Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Random Flow of Thoughts on Windy Wednesday

Another stream-of-consciousness post.

Foremost, how is everyone doing out there?

Well it has been another heavy couple of weeks in the good ol’ U S of A. No need to rehash the state of the union to my fellow Americans and as for far-away friends, no doubt the story of our demise has reached your shores. I have tried my best to avoid political commentary here, but since it is such a big part of our current collective situation I like a lot of other bloggers have been forced in that direction more than once. However, as far as sharing specific opinions, it seems fruitless to me as everyone is so deep in their partisan sides that either you agree with those opinions or there is no way anything I say will cause you to reconsider in the slightest.

Therefore, rather than getting drawn into that rabbit hole, speaking instead specifically to all of you out there feeling drained by our current shared existence instead, feeling hopeless and worn out, I offer you this timeless advice the has served me well: 

It may seem like a fluff of words on the surface, but when you sit down and think about it there is a call to action in there, which is something I believe in - action.

As I have said before,  one of the main goals of this blog has been to be a place for unique entertainment and genuine escapism. I recently offered a continuation of an ongoing story. It can be found one post back. I didn’t receive any feedback on that installment which I was really hoping for.

• If you haven’t read it, now’s a good opportunity to read it.
• If you did read it but didn’t comment, now is a good time to go back and share your thoughts.

I understand a lot of you like to remain anonymous and not comment and that is why I have often offered the anonymous poll option. Unfortunately with the new Blogger interface my polls are not working. There appears to be some technical issues going on. In the past it was very straight forward, copy and paste the code in the visual editor and it would show up upon publishing. Now it appears that the code must be inserted in the html code view, but it is hit-or-miss if it shows up or not and often disappears even when it did initially. Plus, it does not seem to any longer allow more than one poll per page. Very frustrating.

Update: Seems like I managed to get the polls to works, but not a 100% sure, so let me know by voting going back a post and sharing your thoughts on my latest story by voting!

If any of you have any insights into the new Blogger interface or a suggestion on a poll app that plays nice with the new interface please let me know. The polls are important to me to help gauge interest and tastes especially for those who wish to remain anonymous. If I can't find a poll solution I may need to find another way of convincing you all to comment.

And finally to get back on topic, well at least semi-on-topic, I will leave you with this visual.

Why: Because it is Wednesday and don't we all need another opportunity to smile?

What: Windy Wednesday.

Who: This vintage beauty.

Where: In an office, seemingly a long time ago.
Remember when we used to go into offices, into offices with other people?


  1. It's a wonderful film clip.



  2. Looks like she is wearing tap pants. Wonder about the why of the scene?

    I don't find arguments distaste at all as long as both parties don't indulge in ad hominem attacks. An argument is just an exchange of diverging or opposite views.

  3. Rick - Glad you enjoyed it!
    Not sure where I even found it, need to do some research on what film this is from.

    DM - As far as the clip, there is a lot I wonder about, one being if the tap pants were meant to be seen or not.

    As far as discussions / arguments, I think it is too easy for everyone to let the personal attacks slip in especially when the debate stalls. It is the easy way out to to write off the other as “just another ___ (fill in the blank with your opposing political viewpoint insult)” That and debates on social media are never good (vs an in-person debate) primarily because you can’t read tone, intent or pick up on verbal cues and emotion.


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