Thursday, December 20, 2018

Holiday Design Humor

I don’t usually post humorous 'toons or fails here, because I leave that to those who are actually good at it.

However, since I wanted to check in anyways, but didn't have a story ready to publish and coincidentally came across these design fails that really resonated with me. These were picked up from a design publication I follow who picked them up from various sources. So without further ado, here is my countdown of top 4 holiday design fails.

Ahh, the twinkle of holiday panties; I mean holiday lights.
What is that design supposed to even be?
Inverted trees? Or? I don't know.
Or is this advertising the red light district? 


Speaking of trees.

Forget tradition
, let’s go with a modern streamlined Christmas butt plug; I mean tree.
What the…who…what…how?!


And this! How did they not see this; or did they and thought it was a good idea anyways. Or did someone just yell at the designer, “No, no; no! You can’t just do holiday ornaments! Incorporate our product, dammmit! Appeal to our customers! Women want shoes!
Women want heels! Women want…!”

Bonus before #1:
If you are done with the holidays already, or just done with my poor attempt at humor -
If you get sent out to pick up replacement lights for the tree in order to keep the season bright; consider picking up some of these flickering lights.
Yup; tell me you didn’t read what I read.

#1 - My Favorite

Aww, the warmth of Santa’s hands on Lula’s Rose.
Oh my mistake that should have read Santa’s hand on LulaRoe’s leggings.

So of course I love these, because of the obvious - I love leggings.
And apparently so does Santa!
Just look at him.
He’s really excited.
So excited he seems to be saying, look at this ass!
But I think he got a bit carried away; sinking his hand deep between her cheeks and reaching around to her front.

Hope you laughed. 
If so let me know or feel free to tell me to quit my comedic career while I'm ahead.


  1. OH Enzo, this is a great post. How could you think don't do humor well. I liked every image and will be on the lookout for Santa's elf in the leggings.

  2. you should totally do humor more often.

    those lights tho... they can't be anything other than panties right? can they? sheesh.

  3. OBB - Glad to hear you enjoyed them all and got a few laughs.
    As an aside wasn't sure if this was Bogey or Bacall commenting, but either way thanks.

    Fondles -
    Exactly, I can't even imagine what else they were attempting to create.
    The simplified tree and the high-heel I can see; these lights - all I can see is panties.
    And this might have been my one off lucky shot at humor.


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