Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pleasant Everyday Conversation

It was toasty warm in my fair City today with temperatures reaching the high '90s. 

Picture a small public park within the civic center area of a city, below the skyscrapers and between the maze of congested streets. On any given day, these consolidated islands of grass comfort only the solitary homeless. On days like today they are utilized by crowds of office workers basking in the sun. 

Often young ladies plan ahead and trade air-conditioned offices for the natural air and spend their lunch breaks picnicking with friends. Kneeling on makeshift blankets, shoes are tossed aside, bare toes play amongst cool grass. Conversations lean away from office politics and towards relationships outside the confining walls of their cubicles.

I venture out of my office and take in the beauty of the day and am grateful for the gorgeous views all around. Outfits are shorter, thinner and breezier (is that even a word?) while minimally draped over large amounts of bare soft, beautiful, healthy skin.

The patchy green real estate is like that of the rest of the city, both in demand and scarce, so I  take what space I can. I sit on the grass mere feet away from two friends whose stylish outfits easily label them as part of the symphony or opera office staff. Too engrossed in the middle of their intense conversation to notice me sitting within earshot and eyeshot of their unintentionally exposed small triangles of joy. I focus my ears, attempting to clear the background noise of cars horns, ambulances and chatter; I await to overhear simple pleasant everyday conversation...


I nearly choked on my sandwich; did I really hear what I thought I heard? I had to wait for quite a few minutes before I could stand up again in order to not visually advertise my thoughts to all those around.


Hope you enjoyed this little story. Would love to hear your thoughts. 

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