Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Random Thoughts: Everyday Words

Eight days in and the holidays are fading quickly as the New Year gets underway… 
I have been away; but this time it was a semi-planned absence. Not that I wanted to be away per say, but I knew I would be traveling during the Holidays and consciously allowed myself not to worry about posting. I told myself that if I had time I would. Additionally, since readership comments seem to have declined steadily, I thought my absence wouldn’t be noticed too much anyways so I did not carry that worry either.

As it turned out I did not have time to write nor did anyone seem to come searching for my whereabouts either.

I hope you ALL had a great Christmas and Holiday Season!
I plan to catch up on some blog reading soon, as I was unable to do that either.

I wish I could offer you a story today, but instead I offer you my ramblings. If nothing else I hope it serves as a nice diversion to the news and the ongoing national political divide.


Random Thoughts: Words
Part I

Isn't it interesting how words can have such an affect on us all, myself included. I am not referring to beautiful words we seldom (if ever) use in conversation, such as some of my favorites words including "apodyopsis", or others ranging from "solivagant"  to even my ever constant state of "sehnsucht".

Rather I am referring to everyday words that create instant pictures in our minds, such as "twilight" **. Or words which conjure up dark thoughts; "clowns" as a prime example and yet others that easily bring us back to fond memories,"floating" or "swinging", or the utter illustrative onomatopoeia words such as "rustling" or "smacked".

What is really interesting to me is how the same word can have an entirely different reaction on different people upon hearing it. The very exact word. Such is the apparent case-in-point with one of my many all-time favorite everyday words: Panties. Yes, panties!

There are those, such as yours truly, who loves the word for the instant beautiful visual it creates. Even the alluring sound of the word is full of promise, based on its proximity to heaven no doubt.

To my ears it is a prime example of femininity. It sounds dainty soft and sheer.

It also a word that causes pause and dictates focus.

Furthermore, said in the right content can has a high probability of causing someone to blush. 

Yet, apparently there are those who grimace and wince at the onset of the sound. I am well aware that the topic has been debated online and offline quite a bit, but recently I re-read this article which got me thinking again about this word some more. Take the 3 minutes to read the article and come back. 



I'll wait.


You back?


Undoubtedly, I see the word different than the female authors referenced above who see it a a negative and a minimizing of women.

By most dictionaries definitions are similar to the following: 


panties [pan-teez] n.
a woman's or child's undergarment

Note the dictionary's reference to women listed first. The funny thing is I have never used the word to refer to anything, but women's underwear (I had to actually pause because my hand wanted to type "women's panties" just now).

My random thoughts on this everyday word:

How is it that some women hate the word "panties", but there has yet to come up with an all-around well accepted alternative?

Despite some rather public opposition to the word, it is still the primary commercially accepted word. Victoria Secret, as a prime example, does not refer to their primary categories as "bras and underwear". They embrace the word "panty/ies" and no doubt are intentionally focusing on the sexiness of the word.


The overwhelming majority of women I have known have also used the word without obvious discomfort (pun intended).

• Interestingly enough a friend (a female friend  mind you) would often use the word as slang to express her excitement much in the same way and as nonchalantly as others use the word "cool". I still remember the first time she exclaimed "panties!" I was left speechless…but that is a story for another time.


With that in mind, I will admit something to you dear readers. 

But only to you.

Come close. 


OK. Listen in.

I admit that I have used the word "panties" to intentionally create uneasiness. Often in fact.  
From instances of scolding my adult Girls and when instructing them on which specific "panties" to wear, or ordering her to "take those panties off now" or when demanding an on-the-spot "pantie-check". I love the squirmy look. However, I believe the squirm might be  more associated with my tone and future intent and not the word itself. 



So with all that being said, where do YOU stand on the word my dear Female Readers?

Gentleman, you are welcome to chime in as well, but my curiosity
(and possibly yours too) is really with the female readership here.

As always, your comments are golden, but if you must there are polls for your convenience. 

** Obviously not in reference to the books or movies of the same name.


  1. I always enjoyed seeing what panties the woman choose for me to see her in. It indicated her frame of mind. Playful, romantic, sexy, or nothing to see here.

  2. Bogey - Indeed, it says a lot and makes things so clear.


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