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Her First Mothers Day


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Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there. Enjoy your day! 
It really should be more like Mothers Week!

"I don't have anything to wear!" She complained as she turned around, flopped herself on the bed, crossed her arms and sulked.

"What's wrong with the dress you are wearing?" I asked completely irritated by her immature behavior as I looked at my young bride surrounded by a mess of clothes covering the bed.

"I have worn this dress once already." she pouted and ceased to get ready and instead decided to waste time by staring at her recently manicured nails.

"Once? Hmmm..and what about the dress I bought you for your birthday last week?" I said utterly amazed at her spoiled attitude. She said nothing and continued to sulk.
"Well find something quick or we are going to be late to your Grandmother's Mothers' Day Brunch." 

"It's MY Mothers' Day Brunch too you know?" she snapped back. "I am a Mom now too – or did you forget?!"

I shot her a disapproving look at her over-the-top comment and decided without further hesitation to take control of the situation.

"What I do know is... " I said as I tugged at her arm, swung her around in a singular  sweeping motion and pushed her down over my lap. " that you may be a mom now, but you still act like a spoiled brat!"

"Whatt.....wait....STOP!" she protested.

"You act like a child rather than a mom. A spoiled chid!" I scolded pushing up her cotton dress and revealing pre-pregnancy panties that hardly managed to cover her plump bottom.  I began to smack her plump cheeks with a solid determination as she kicked and swayed to break free.

"Sssstop!" she whined, but I continued on with my task.

I proceeded to pull back the tight black lace panties. Her bottom reddened quickly as I had not wasted time slowly warming her up to a hard spanking, but rather had begun and continued with the hard slaps.

"Honnnn...please. I'll get dressed. I will." she began to elevate her voice.

I had no intention of stopping when she suddenly stopped her protests and squirming. She stiffened and her ears perked up as if listening for distant call. Sure enough, she was saved by the sound of our baby crying from across the hall. She stopped and listened.

"You lucked out, otherwise I was ready to teach you a firm lesson" I reprimanded and released her. "I will go get the baby. You finish getting dressed."

- - - - - - - - -

"Are you ready now?" I asked as I walked back into the bedroom fifth-teen minutes later. I heard no response and simply saw my bride, still sitting and pouting on the bed. She was fully dressed, but now in a different outfit.

She looked away as I walked up to her. "Now what is the problem?" I asked exhausted with her tantrums.

"I don't like the way this dress looks. I look fat.....people are going to say I am fat....and my butt hurts!" she fully pouted as she adjusted the tight dress over her bottom curves. "Gawd...I just don't have anything to wear."

"That does it. It is time to properly finish your lesson young lady. A hard lesson!" I said and pulled her up by the arm once again. I spun her around and grabbed her ass in the skin-tight dress.

"Take this dress off!" I demanded. 

"Whaaa...wha...???" she couldn't complete a word of protest as she realizing that she was in fact about to pay a heavy price for her bratty attitude.

She took the dress off over her head defiantly and then thoughtfully crumpled it as close to a ball as possible and tossed it onto the mess of clothes on the bed in a knee-jerk statement of anger. Shaking my head in disbelief, I pushed her against the door and began to spank her bubble butt in a nonstop succession of hard slaps. 

"You are a spoiled little brat, do you realize that? If you don't like the dress, well don't wear it then, you ungratefull little brat. How much was that dress?"

"A.. ahh ah...oh.. oh" she tried to speak between the slaps raining down on her now sore bottom. "It was one hundred twenttyyy....oh."

"Perhaps you should pay that cost back with your ass?!" I suggested.

"Noooo.....Honnnn. I...I am..." she blurted out now panicking that the punishment, a seemingly new punishment, was in fact it just beginning.

I wedged up and tugged the small panties into her tight ass cheeks causing her to squirm and shake. She retreated into the doorway to avoid the ever increasing crescendo of spanks.

"Now tell me again what you were complaining about?" I questioned her. "Tell me. Repeat it."

"I..I.. just said I didn't have anything to wear...but I am sorry." she wimpered almost at tears.

"You don't know what it is to not have anything to wear....but let me show you. Take your panties and bra off."

She turned around shocked at my demand. Her eyes widened and her face flushed as she looked into my eyes and realized there was no way she was getting out of this.

"Now." I said lowering my voice for reverse dramatic effect.

She removed her nursing bra and tossed it to the floor. I cleared my throat as an indication to continue. She slowly and painfully began to put her fingers into her panties in order to fish them out of the tight wedge of her ass cheeks. She closed her eyes as if pulling a scab as the lace material was freed. She then rolled the small-fitting panties down her thick thighs and to her knees where they dropped to her high heeled covered toes.

I picked up her panties off the floor as I decided to conclude her punishment.

"Go stand in the corner!" I ordered.

She wanted to object but caught herself, biting her lips in the process in order to keep an audible protest from coming out. She scooted to the corner, arms folded covering her cold exposed nipples on her heavy breasts. 

