Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Random Thoughts: Pinups, Elevators and Questions

Yes. I believe it to be true. 

I believe we share the same interests, dear readers, aside from the obvious of course.
Quite a few of the same interests, including my love of pinup girls.

Within all the genres of pinup art my favorite is the cheesecake style which if you know the different styles should be no surprise, (and if not, here is a concise run down of some of the most popular genres) with Gil Elvgren being my favorite artist and on the top while Art Frahm is - well let’s just say I consider him on the other end of the spectrum; not for technique, but for his unbelievable scenarios. Nevertheless it was Frahm, and not Elvgren who popped into my head this morning.

Are you following me still? Hope so. Allow me to continue.

I had an interesting experience while on the elevator at work today.

The building I work in is mixed use, commercial, office and residential. Separate, except for the shared basement floor used primarily for both the overall parking garage passageway and the residential only laundry room.

I found myself in this area waiting for what seemed like a quarter hour for the elevator to arrive. The door finally opens just as a young lady rushes out of the laundry room carrying two laundry hampers. Being the gentleman I have been accused of, I held the door open for her allowing her to pass first and allowing myself a clear view of her petite yet well defined shape encased in
a knee-length, form fitting rayon dress over bare legs. 
As soon as she gets on, she leans forward and she drops her laundry hampers down on the elevator floor. She has my attention as she straightens up from her bent over state as I then notice her fidget with her dress and I could have sworn I hear a snap. 

I have seen this girl around the building grounds before, infrequently, and have never actually had a conversation apart from the courtesy salutation. Not even the how was your weekend, more like the simple hello in passing. Anyways, my point is we recognize each other, but don’t know each other.

I am watching her and she is watching me as I actually initiate small talk this time about how busy the laundry room seemed to be this morning (I had passed by it and seen quite a few of the machines churning away). She is making eye contact with me as she is answering that people must be working from home today while simultaneously, nonchalantly fidgets and tugs at what seems to be the waist area of her dress and snaps it. This time it on her right side now; the side closest to me. And then in delayed reaction it hits me just as the door opens onto my floor.

I think, no; couldn’t have been.
But yes, did I really just see this?
Did I really just hear that?

As I wish her a great day, my delayed belief sets in.


Was she really tugging up and snapping her panties into place?

Was she pulling up on her panties in front of me?
Not caring that I see?
Or was she not aware of what she was doing?
Was it merely an involuntary habit, indifferent action or an intentional act?

I ask myself, and more importantly I ask you - Do girls do this?

So what are you getting at Enzo, you ask?

The obvious subtle sexiness of it. Does that make sense?

And thus, as I walked back to my office, visions of Frahm pinups flashed through my mind.
So it wasn’t “sexiness” in a Frahm over-the-top way, to the point of unbelievable. I mean just look at those illustrations they don’t make sense. And I have never been a big fan of his extreme fantasy. That being said, his illustration Going Down, did fit the scene; sort-of.

However, in reality the probability for a plausible reason can lead a mind to wander.
So many questions, for my Elevator Girl including: Why did you do that? Not once, but twice. And more importantly, why are your panties falling down?

Is it that they are too big — or they’ve stretched due to wear?
Perhaps you should try a size down Young Lady and see if that solves the problem.

Or are they worn and the elastic giving way?

Don't worry, either way, we'll set up a campaign to raise funds for some new panties. In fact, I'll gladly take you pantie shopping, my treat. 


Oh, so many questions….
Although the above illustration fit the scene better, I prefer this next illustration for detail reasons and the fact that this pinup girl resembles my Elevator Girl closer: 

So if I have peaked your interest and you find yourself compelled to read more about Art Frahm and celery - yes celery, click through to this slideshow type article; keep clicking next.  I promise it will make you laugh.

And when you are done laughing, you can get back to me with some answers, please.


  1. I agree with you that of all the artists of this genre, Elvgren is my fav. I don't put Frahm at the other end. Just find him amusing. I admire him for finding his niche to earn a living. Long ago, I bought a coffee table book that covered maybe a dozen pinup artists. Where did that book go?

  2. Yeah I come across as harsh on Frahm, but it is just that his scenes are so over-the-top that they are easy to poke fun at.

    What was the name of that book? I received a book, The Great American Pin-Up (http://a.co/d/fZELtL0) as a gift from my (ex)girl years ago. Highly recommended.

  3. I think it is the same book. Have no idea where mine is. Tossed it the last move? Showed the work of a dozen or so artists. Elvgren was the standout.

  4. Hi Enzo. I definitely enjoy the Pin-up art. I once had a lovely old fashioned figure drawing book which was very pin-up like. I had it stolen by a high school student and recently bought it again. It was by Andrew Loomis called Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth.
    And yes she could have done it absent mindedly or on purpose!

  5. Hi Minelle -
    I had never heard of that Drawing book; that is not the one I learned on, but thanks for the tip. I may need to get it.
    But you have managed to confuse me again with part of your comment. As far as your response to my Elevator Girl - LOL. So which do you think was more of probability, absent mindedly or on purpose?

    Thanks for commenting.

    1. I have to say I’ve done some weird things absentmindedly, so that’s why I said that. Most people are circumspect so I’m leaning toward on purpose.
      You can get that book on Amazon. I think the poses are very erotic! I know as a young artist the poses conjured up quite the scene!

  6. Enzo,

    I may pull at my panties. I have a couple pairs of "no show" panties, that are sort of smooth and are supposed to be seemless against the skin. One pair is a hipster/boyshort style, bought for a little more coverage. However, it tends to go higher up right below my belly button and occasionally roll down. So I am definitely guilty of correcting the issue. I've probably done it in mixed company, thinking it inconspicuous.
    I also have some that are big, because they are older and have seen weight gain and loss. I may occasionally pull them up when I adjust my pants over my hips.


  7. Hi Heather -
    So it sounds like my Elevator Girl, like you, she probably did do it, but unintentionally. Also, if I read your comment correctly, I am guessing the “no show” panties must be really tight overall except they are rolling down in front or are they rolling down all over? Either way, doesn't that end up defeating the purpose of no show?
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I've looked at some of these Frahm pictures before, and I just decided on the reason that she's gazing in the artist's direction and that her underwear are down. The reason is that the artist has just reached under her skirt and yanked down her panties. Underwear don't just fall off unless they are crazily too big sized. That's why she looks at him with shock, How dare you!

  9. Hi Ancilla -
    Funny you say that about the Frahm illustrations, as I came to the same conclusion once while trying to figure out what was going on. Yet, it didn’t make sense to me in the context of the time period of the art. However, it does make for a sexy story, if you lean towards those narratives. If so let me know, as I have a story recommendation for you.

    Thanks for commenting. First time visiting here?

  10. Enzo,

    The no show panties aren't really tight, they just fit against you. The whole brief is a spandex blend and they don't have extra elastic at the top. Mine roll down from the top because they are a higher cut. They go over my lower stomach and then tend to roll down under my stomach. Still no show but a tad annoying. And the fabric tends to hold in more heat.


  11. Hi Heather -
    Thank you for the added explanation; I know exactly which kind you are referring to. For some reason I was a bit confused and picturing something else.



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