Monday, October 27, 2014

Obvious Solutions

How about a little story to start your week off?
This a special story dedicated to my female domestic discipline readers.


"There is always a solution. It may not be obvious at first, but there is always a solution. Now turn around and bend over!" he stated matter-of-factly easily restraining her with one hand and pushing her over her unkept breakfast table.

"You can't do this! You can't!" she kicked and bucked; eyes bulging in disbelief. 
"My husband will be home soon and kill…"

"Your husband?! Your husband is the one who sent me! He needed someone to deal with you!" He explained as motive and ample target were both revealed simultaneously as her jersey maxi skirt met the floor with a single tug.

"What?! You must be high. I don't believe you!" she protested trying to break free from the tangled mess of cloth now at her ankles. He pushed her back down on the table and took in the full view. He had always pictured her wearing some sort of fancy lace knickers, but this reality was still rewarding. Red nylon panties stretched to their limits, stretched to utter sheerness, encasing her ample cheeks, would make for a lasting memory. He struggled to comprehend why anyone would need asking twice to accept an invitation to deal with this.

"To be clear, he did say he wouldn't want any other man touching your big ass, but that there were definitely times he wished someone would deal with your rotten attitude. He just couldn't do it himself...for some reason." He clarified as he pushed her blouse up and out of the way and then grabbed tight onto the thin waistband of her panties. 

"That's f'en stupid! You're f'en stupid! Besides how do you plan on doing anything without touching me, huh? Good luck with that smart guy! You already f'ed that part up. Hey wait! He said I had a big ass?!" Her anger suddenly shifting.

"Well, I am pretty sure he meant someone using their hands on your bottom! I understand that...I mean, I understand his point. And he is my good friend and I respect that, but as his good friend I need to help him out. You see that is why I had to come up with a solution. It took me a long time. But, I did. It was obvious. So obvious I didn't realize it for so long.

With a firm tug he pulled her panties down and her cheeks burst out almost gratefully; now allowed to jiggle freely. Yet unexpectedly, the movement south had abruptly stopped sooner than he thought it should. The light-weight fabric had gathered tightly under her cheeks and now helped further accentuate her bottom's ample size. 

Confused for a moment he soon realized she was leaning on the front of the flimsy garment, against the table, and thus preventing them from coming all the way down. Then as if handling another caught filly, in a swift almost practiced motion he raised her thigh with his knee and reached between her legs. With another firm tug of the fabric, he released them; unintentionally ripping them in the process.

"What! What the hell did you do? Did you just rip my..." she stopped herself to embarrassed to finish the sentence aloud.

"To be fair ma'am, these skivvies were well-loved. Honestly what I'd love to rip is that tight..." he snapped back at her while admiring the soft nylon fabric he was still holding onto, before he stopped himself, "My apologies, my mind was going elsewhere. As I said...I'm here as an unspoken favor; so let's get started."

Seemingly not grasping the severity of the situation she buried her face in her hair, flushed with misplaced emotion. Fully embarrassed that this stranger had seen her old, lounging panties as opposed to some other cute pair that she no doubt knew all her husband's friends pictured her in. 

She was brought back to the matter-at-hand as she heard him undo his large silver buckle and release his leather belt wildly. His heavy boots kicked her ankles apart causing her to stretch her cheeks involuntarily. She felt a tickle of the cool morning air between her legs as she was now spread wide. He stood mere inches away from her bared and spread, vulnerable bottom. 

Looping his belt he cracked it with force over her. The thundering snap of the belt sent chills up her spine as she began regretting ever wanting to be disciplined. Regretting what this all might actually feel like. 

"OK, just relax and don't clench. And remember this was originally your idea" he instructed as he heard her gulp with anticipation.

Yet the belt did not come down. Instead, taken by the softness of her pale mounds he allowed himself to slowly lean into her; her naked bottom instantly feeling the 
bulging pressure restrained within his pants. She clenched her cheeks in nervous reaction, accidentally touching more of his erection. At the surprise touch, he instinctually pushed into her cheeks firmly. He rubbed himself against her bottom crevice feeling the warmth of her cheeks even through his thick denim. He could see the drops of sweat building up on her back quickly as she breathed in and out anxiously.

Fighting the urge to undo his pants and take her right there he refocused again on the reason for his unexpected visit. He pulled off her, took a step back and steadied himself with a hand on the small of her back and prepared to take a swing.

"Stop! He's going to be home any minute and... and..this is're stupid to think that this is what he wanted!" she let out a random string of protests in desperation.

"Well, he was right about a few things; you DO, undeniably have an attitude problem," pausing to kick her legs apart again only for the pure and simple pleasure of seeing her white cheeks jiggle, "And you DO have a big ol' ass! But in my opinion, that is one hell of ripe bottom you got on you; I would love to put a branding iron to it..."

She looked over her shoulder in offense and dismay and then closed her eyes in preparation.

"OK, let's get this attitude adjustment going, shall we?" He smiled knowing he was helping out a friend in need, and released the swing of his belt with full force.


She moved out of the way as he attempted to kiss her goodbye and rather than embrace him, she hugged her morning coffee tight instead. She didn't pay him anymore attention as he walked out the front door and instead she thought only about going back to bed. It would be another lazy day and she had plenty of time to shower before he came home from work.

Walking back to the bedroom, she stepped around her clothes from last night strewn about the floor where she had left them. She put her coffee down by his side of the bed in order to reach up and close the curtains. As she looked out the window he was climbing into his truck. As their eyes met he tipped his hat to her, paused for a brief moment and then pulled the loud dually away. 

As she bent over to retrieve her cup, she she saw his open calendar book on his nightstand and came to a sudden realization.

She slapped her forehead in frustration.

Now it all made sense; why he was wearing his Stetson today rather than his cap; why he had insisted on waking her up to have breakfast with him; breakfast he had prepared. She was still hung over from the night before and had forgotten the day. He wasn't going to work! He was leaving for the long weekend to go visit his Dad in the home! 

"Gawd. I am such an ass" she blurted out loud flopping herself on the bed. She lay there for a few minutes simply feeling horrible at how she treated him; she couldn't go back to sleep now. 

  Fact was she must have drifted off to sleep as she was jolted by what she thought was the sound of loud boot-steps downstairs. "He must have forgotten his thermos," she figured. She sat up and heard the footfalls fade off into the kitchen. 

In haste, she scampered to a pile of clothes on the floor and reached over for the first thing she saw, a jersey skirt. Still disappointed with herself, pulled the deeply wedged red panties out of her cheeks before sliding on the long skirt and heading downstairs.

"Times like these I wish he would just man-up and spank me," she said aloud seemingly to no one, but the planned empty house.


Hope you enjoyed that story.
There is a now a continuation of this story which can be found Here

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  1. Hi Bogey, glad it was an unexpected story - that is what I aim for.

  2. So, the husband's friend, huh? I think my husband would actually like to witness another man do this to me. He's got some kink, too ;)

  3. Hi Autumn!

    Mmmm, I like the sound of that. I can see where your husband would enjoy this. The question is how far would he like to see it go? And would you enjoy it as well?

    Thanks for commenting! Did you vote?

  4. I think he would like to see it go all the way...Not sure I would enjoy that, but I would definitely enjoy the spanking :) Also, I probably didn't vote, but I *did* vote in the election on the 4th, and that's the voting that matters, right?!

  5. No doubt you would have plenty of guys lining up; hopefully one day you'll get the opportunity to make that fantasy a reality.

    What's your husband's number? I need to ask him something.... :)


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