Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Simple Preferences

I am not particularly a fan of what are known as "off-price" department stores here in the US of A. For those of you reading in the states, I am referring to Ross and TJ Maxx type stores. Not sure what you call them in other countries. They are not thrift stores, but rather stores that sell limited supplies of items, usually last season's items, at a big discount from the mainstream department stores, like Macy's. 

The reason for my dislike of these stores has nothing to do with anything else other than one particular reason; an unfortunate byproduct of these stores – the mess. (Trust me, I love a bargain like anyone else does.) I witnessed this unfortunate byproduct being created before my very eyes just the other day.


On my way home, I ran into my local off-price store to pick out some new dress shirts for some business meetings next week. I went directly to the men's department, found my size, and picked a couple of shirts in a matter of minutes. I was done shopping in less than it takes most young ladies to decide which store to begin their shopping sprees in. 

I took the long way out the store and stopped at the lingerie racks. As I often do, I casually perused the assortment of styles, sizes and materials looking for a small surprise treat for my love at home. I glanced up at a young lady down the aisle from me carelessly shopping the same long rack. The seemingly feisty blond began to prove herself guilty of being at least partially responsible for some of the aforementioned byproduct. 


She shifted through panty racks, searching for something to suite her taste and shoved discarded choices to the right while moving ever closer to me. She shoved the items away as the plastic hangers were sent clanking against each other. The hanger contents would either lose their balance, leaving panties dangling by one side string; while others wouldn't make it back into the overstuffed racks at all. These would be left shoved up high on display at almost ninety degree angles. In a word she was creating a mess. 

She saw me watching her and smiled. I returned the gesture and continued to watch as I learned she was fond of bright colors and lace. Then she fully reveled herself as a culprit in the constant disarray of these stores. 

She attempted to shove a striped bikini back into the rack and then easily frustrated by not being able to separate the crowded items, let the panties fall to the floor. The noise of the plastic and metal hitting the tile floor was lost amongst the other sounds of the busy store.

I looked down at the discarded cotton cloth and looked back up at her. She met my gaze and smiled again. I looked back down at the floor, then to her while awaiting her to either pick up her discard or apologize for the "accidental" drop.

She said nothing and went back to shopping.

"You dropped something," I pointed to the floor with a pair of dainty sheer white bikini panties in my own hand.

"Excuse me?" she replied nonchalantly.

"You dropped those panties" I clarified.

"Oh. I am not taking those" she responded barely glancing over her shoulder.


"I like brights" she interrupted me, while displaying for me an aqua colored lace thong in her hands. 

"I can see that" taking in the whole picture, from the thong panties to her bright tank top to her bright bra peeking out from underneath.

"Yeah, I guess you can" she smiled softly.

"And thongs apparently."

"Mmm..." she lightly blushed "...Well they are more comfortable."

"They wouldn't provide much protection though." 

"Protection?" she asked.

"Yes, even less than these" I held up the dainty, yet full bottom, sheer pair in my hand. 

"I don't get it. Protection?" she looked truly confused.

"Yes, protection for when you get spanked for making a mess." I explained, again pointing with one pair to the other discarded ones on the floor.

She let out a soft nervous giggle trying to ignore the discipline reference, "They'll pick it up. That's what they pay people for."

"It is never polite to make an intentional mess. What does your boyfriend do with you when you make a mess at home?"

"Oh, I don't have a boyfriend," she coyly answered as her hand began slowly sliding up and down the strap of the thong.

"Well, someone should spank you...That would teach you a lesson about making a mess." I informed her as my heart began beating faster as I scolded. 

"Really?" she shoot a downward glance at me as her cupped palm continued to intentionally stroke the skimpy cloth. 

"Yes, really..." I took a deep breath before continuing; while unconsciously rubbing my thumbs along the sheer white nylon material in my own hands. 


"Honey, you ready?" I heard an approaching raspy voice call out.

She turned around as the tall owner of the voice reached in and gave her a firm kiss on the cheek. "Everything OK?"

"Yes. I was just helping out this really nice guy pick out some panties for his fiancé" the blond answered almost instinctually. 

She pushed the aqua thong into my hands, "These are a good choice. I am sure she'll like these....and I will take these." She responded plucking the sheer white panties from my grasp.

Without another word, the couple began walking away, as her girlfriend wrapped her arm around the blond's waist and shot me a dirty look. 

I ignored the glaring look, staring at the aqua lace material in my hands and then refocused. The blond, still locked in her girlfriend's walking embrace, looked over her shoulder and blew me a silent puckered kiss.

Serendipity has a sense of humor. Regardless I love her touch. 


  1. hmmm.. now i have discovered you I am waiting for more :)

  2. Just came across your blog, and im certainly glad I did. :)

  3. @little and @ Kenzie -
    So glad you found me!
    Thanks for stopping by and most importantly for commenting.

    Hope you take some time to look around and comment on any posts you particularly like.

    Oh and I fixed the poll so please have you vote counted.

  4. Thanks!
    Unfortunately to email and blog correspondences often not making things clear; curious as to what is the theme that you consider fresh?

  5. Fresh is not quite right. I meant you used an entirely believable interaction between people. I have seen women mess up clothing racks. Your character just called her on her behavior. Most men would not say a word. I might.

    I am way past tired of spanking stories that use topics like she is late, texting while driving, forgetting to buy dog food as a reason to spank.
    And don’t get me started on those Victorian ones, who are caned by the stable hand or the manor’s matron, etc. in the secret dungeon.


  6. @OBB
    Hi Bogey,

    Thanks for taking the time to explain. That is one of my primary goals with the blog; create believable stories based on everyday interactions. I may not often succeed, but I try.

    Glad you liked it!

    I am with you on the tired overused storylines (although she is late to work still remains a personal favorite). Agreed about the victorian ones; I can not get into those either.

    Thanks again!

  7. Enzo,

    Your stories hold my attention. When reading them I find that my bottom starts to clench when a spanking is looming. I have to confess I don't really know what it's like to get a rather lengthy, controlled spanking without the anger element. I have read some DD blogs and find the concept of spanking sans anger intriguing, to say the least.

    Anyway, thanks for the stories. Do you think you could lengthen them, though? Just a thought.


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