Thursday, July 18, 2019

Multiple Random Reasons

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Maybe you are like me (I bet you are!) and pinup illustrations immediately bring a heart warming smile to your face.

The beauty above is no exception.

So why did I decide to share this one, today?
For multiple random reasons.

From the obvious:

1) I love pinup illustrations.

2) This one in particular is another creation by my favorite pin up artist, Gil Elvgren.

To the subtle:

3) It is Summer and that means that this is the time of year a lot of people are out traveling and vacationing.

4) Travel by rail is also at one of its peak points of the year.

To the obscure:

5) I will be traveling late next week and am prepping for that trip.

6) I was going through some files and came across some notes by pure coincidence.

I was reminded that Hermione of Hermione's Heart fame had shared this image as one of her Complete the Caption posts many, many years ago (yes, years ago literally).

I had submitted my caption which is a rare thing for me since I’m usually not very good at those. However, since the striking visual created an immediate story in my head, the caption was a lot easier for me.

I’ll share the slightly enhanced version, just in case you are curious:

“Dry your tears Young Lady; it was a fair deal and you agreed to it.

A deal is a deal!”

“But I didn't realize…..[sob] It just isn't fair.”

“What? A spank for every pound over the baggage weight limit and in exchange you get to bring all your luggage" said the porter. “Seems straight forward and very fair to me.”

"[sob]...But I didn't realize, the other passengers... 

would be witnessing me being spanked...
And of all days...the; the…the dada-day I wore my black sheer panties!"

Wouldn't that just make a splendid short story? 
So what do you think?

Would you be interested in that story?

Let me know via the survey below or be personable and send me a comment.


  1. I think Gil must be everyone's fav. I bought a coffee table book that included dozens of his illustrations in addition to other artists. I wonder where that book is?

  2. Hi Bogey -
    I don't know about everyone's favorite - I know there are lots who think Vargas and Petty were the best. Vargas & Petty's skillets were "photo-realistically" superior to Elvgren, but Elvgren definitely mastered the fun in his scenes.


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