Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Wishes

New Year's Wishes?
New Year's hopes and dreams?

Honestly, I would be happy with moments like these....

Daily would be ideal. 
Weekly would make me happy.


  1. Is there not a motto, that says. "If you give your wife a spanking a day. It keeps the doctor away". So here is to your health, by making your wife's bare derriere a blushing red by giving her a good spanking, that helps both of you keep sexually and erotically physically fit.

  2. That is hott. Thank you for the sexy share, I think many of us will agree with your new years wish. May we all have many moments like THAT.

  3. @ sixofthebest - Thanks for stopping by and cheers to a New Year!

    @Autumn - Glad you liked it! It was also meant as a reminder that even though I like to be firm with young ladies, it doesn't mean there isn't a place to be gentle as well.


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