Friday, January 23, 2015

The Look of Discipline

Within our "spanking world", be it in the formalized nation of Domestic Discipline or the Wild Frontier of Untamed Spankings in general, we all have certain extra things that we prefer to add to the scene or hope to see in order to heighten the spanking experience; making it that much hotter.

To be clear, I am not referring to instruments. I am referring to those simple things, let us call them "accessories" or "spanking triggers", that we intentionally add or simply are more attracted to due to spanking correlations in our minds.

For example on the feminine submissive side, the range of spanking hot buttons is vast and varied. These can be anything from from the obvious short skirts or naughty costumes to the subtle - from special types or colors of panties, to particular high heels, all the way to extra-feminine outfits. All of these can steer the mind towards spankings, enhancing the mood and ultimately the culminating experience. Throw in some banter, teasing and flirtations and that is just added welcomed icing. For a lady seeking discipline, these sexy little things are all at her disposal. 

For example: So many random things about her look here; 
the frilly skirt, her strappy heels, the bare legs, the ringlets in her hair,
none overtly spanking related per se; 
yet all make me want to flip her over, hike up that skirt 
rip off her panties and give her a good spanking!

Still following? Good.

On the opposite side, the dominant gentleman in these relationships have their own "accessories" that they bring along, be it intentionally or unintentionally, to heighten the spanking experience. Again, I am not referring to instruments. Rather, these dominant hot buttons as I have been told, and have experienced, include extra-masculine outfits such as tailored suits, uniforms and even the occasional costume which all have the heightened heated effect on some ladies. Gentleman may also carry-on banter; dropping hints and threats ahead of time all in order to create a build-up the tension to the point of eruption.

Still with me? Good.

One enhancing "spanking accessory" or "spanking trigger" that does not readily come to mind, but I have been thinking about recently is grooming.

For example, a lady with her hair
pulled out into pigtails or even into a ponytail will get a rise out of me, and plenty of others it seems, due to the instant submissive correlative look. On the opposite end and perhaps not as common, is her hair done up to the extreme in big ringlets for a special occasion also gets to me even though this is not an obvious submissive look.

What do we gentleman have in a similar vain? 

What I was actually thinking about was facial hair.  

Myself as example; I have been sporting a goatee since the holidays. As most men who go on leave I slacked on the shaving routine while away and eventually decided to grow out the goatee. Never been one for a full beard as I think that really ages one, but have opted for the more defined and confined facial hair. 

I  had planned to share....

I actually contemplated uploading a real picture of myself highlighting the goatee, but ultimately decided against it. I am sure you understand my reluctance. Therefore, here are a few pics to give you a general idea of the goatee I am sporting.

At least my goatee does not make me look evil like the guy in the Hunger Games, 
pictured at left. I believe I am closer to what Depp is sporting in the middle image.
Probably a combination of that and the slightly raggedy look of Oldman's, on the right.


I digress.

Getting to my point -
So My Girl doesn't like my current "new look". 

She claims it makes me look mean, stern and threatening. 
I don't see the problem. 
Do you?

I don't think that is a bad thing and besides I do not consider myself a mean person. 
Stern - Yes. 
Serious - Often. 
Mean - No.

I explained to My Girl that at least my goatee does not make me look evil like the guy from the Hunger Games, pictured above.

Shaking her sullen head in disapproval she topped off with; "I really have no idea what look you are going for." **

Where My Girl does not see the appeal of the facial hair other female friends and acquaintances have stated that they love the "edgier" look.

Which all bring me, the long way around, to my point –
my questions for the ladies here is as follows:

Does facial hair add to the stern disciplinarian role? 
Is facial hair one of those hot button triggers for you?

Take a moment to vote and remember comments are always encouraged and appreciated.


**Oh and as far as My Girl's comments, I took it as a teaching moment; a perfect opportunity to correct her recent intolerable attitude. I demonstrated what  "stern" really looks and more importantly really feels like. 

Fact is, after seeing her bottom radiating heat only got me going more. Which reminded me that sometimes a girl needs more than just a spanking.

Sometimes an entitled girl needs a definitive firm reminder that attitudes will be dealt with accordingly. Made clear only until every inch of her naked pale bottom is completely throbbing and aching, from her plump cheeks to her tight asshole; until any memories of bitchiness are swallowed whole by the sounds of  ever louder pouting. Sometimes simply the best lesson for an entitled girl's intolerable attitude is a raw and thorough pounding. 


  1. My husband has a full beard which I find unattractive. I prefer the gorse look. I can't really say if I find facial hair more masculine or dominant. I never fought about it. However I usually find that the attractive more slender muscular men don't have fascial hair.

  2. Anonymous - Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts!

    It does seem that in general the trend for facial hair vs the clean look changes every few years. Last couple of years full beards have been the hot trend around my city. Personally I do not like nor have ever worn a full beard.

    Since there seems to be a definitive line between those women who find facial hair attractive and those who don't; I was curious to see if it carried one step forward towards portraying a more dominant look.


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