Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Finding L.O.L. Surprises

L.O.L. XIII is Almost Here.

If you are not familiar and think L.O.L. stands for Laugh Out Loud; surprise - it does not. Unfortunately, as I am guessing the majority of readers of this and other like minded blogs, are in desperate need of a good reverberating, hard to breath, drink spitting good laugh. However, they probably wouldn't appreciate their laughter limited to only 13 laughs. L.O.L. in this context refers to something else entirely.


L.O.L. refers to Love our Lurkers and more directly refers to an annual blogging event that has been going on now for quite some years, believe it or not.

Rather than fail to adequately explain this event, plus in order to avoid any plagiarism lawsuits, I will direct you over to the lovely blog of Hermione who explains it all so clearly here

Go take a look and be sure to come back and visit this weekend.
Yes, this weekend when I will publish my official L.O.L. post as today is not the day and only a reminder.

For today is Wednesday. 
Or more commonly known as Windy Wednesday around this blog.

What have we here?
A pleasant surprise for both you and I, dear reader. Wouldn't you agree? But more so for us, probably not so much for her.

Especially when I bring the matter to her attention while dragging her protesting to her feet. Gripping her wrists tight and pulling her in close, as I scold her in public. With her hands and mind preoccupied, the wind takes advantage of the situation coming in for a few more humiliating unobstructed rushes.

Young Lady, what have I told you about always remembering to pay attention?
What do you mean, you weren't expecting me? What-about anyone else?  
You weren't expecting anyone to be around? Really?
It is the middle of the day, in a city park, what were you thinking?
Although on occasion, today is also know as Hump Day around here as well.

Which is something I am definitely also very overdue for. As after a spanking, the best follow up in my opinion is... well I am sure you know or you can guess.

Napping in that skimpy dress in public?
What were you thinking?

You should have been charging admission with the show you were giving, young lady!

wipe that tear from your face.
You want something to cry about, I'll give you something to cry about...

Don't think I'm not understanding. I realize I interrupted your nap by dragging your little pouty ass home; not that I have any idea why you possibly needed a nap.

But now I am sure you will need one; after all the kicking and screaming you will undoubtedly be doing while I firmly deliver this reminder on your bare bottom.

But don't you worry, I'll let you nap after.
After I'm done spanking you.

And, after I'm done driving my point home.

After, I'm entirely done that is.

So, was that a pleasant unexpected short story surprise for you, dear reader?
Hope you enjoyed that. If so please let me know.

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  1. I have always been delighted by women who "innocently" display their charms. Even married one.


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