Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Windy Wednesday Plus

In case the title sums it up too concisely, I offer the following expanded explanation.

What: Windy Wednesday

Why: Because it is Wednesday.  And I need a smile!
And so much of the details in the following full picture makes me smile. 

(Can you name a few?) 

Who: Two naughty girls for slightly different reasons.
Click to Enlarge. Should be a notable large file.

As an aside, had either of these been my girl, let's just say they wouldn't be sitting comfortably for the entire day. 

Unfair, you'd argue?


One, Miss Butterfly, should have been paying more attention to her skirt and the other should have warned her. And in turn, the other should have paid more attention to the rule of wearing dark panties under white dresses and in turn, Miss Butterfly should have told her to change the moment she noticed, because it had to be obvious; right? 

Thus, I prove my point that a spanking for both would be fair. 
See, I knew you would see my point.


Speaking of windblown issues, I have a question.
Because if you are a regular here, you know that I have a certain fondness for windblown skirts and thus have always been curious.

Ladies: Truth - Tell me honestly, has the wind ever not been your friend by unexpectedly making a sail of your outfit?

Gents (if you wish to play along): Truth -
Tell me honestly, any real life first hand tales of windy blown beauties you care to share? 

To be clear only interested in true stories.


Oh, and in case you haven’t had the opportunity, please read my most recent story excerpt. It can be found one post back. Or for your convenience, simply by clicking HERE
And please do share your thoughts on that story as well.


  1. I had two skirts, short and flare, and used to wear them over black tights when I was working in schools (cold studios).

    They were cut in the same style, but had different prints, and I loved them. Only, when I stopped working there, I found that the humidity of regular days here in Asia made it impossible to wear them with tights so I wore them sans leggings.

    One day I was in the train station and they had installed HUGE overhead circulation fans and the draft made my skirt fly up. I tried to hold the hem down as best I could, which wasn't very successfully as I had shopping bags and my hands were occupied.

    I've since given away those skirts. Cos I'm a smart girl and I KNOW what BIKSS would say about such an incident ever occurring again.

  2. Hi Fondles!
    Always happy to see you hear and commenting.
    Wow, thanks for sharing that. Obviously now I am curious to know more details about that story and how many were fortunate to see your unfortunate situation?

    I think me and BIKSS would agree on a lot of things.



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