Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Random Thoughts: W is for...

Another week has gone by and I haven’t been able to convince myself to push the button.

To push the "publish" button to be exact. Unable to finalize a few stories that are still sitting inpatiently in draft mode. Partly due to my overanalyzing of my own writing styles and themes. My current draft stories want to run longer, but I am not sure anyone was enjoying these serialized tales (such as the Rebecca the Polltaker story)? My guess is you all prefer the shorter and summed up in one reading type stories, but I may be mistaken. Also, this batch of drafts are not focused entirely on spanking, but rather on a variety of other fetish elements which I know can seem off topic here and/or for only a selective audience.

That is only part of the reason. The other reason is that I am still processing real-world events with the interconnection of this blog (as I have often done in the past). Wondering about the clear lines that others make, or can’t seem to make, when they visit here. Currently wondering about the Women’s March in particular. Curious if any readers here participated in the marches this weekend? If so, how do you reconcile being spanked, or the desire to be spanked, with the messages of the Women’s March; or is it a non-issue?

All this is a complicated conversation best had precisely in that manner; as a conversation. The problem is a blog, this blog as a prime example, does not lend itself to easy conversation via comments especially when those comfortable with commenting are few.

If you followed my train of thought to this paragraph, I give you credit.

Regardless, I simply wanted to check in today to see how you were all doing?

Plus, I especially need a smile today and in lieu of a story nor a well thought-out social commentary, I share these simple images with you. Not spanking related per se, but since I was fortunate enough to see a costumed Wonder Woman in person this weekend, I thought this was appropriate. Well appropriate to me anyways as I was instantly infatuated (but honestly can you blame me? Who doesn’t love Wonder Woman?). The Wonder Woman I saw looked more like the traditional character, brunette, busty and of course bountiful for a good spanking, similar to the one pictured below. What this “hero” pictured here and the one I saw in real life have in common was that they both look(ed) like real women to me and dare I overuse the term like “girls next door” (a term I hate for its inaccuracy). Thers is no Photoshoping out of real skin or excesive retouching; just straight foward genuine and imperfect beauty.

Never-the-less, another key picture I wanted to share is below. Despite not being the typical Wonder Woman in many ways, this Wonder Girl has a few things going for her; primarily making me smile with her silly antics. Hope she does the same for you.

Enjoy the week.


  1. Enzo -- regarding your question about the Women's March, and how we reconcile our spanking desires with the WM messages of female power. My answer is simple: It's about consent. Spanking is something I choose, because it fulfills a fetish need for me. The Women's March is about women protesting things that have been taken/are being taken from them WITHOUT their consent: equal pay, their dignity, their right not to be sexually accosted/harassed, their rights to choose what they do with their bodies. I did not march, but I heartily approve of these efforts. And I am no less of a woman, have no less strength or conviction or worth, because I happen to enjoy submitting to a man for a spanking.

    Having the choice makes all the difference in the world.

  2. As to how do some women reconcile being spanked with such as participating in the Women's March. For a number of years, I paddled a woman who headed a state organization involved with abuse of women. The woman met with governor's, the AG, judges, etc educating them about the tell-tales of abuse. If you should ever see one of the products of this organization there is a picture of a paddle marked bottom. I know the source of the picture.

    As to the Women's March itself, most of them could not articulate what they were against.

  3. My desire to be spanked has absolutely nothing to do with me being a strong independent woman. TTWD is a choice, a choice most women make willingly. It's a dichotomy but very real - to most of us there is no disconnect - just life.

  4. Me again - just read the last line of Bottom's Burn comment. I disagree - I think most women know exactly what they are against - it's being treated like we are the weaker sex, tired of being pushed aside, that our opinions don't matter. Our time is coming and those old mores will be pushed aside once and for all.

  5. Erica - What a nice surprise to see you here. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your eloquent answer. As we have discussed in the past, agreed - consent is the essential and key to it all.

    Bogey - Your story proves that spankos are perhaps indeed everywhere and once again consent being the key difference between “voluntarily” choosing a spanking and abuse. Thanks.

    Sunny - You said it accurately as well; it is a dichotomy. A difficult one for some people to understand I imagine. Thanks.

    All - I am realizing that perhaps I did not phrase my questions correctly.

    For those here into spanking, the lines are clear. My concern has often been and still remains, not about those clear lines we have defined here online (and elsewhere), but how we explain those lines and how are they perceived by others.

    Perhaps the questions should have been, Ladies: Do you think those participating in the Women's March would be accepting of your choice to be spanked?

    And my concern as a man, and question to other men who may visit here is two-fold. A) Similar question made to the Ladies, Do you think those participating in the Women's March would be accepting of your choice to spank consenting women?

    Plus I wonder about men who may visit here and their interpretations of my writing. B) Are my thoughts and stories shared here clearly expressed as a lifestyle choice overall? That what is expressed here exists on a base of underlying consent (even though that base isn't constantly being repeated) and that there are differences between reality and fantasy, differences between our private lives and public lives.

  6. Leigh, I listened to a guy question person after another (for 22 minutes) in one march with the simple question What are you marching for? Not a single one had a concrete reason.

    I have never witnessed women being treated like you describe. I am sure it happens, just have no personal knowledge of it.

    Lots of big issues to protest, war, starvation, disease, etc.



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