Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Her Eyes

There was a softness in her eyes,
Shrouding all her broken pieces

A delicate veil that shielded
A soft veil offering comfort, inside
And out
A veil large enough to wrap around me

But I was meant to be the one 
The one who was to comfort her with my stoic nature 
Guide her with my trailed experiences
and do everything
and do everything within my worn grasp to hold her up

Yet, despite it all, she offered me comfort
Her presence was reassuring of my existence
Her face offered promises; even if a struggled path laid before them 
Her smile was enough to warm my tired soul
Her laughter, all too rare, a welcome embrace

Her lips full of passion

Her touch a gift 

I held her as gentle as I knew how to
Her delicate veil slowly tore free
Releasing her -

and releasing me

Pain was set free

But pain was also let in. 


Left to finally mend, time to truly heal old wounds

There were tears in her eyes
Drenching all her broken pieces
Drenching all my broken pieces

Drenching my broken heart


Is it Spring yet?


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  1. Speechless. And you know me, it's hard to get me that way!! Love, as I do all your writings!! :)


  2. Thank You Amber; truly appreciate the compliment.


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