Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Morning Coffee Lesson

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"I just's not a big deal." She sat there offering nothing more than the simple response.

He said nothing simply staring at his empty cup and then at her in seemingly disbelief from across the small kitchen table. The moments of silence that passed before he finally reacted seemed like an eternity to her slow moving morning brain-haze, until she suddenly realized that his silence was disapproval to her response. 

He continued his silence until he broke his gaze and began unbuttoning the cuffs of his crisp white dress shirt. He rolled up his sleeves only half way up his arms in the manner a man forced to deal with a large job; a problem suddenly and unexpectetantly presented to him, prepares himself.

She subconsciously nervously reacted to seeing his familiar preparations, although uncertain as to the reason. Her manicured nails met each other as her hands choked her warm coffee mug. She wanted him to say something. She wanted to say something, but nothing came out of her mouth. She attempted to speak, but was interrupted by the solitary sound of his chair being pushed back. He put his empty cup down and slowly moved to get up.   

""I just forgot to buy more coffee when I went grocery shopping." she explained sinking into her chair. "I'll just go buy some coffee this afternoon and you'll have some for tomorrow morning, hon." she offered a hopeful appeasing answer. And then as if forgetting a line in a play, just smiled at him.

"What good is that going to do now?" he replied now standing and staring into her big blue eyes. 

With a sudden singular gesture, he grabbed her arm and pulled her up off her kitchen chair. Her hands reached to grasp hold of the table top as he pushed her down and bent her over the table. 

"Uggg! What?!! What are you doing?" she protested.

"Isn't it obvious?" he replied in a non-rhetorical tone as he gathered up the slippery silky sheer material of her short night gown. "I am going to teach you a lesson in accountability and manners."

"But I .....I...I just forgot." she responded as her morning hazed mind grasped for a valid explanation to his seemingly over-reaction. 

"Understand this young lady," he spoke without raising his voice, "I am not upset you forgot to buy more coffee..."

He paused to finish gathering her nightgown and yanked the flimsy material completely up and over her plump tight bottom. She gasped and inhaled realizing her full exposure.

"I am upset for your lack of consideration. You are sitting here all comfy enjoying your morning coffee while it is obvious there is nothing left in the pot. While I am busy getting ready to go to work, you drank the last cup without taking me into consideration.

A bit ungrateful on your part, wouldn't you say? Yet another example of your unappreciative ways.

Do I need to remind you that while you stay at home every day, I work myself crazy so that you can have that luxury? That luxury amongst so many other things that you should be appreciative of?"

His open-palmed hand smacked her pantie clad ass with a sudden sting.
"Ohhh!" she screamed hopping up on her tip toes in reaction.

"I work hard to buy you nice these...." he pulled the elastic waistband of her panties back and flipped the tag to reveal the designer brand " these DKNY panties."

He then took his finger and hooked it into the waistband of her yellow panties, coiled his finger around and pulled the feather light sheer material down with the minimalist of efforts (to both their surprise). She took a deep breath and waited for the inevitable knowing full well he was justified in his assessment of the situation. 

The full punishment was delayed momentarily as he sat back down on his chair as his eyes leveled with the easy target of her fully exposed plump bottom. His eyes surveyed her nervously quivering cheeks as he pondered what series of punishment would best serve their purpose.

For a few seconds she thought she might be saved due to possible second thoughts on his behalf. She relaxed her posture only to be caught by surprise as he began with a dozen solid spanks on her bare bottom. She swung her hips to avoid the spanks causing her bare toes to struggle to find a grip on the polished floor and she subsequently slipped further foward onto the table.

"Stay still. Since I can't have a warm cup of coffee, perhaps you'll oblige me with offering me your ass to warm?"

She gasped knowing his sarcasm was about to release a volley of further pain and it did. He spanked her round cheeks for another continuous interval as she pouted and squirming at the now constant discomfort.

"Honnnn....I...I ...I'm sorry!!" she finally blurted out as she seemed she could take no more, her bottom cheeks fully throbbing with radiant heat.

He stopped and continued holding her down in place as he reviewed the glowing redness and then spoke softly; "I think it is best we take measures to make sure your ungratefulness, your lack of consideration, is resolved. Go grab your purse and come back down here."

She looked over her shoulder at him, confused at his intentions. He responded to her confused look by slapping her swollen ass one more time. He then grabbed a handful of her now throbbing right cheek and straightened her up by it, "Go get it now!"

Moments later, she was back in the kitchen standing in the doorway. She was still dressed in her sheer white nightgown with her naked silhouetted figure fully visible beneath the sheer material, except for the area minimally covered by her yellow panties thanks to the bright morning sunlight flooding the kitchen. In her hand she clutched her large oversize purse along with an armful of clothes and a pair of flip-flops dangling from her fingers.

He looked at her annoyed, "Did I say anything about a change of clothes?"

"No, but of course I need something to..."

He interrupted her reply by pulling her over the table again. She let out a small yelp of a scream as she tried to stop her fall, releasing the clothes in order to catch herself upon the table once more. He pushed his knee between her legs and spread them gently. Pulling her nightgown up again, he admired the view and could not decide weather or not to pull her panties down once more - her bottom filled the sheer panties nicely.

He looked at his watch, then at her ass; gave her a firm slap with his large open hand that landed fully across both her petite cheeks.

"Ohhh!" she winced at the added pain to her still aching bottom.

"Now go down to the corner store and get me some coffee" he ordered as he stepped away and let her push her nightgown down. 

She went to reach for her clothes and he immediately pulled her away. 

"No - as you are." He pointed and ordered her out the door.

"What?!" She protested in shock "I can't go out dressed like! I need to put something on. I can't been seen like this....someone might recognize me, Hon." she replied lowering her tone in mid sentence.

"You can and you will" he smiled. "If you don't appreciate 
the nice designer things I have bought for you, perhaps others will those panties for example. Unless you want to discuss the matter further in a different manner?"

She relented, grabbed her purse from the floor and quickly as possible, fumbled and wedged her feet into her flip-flops and scooted to the front door. She turned with final pleading eyes, but his lack of response affirmed that his decision was final.

She hesitantly moved down the stairs of the apartment and out to the city street. At the building's main entrance, she pulled her sunglasses out of her purse and put them on in haste as to avoid the morning crowd's eyes. Perhaps no one will recognize me she thought to herself as she quickened her pace towards the trendy corner market which by now would  already be overflowing with commuters ordering their morning coffee jolts. 

He glanced out the window and saw her nervously make her way down the street towards the crowds and the corner store. He was uncertain of the chances of her being recognized, but he was without out a doubt certain that anyone she crossed paths with would remember her. They would remember the beautiful girl with the sheer white dress drenched in sunlight. A beautiful girl showing her bright yellow panties to all. Her yellow panties made entirely visble thanks to the bright morning sun and her cute cheeks perfectly defined and visible due to the sheerness of both garments. It was an incredible view to brighten up anyone's morning....well, except maybe hers.

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