Monday, July 1, 2019

Random Thoughts: Happy Monday

Monday, Monday; what is there to look forward to?
Well, if only I had something to look forward to when I got home….

Hold on. Let’s back up for a minute. 

Awhile back, I wrote a post about how certain words cause an instant reaction in us. To be more exact, I was referring to a specific word then as well as now. Yes, you can probably guess the word is panties. I won’t repeat myself entirely, but if you are interested in some of my extended thoughts on the subject, you can read the post here.

I will repeat a few things however:

  • 1) Obviously that panties is one of my favorite words.
  • 2) And more importantly that I have used the word panties with planned intent, including to cause some intentional uneasiness.
  • 3) Furthermore If you have visited here often enough, you may or may not have picked up on the fact that I used to pick out panties for my girls. To be clear, I gave them very clear instructions on which pair to wear for which occasion and in the case of the long-term relationship with My Girl, I selected her panties most everyday. I did this for various reasons serving specific purposes as you may already be aware.

In all those times one of things I always wanted to give my girls, but was unable to come across adequately were “Days of the Week” panties. The closest I got to this concept was picking specific styles / colors for certain days. A Days of the Week set would have made things easier for My Girl and for the pantie-checks. 

These are perfect in my opinion:

Click to Enlarge and see why they are seemingly perfect.
Should be a notable large file.

So when I came across this picture, I was happily surprised and wishfully dreaming that I had a special lady to buy them for…ah, but not at this time.

Regardless -

Ladies, I have a few questions for you down below. Please vote or better yet answer via comments. 

Gentlemen, I got nothing for you but to enjoy the visuals.

And on that note I hope you all have a Happy Monday.



  1. I actually only have ONE that has a day of the week on it - it says Thursday :)

  2. Hi Fondles -
    Haha - Do explain, how do you only have one pair? Did you lose the others?
    Or are you a Thursday child and thus only bought the one?


    Apologies for the delayed response as it was an extra busy weekend and just saw your comments.


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