Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blue, Red, Super Moons!

Good Morning! If all goes according to plan you will be reading this at some point Wednesday morning after this post self-publishes as it was supposed to. If all goes to plan, you will be reading this while I am walking my way back home for my second cup of coffee; my first one long gone as I spent the early morning hours chasing elusive yet suspiciously familiar moons.

In case you didn’t hear, this morning is the rare occurrence of a Blue Moon, Red Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Super moon all wrapped into one! Pretty incredible, right? Except for I could have sworn we have seen 6 super moons in the last 2 months? Have we not?

Well, I’ll be out there with my camera and binoculars with high hopes while my neighbors sleep. I wish you could have joined me. If nothing else I am sure I could have shown you around. Shown you some other heavenly bodies. And not just the celestial kind.

Come on. This way while we make our way to a better vantage point. Come, walk with me on a moon-lit night, neighborhood tour.

Around this corner house here, you will find uptight Amy. A short fuse always ready to blow; some simply chalk it up to her strict upbringing and in-turn her high expectations she sets on her offspring. She often fails to hold back her frustration belittling teachers and coaches alike; her red cheeks full of anger always set off the warning signal of the explosion to come. However, little do they know (for if they did, they would definitely feel championed) that her temper meets her match in that bedroom up there.

 when her dear husband finds out about the havoc she has been creating yet again, well let's just say she no longer looks so put-together afterwards - clothes all a mess, hair disheveled, make-up smeared - that is, after he's set her cheeks aflame, her entire full Moon, blushing Red

Moving along.
Down the street.

No doubt the Blue Moon will be waxing and waning over at this end of the block; at this house to be exact. This young lady waits until she is alone with her pussy and then gets lost with it. Unbeknownst to her, her favorite angle also happens to be the one that has her moon shining directly towards the open bedroom window.

You see, there are two things you can be certain of - 1, that Michele’s favorite color is pale blue. And 2, despite what she often denies to her husband, and him of, or fails to admit
to even her closest of friends, fingering herself is her favorite pastime. Let's just say, fingering herself at the thought of being spanked happens more than once every Blue Moon. If ever there was a naughty girl in need of a spanking for keeping secrets, it would be this little...well, you get the idea.

This way.

Up here at the end of the block is Laura.

Divorced mom who at her age should have a better grasp of herself and life. Nope.
 Instead, she is a fidgeting creature, but her anxiety is not revealed in a typical say nail-biting manner. No, instead she has a fidgeting habit of adjusting her panties constantly when she’s nervous. Very subtle, but obvious to those who look for those types of things. Or those, such as myself, drawn to that general direction.

Perhaps if she’d only admit that motherhood and a few years have caused her bottom to require a bigger size; and it wasn't the laundry that caused her panties to shrink. But instead she'd rather be in denial and uncomfortable as she plays a constant tug of war against wedgies that Eclipse and ultimately reveal her ample bottom. Not that those sheer panties she is rumored to always wear would hide anything anyways; let alone that wide luscious
surface below.

Lastly, at the cul-de-sac, we have Christy the optimist and no doubt former cheerleader. Always the flirt wherever she goes. When she greets you, you can’t help but notice that smile; almost as wide as her bottom. She is well aware of what she refers to as her bubble butt. Never attempting to hide or minimize it always letting it cause what it may; from jealousy in female spouses to frustrations in most males, either way she is content with herself.

Unfortunately for her, one day our paths will cross ever closer and all my own pent-up frustration with her will be put to good use as it collides within her orbit. That smile will be wiped off her face and replaced with a look of utter disbelief.

Not just from a thorough spanking, in the name of all the others neighbors. No, little does she realize the best way to follow up a thorough thrashing is, in my opinion, with a deep, thorough exploratory probing of her Super Moon.


That concludes our tour of the celestrial bodies around us and their Moons. I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

So did any catch a glimpse of the Blue, Red, Eclipse or Super Moon?


  1. I caught a glimpse :) as i was going out for a drink with BIKSS. took a teensy pic of it too :)

  2. Bogey - Thanks; nice to know you enjoyed this.

    Fondles - Glad you were able to see the moon. I am certain there will be plenty of spectacular pictures later today. Hope you enjoyed my lunar tour story above as well.

  3. Hi Enzo,

    I saw the Blue Blood Super moon very early yesterday morning. It was indeed very bright, although not red. Quite a sight!


  4. Clever story. Wishing you luck on the last sometime in your life.

    Missed it all, slept right through it.

  5. Hermione - The color intensity seemed to vary depending on your vantage point and time, it seemed red here. Thanks for dropping by!

    Sunny - Thanks! And thanks for the good luck; wasn’t expecting that!


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