really!
Don't pout. 

They will be a reminder to keep yourself in check...
and if you don't...
I will give you a real reason to pout tonight.


Well, was that enough to peak your interest for the rest of the story?
Hope you have a good week!
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  1. Thanks Leigh (never sure if you prefer Leigh or Sunny Girl?)

    This whole set of pics are actually favorites; from the frustrated look in the first pic to the bouncing gif to the last pic in the bedroom.


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