Thursday, April 23, 2015

Would You Rather?

Lately, I have been missing my creative department of young ladies.* A lot in fact. Perhaps I am only missing the camaraderie at the heart of it all. Or perhaps I am missing the fun atmosphere; more often then not flirtatious-filled, innuendo iced fun.  Or perhaps I am simply missing the sweet smell of femininity encased in the beautiful visual of form enhancing outfits. 
Regardless of the true reason for my melancholy, this morning I was fondly remembering one particular young lady I worked with. We were in the same department team, but she was not my direct report. Let's call her Audrey for the sake of identification. Audrey was nicknamed "dirty girl". Very proper and polite on the surface, but whose mind was constantly wandering to ''dirty" places. 

One of her favorite workday past time games was "Would you rather…?"
You may be familiar with the game. The game poses a dilemma question beginning with "would you rather". Answering "neither" or "both" is against the rules.
Audrey always played with sexual settings and seemingly no win options. There never seemed to be a right answer and often times things were just plain "wrong". 


Thus, I thought it would be fun to play with YOU dear readers. 

Yes, let's play.
OK gather around; take off your shoes and sit on the floor. Yes; in a circle. 

No I don't care if you don't want to; take your shoes off already and sit down.

It is OK ladies, I won't peek up your skirts as you sit (yeah right).


So here is Part I of the questions and we will go around the web and answer:

Would you rather be spanked in front of all your Coworkers;
- both male and females,
- as well as both your managers and your subordinates, 
- spanked over your panties (first over your dress, but eventually with it hiked up and your panties on full display) ?


Would you rather be spanked in front of your ADULT Family;
- both yours and his relatives,

- inclusive of any random assortment of siblings, and parents and or grandparents
- spanked on your bare bottom (with your dress hiked up, panties pulled down and twisted at your ankles) ?

Part II –
On top of that, for either scenario:

Would you rather:

Have a choice of WHO gets to witness your spanking

YET have no choice of WHEN it stops?


Have NO choice in the matter of WHO gets to witness your spanking

YET have the spanking only last half a dozen smacks.


Fun right?!!

Let's play.
Cast your votes, but remember long answers via the comments are always preferred and appreciated!


Lillyanna Rose said...

Wow! This is something new and fun:)~ I would much rather be spanked in front of coworkers than family. One because I get to keep my panties on and two because I wouldn't want my family to discover my kink by noticing that I like it. And #2 I would rather get to choose who watches than get a short six smack spanking. Six smacks is just a tease8)-

Enzo said...

Hi Lillyanna !
Glad you liked the game; I thought it would be fun.

Interesting, so keeping your kink away form your family outweighs any long term embarrassment about going back to work with coworkers who saw you spanked let alone knowing what type of panties you wear? :)

Thanks for commenting! Be sure to come back as we will build upon these questions on the next round.