A mere moment later she turned over her shoulder and asked mildly, "Hon, how long will I have to stay here?" 

"You'll stay there as long as I tell you too." I replied admiring her post-baby accentuated shapely figure and in particular her plump reddened bare bottom.

"Hooonnnnn......I really have to go feed the baby, plus shouldn't we get going to meet up with everyone at the brunch?" she whined softly cupping her full and sensitive breasts. 

I pondered the possibilities. "I have a better idea. Since this is your first Mothers Day, we should make it really special for You. We should make it about You. Everyone should come Here and see You." I explained.

"OK.. Sure...I'll need to get dressed now." she replied as a premature relief came over her.

"But you have nothing to wear!" I smirked 
"You stay put and keep facing that corner! I have phone calls to make."

I began dialing my cell phone "Hello Grandma..." I spoke into the phone.

"No, no trouble at all. It will be good for her to show her gratitude by waiting on others for a day. Oh - especially today. Plus, I am sure she has some newly learned lessons on motherhood she would love to share with everyone." I spoke loudly and intentionally repeated the conversation so my bride could follow along.

"What is that? Yes. Yes, I will be sure to remind her that she should dress appropriately for a new mother. No not sure what she plans to wear, but I will help her pick something. She is wearing some nice heels though."

I hung up the phone and took a break prior to continuing on with the rest of the calls as I took a deep sniff of my bride's panties that I still held in my other hand.

Reflecting on her spoiled attitude, I stared at her in the corner. "Well, on a positive note, at least you didn't complain about your panties nor your shoes. I am sure those shoes cost twice as much as an entire normal outfit....In fact, those shoes are practically an outfit in themselves."

Her eyes widened in shock as she had heard the conversation and then she closed them in disbelief as her lips trembled as I spoke to her; her heavy breasts ached and her bottom throbbed. This was definitely a Mothers Day she would not forget.


  1. What better way to reward your wife on Mother's Day, than to bare her bottom, for a good good spanking. Yes, giving her a rosy red painfully spanked naked rear end, is just as equally good as giving her bunch of red roses.

  2. I think she needed a spanking. I would so be spanked hard for that. I loved the story.

  3. Thanks Patricia. Appreciate you commenting.
    According to the stats, this appears to be one of my most popular stories. She definitely deserved what she got in this story.

  4. I have to say I didn't enjoy this story so much, though it was very well written. From what she was saying, she was having a bit of post-partum. Hubby could have been just a little more understanding, especially on Mother's Day. To punish her for not feeling attractive (not uncommon in new moms), and then plan to further humiliate her, kind of shows a lack of respect. Did she behave a bit childishly? Sure, but you try pushing a 5 - 10 lb. bowling ball out of your body, and see how you act for a while. Women go through all sorts of chemical changes both during and after pregnancy, and many suffer huge mood swings and bouts of insecurity. She had nothing to wear because everything was for a pre-pregnancy body. Yes, I know the husband had bought her a dress the week before, but did she try that on first? Did it also make her feel fat, because it was bigger than anything she used to wear? I know I'm over-analyzing - I guess because I suffered from post-partum myself. I just feel like she would have benefited more from reassurance from a loving husband.

  5. Anonymous -

    First of let me say that I am sorry to hear that you suffered from post-partum. Believe it or not, I am very sensitive and compassionate towards those who have had to unfortunately deal with PPD. I am also very supportive of mothers in general and new moms in particular because the whole experience; emotional, social, physical and mental, are all strenuous and often overwhelming.

    I thank you and appreciate the honest critique. That being said to use your own words, yes perhaps you are over-analyzing a bit. There is a level of suspension of disbelief with any story especially spanking fiction. This story was meant to focus on a spoilt wife who also happens to be a new mom. There are details in the conversation to the high cost of the outfits, including the expensive shoes, and how often the husband has bought her new outfits just as of recently. The aspect of her being a new mom and her possible insecurities were meant to help create a believable scene.

    I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the story for its initial intent, an entertaining buildup of well-earned multiple spankings. Again, despite that, I am happy you took the time to share your honest feedback.

    I am wondering if you are a frequent reader or a new visitor here?


  6. I'm actually a frequent reader, and I enjoy your stories very much. I understand about the suspension of disbelief, but, I can't help the way I reacted. I'm glad you understand, and thank you for your compassion. This is the only story I have not enjoyed as much as the others. If she had been anything other than a new mom, I would have enjoyed it thoroughly.

  7. Thank you for your response. Again, I am sorry you did not enjoy the story as you definitely have a right to your reaction – I am just sorry it was a negative one, but I understand.

    I am happy to hear that you are a frequent reader and that you enjoy the stories; that is the goal. If you haven’t already, and are comfortable with sharing, a bit of general demographic background is always appreciated in order to understand my readers better.


  8. Response to a private message:

    - Not to worry. Be careful out there.



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