Monday, May 20, 2013

The Dream List: Derby Girls

A bit of an inspirational post today for all my loyal readers 
(whomever you are and wherever you may be). 

As I continue to be reminded as of late; life is short. There are deep lessons here, but I will spare you all the sermon and just say that all of it is best summoned up by the saying:

The days are long, but the years are short.

With that in mind my challenge to you all is to start a "bucket list". I am sure many of you are familiar with the expression, but to those who are not, it is defined as:

A list of things to do before you die. 
Comes from the term "kicked the bucket".

Since I am not fond of the connotation of "kicking the bucket", I propose we change the name. We shall call it our "Dreams Come True List"! Yes the list of things we dream of doing before our time is up. The things we SHALL do.

Therefore, I believe it important that we all create our own list and follow through with it. In order not to get overwhelmed with the task of compiling a large list we shall add one or two items a week. 

The rules are simple: 

A) Add to your list without worrying about feasibility issues (financing, needed time off, logisitics, etc.).

B) You have to  be more specific and less vague.
In other words, not allowed is "I want to visit China someday" as that is too vague.
The proper phrasing would be "I want to visit Bejing China and see the Lantern Festival".


Let's do this together.  
OK I will go first. 

A friend of mine reminded me that the Epson Derby is coming up soon in June.  With that in mind here we go; my first random Dream Come True List item:

1. General Idea:
I will attend an Annual Derby  – 
either the Kentucky Derby in the US or the Epsom Derby in England.

I will attend, savor all the pomp and circumstance, energy and excitement. I will take in all the sights, sounds and colors....
 but most importantly the sights!

I am taking a guess that this colorful trio is headed out to the Derby donning a positive attitude. One thing is certain, the girl in yellow is in no doubt sporting a cheeky attitude worthy of a spanking.

Rather than an individual spanking for this young lady in yellow, a spanking for all three would only seem fair. It would be unfair to exclude the other two from enjoying the hands on portion of the festivities...and depriving other attendees from the sights and sounds of said festivities.

1. More Specific:

I will spank a cheeky Derby Girl for unlady-like behavior 
as soon as the opportunity arises.

A spanking opportunity has without a doubt arisen for this cheeky derby girl.
Although all signs point away from her, I am none the less drawn to bottom center - 
her bottom center.

This image really excites me for some reason.
Not sure why - It is more than the unexpected windblown show of panties. 

Perhaps it is her failed attempt at lady-like behavior. 
In lady-like fashion, she put on her pantyhose to keep her legs smooth 
and everything looking toned and perky. 
Now that plan has literally been blown away as the wind has plans of its own. 
Her hose now on display, sheer enough to highlight her white sheer panties,
which in-turn prominently display her ample feminine creases.   

Perhaps it is merely imagining her pin-up worthy visual of embarrassment.
Her face flushing-red as she regrets not having worn 
her matching spandex blue panties.
Instead remembering the transparency of her white panties that 
she intentionally wore to make someone in particular happy;
now that transparency is an unintentional treat to a dozen or so strangers.
A dozen or so strangers whose day was suddenly made brighter 
by this unexpected display of a shapely and visually bare bottom.

OK, Who's with me?
No poll this time around so please post comments.

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