Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Decompression

Thought I would give you readers a treat. Well, some of you may consider it a treat and others may see it as part of my ongoing torture. Regardless, I am sharing two posts within a week as the first might have been too deep for some.
Not sure how many of you work in an office environment, but to those who do or ever have, I am sure you can relate to the following scenario. 

It is Friday afternoon and the primary shared thought going through the collective office mind is the strike of 5 or how soon can I get this project submitted so I can call it a day. 

Unfortunately, focused minds are easily interrupted especially in shared cubicle-farm type office environments. Yet, we manage to carry on blocking out the white noise fromlong term coworkers we have become accustomed to. 

However, there is that odd particular element that exists and we can not block out; try as we may. This annoying element is most commonly found on Fridays. 

Fridays are the days that receptionists usually take their days off in order to extend their weekends. Fridays are the days that the temp agency is hard pressed to find anyone to fill the one day slots. Fridays are the days that the temp agency sends over the temps that have been asked to not return to their other assignments.

Young temps.Young immature, female temps.
Surprisingly immature and selfish temps beyond their late twenty years.

Temps who can't self manage; can't keep themselves productively busy.
Temps who spend hours surfing the net, watching YouTube videos.

Temps who spend hours on the phone calling their friends.
Chatting loudly with their friends about breaking news headlines – about celebrity gossip.

Interrupting the entire office. 


Done in irritating, high pitched cheerleader voices...
Laughing madly like drunken sorority girls....

All until....

Until I've had enough....

[The video doesn't seem to work on mobile devices; is that right?]

Until I need to decompress!
Decompress on her ignorant, immature, tight ass.

Until I've cornered her in the glass-walled conference room (Offering front row arena seats for all)! 

Until I've swung her over my lap, pulled up her tight skirt, 
exposed her white sheer panties that no one was meant to see!

Until I've given her a well deserved spanking in front of a growing audience.
An audience of approving, smiling male faces and mutually approving, yet nervously giggling, anxious females.

The spanking continues.
The coworker' eyes, glued in shock, stare on. 
The begging, pleading and kicking count out the extended minutes.
The deep breathes of witnesses contrast with her embarrassed, squealing pouts.

Until I whisper into her ear;
"I ought to take these dainty, over-stretched, skin tight panties down right here... 
Or should I take you into the bathroom and truly teach your tight ass a lesson?"

She stops kicking.
Takes an audible breath.
Anxious silence fills the room.

She opens her pouty lips and her answer escapes her mouth...


Enjoy your weekend and let me know your thoughts.


  1. Haha, love it! OMG, that video was awesome.

  2. Thanks Autumn!
    Yeah, that video was a great find and a favorite I've been holding onto for awhile.

    I'm guessing you agree that she received what she deserved? ;)


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