Monday, February 3, 2014

Technical Difficulties

We interrupt our regular posts due to technical difficulties. 

Is anyone having trouble voting on my latest post's, Simple Preferencesblog-poll? 

I switched to poll-maker as of the latest post, but every time I hit submit to view results it bombs. Is this happening to anyone else?

I was using freeblogpolls, but that is reading an error every time I attempt to set up a new poll. In the earlier days, I was using blogpoll, but that site seems to be now defunct. 

As regular visitors to this bog know, I use blogpolls at the end of my story posts. I rely on these polls to gauge what readers enjoy and or prefer. This is an important tool for me as so many people are shy about commenting. Not that I get a huge participation on the polls, but every bit helps.

Long story short, I need a recommendation on a blog poll that works. I am having trouble with the online poll feature of this blog and in need of assistance. Anyone have any recommendations based on actual use?

I'll make you an offer; anyone who has useful advice can ask me anything in return. If your information helps, I will answer your inquiry.

Thanks in advance, otherwise I am back to being on hold with technical support. 
- You know customer service isn't what it used to be; especially since so many tech support reps have been allowed to work from home. If I ever get a hold of an actual person; I will take that nerdy girl's...I mean professional 'technical support rep'... to task!


  1. Hi Enzo,

    The folks at the Blogger Help Forum recommend It works very well. You need to create a WordPress account (email logon and password) but it works just fine with Blogger.


  2. Hi Hermione -

    Thanks for the information and recommendation. I am trying out 99polls for now, but will look into Polldaddy.

    Thanks again so much for your time!

    Much appreciated,


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