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The Gift of the...

February Greetings! As I previously mentioned I have a few stories still in draft mode which included the following. Rather than continue to overanalyze my writings and themes on my own, I have decided to hit "publish" and share it for feedback.

Since it is a longer story, it is divided in parts. I will publish the rest if this manages to gather interest.

Also, a couple notes:
Keep in mind I orignally meant to publish this in December as it takes place during the holidays.

B) In case you keep track of my stories: The two characters featured in these chapters are Rachel and Ana. Rachel should not be confused with Rebecca of the Polltaker stories. Two very different girls and I hope you can tell the differences. Ana, however, is the cousin of Rebecca which you have met once before.

Got it?


Now onward.


6:42 pm

“Do you have another card, Dear, this one was declined”, the high-pitched voice of the sales associate broke through the thumping sound of the electro-pop holiday-themed music.

Rachel’s eyes widened identical to a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming freight train, “I...I...I don’t. I’ll…I’ll just leave them then; goodbye”.

She spun on her heel ready to run away but ended up turning slower than she would have wanted to. Apparently, the rejected transaction was adding to her state of shock from the earlier interactions with the same sales associate.

“Excuse me, you can’t just leave. You have to pay for them somehow. As I mentioned to you already, multiple times, if you try on the lingerie you have to buy it. Humph. So, do you or do you not have another card to use since this one was declined?” she explained in a blatant condescending tone, loud enough for all the other customers in the small shop to clearly hear.

Rachel was not in the least bit comfortable in this high-end boutique environment nor the attitude of the sales girl, who despite probably only being 5 years her senior was giving off an air of arrogance of someone much more worldly. 

“But I told you, I didn’t realize how much they were before I tried them on, otherwise…”

The sales girl rolled her eyes and began swiping Rachel’s debit card furiously over and over again until the card reader finally chirped in protest. She released an exaggerated audible sigh before flicking the card back towards Rachel.

“Look do you or do you not have another card or cash or? We have a store policy about hygiene for the protection of our real customers…Look, do I have to call the manager?”

Rachel’s head was spinning as she felt a dozen judgmental eyes descend on her. The sales girl was being anything but discreet as Rachel hung her head low. She fumbled with her wallet and hesitantly handed over another card. The credit card meant only to be used in case of emergencies.

A moment later she was out on the cold sidewalk with wind whipping hair in her face as she reached inside the small shopping bag; frantically tossing pink tissue aside as she fished for the receipt. She had practically blanked out the moment the final sale was rung up that she now hoped it was all a mistake and prayed the printed receipt might show a significantly lower amount.

Instead, she felt the weight of guilt in the pit of her stomach as she read the printed total, now with the added tax, the total number appeared even more exorbitant. She gasped as she pulled out the overpriced small scrap of fabric with one hand as she let the thin minimal cloth dangle in her hand, nearly catching flight in the blustery wind.

"Whooootwheeeeeew! Nice butt floss!"

Rachel looked over her shoulder to see an overly painted, bedazzled embellished, Stetson-wearing stranger winking and smiling at her.

She blushed bright red realizing the scene. There she was standing in front of a lingerie boutique, dressed to call attention to herself, with a clearly identified shopping bag in one hand and new panties on display in the other. Ughhh, she moaned out loud; how could a good idea have gone so wrong.

She felt the smoky breath of the woman at her shoulder, “Darlin’ when he’s pounding you tonight; trust me, you won’t be thinking about that price tag.”

Rachel turned away in shock from the older woman’s comment, “Excuse me?!” She couldn’t believe the presumptuousness of some people. She threw the lingerie back in the bag angrily and scurried off down the sidewalk being chased by a merciless force; the cold winter wind grabbing at her bare long legs and the lewd comments from the stranger.

“But Darlin’, isn’t that’s what you want?”

4:00 pm


“So are you going to give him an instant hard-on when he sees you?”

There was no answer and a moment later Ana repeated the gist of the question over the closed door, “Well, do you look hot enough to make him go hard on sight?”

Rachel fidgeted and tugged at the hem of the short dress, hoping it would cover more of her thighs. Instead, the dress seemed to get stuck at her back piling up at her waist. She pulled down firmly once more as the fabric slowly began to stretch as her ample bottom began filling the dress; stretching the soft fabric until it appeared to reach its limits. She pulled down as far as it would go and yet even then her cheeks were just barely covered.

“Ugggh, I look stupid” Rachel called out to her friend.

“I doubt it. Just open the door and let me be the judge of that.”

A minute later the dressing room door latch was released with a snap and the door swung in slowly. Ana caught a glimpse of her friend's reflection in the mirror first and instantly shrieked, “O. M. G. You look so hot! He’s going to burst.”

“My fat ass is going to burst out of this dress! I look ridiculous” Rachel whined, slouching her arms while crisscrossing her bare feet anxiously.

“Oh Honey, stop it.” Ana grabbed her friend by the arms and pulled her chin up, “Look at me. You look hot. You have a hot body. You just aren’t used to showing it off.”

“I’m just not comfortable…in this. My legs are way too long for this,” Rachel looked down at the skin tight short dress with the exaggerated plunging neckline adding, “plus I have nothing to hold it up here.”

“But you have plenty to keep it in place down here!” Ana smiled approvingly at her friend’s well-defined bottom. “Doll, I know you are comfortbale being a tomboy wearing your jeans  and flannels all the time, but sometimes jeans or your
'dressy' leggings don't…”

“First of all, I'm not a tomboy!" Rachel snapped, tired of the constant critique, now made worse hearing it from one of her closest friends.

"Okay, okay; obviously a bad choice of words" Ana held her hands up.

"I'm a cowgirl, dammit! And besides he likes me in my jeans,” Rachel defended herself.

“Ughh, I know he likes you in leggings, but whatever; he will love you in this! Trust me!” Ana turned Rachel around to face the full-length dressing room mirror.  “Just take a good look at yourself. Look at your shape…that ass. I’d do you right here.”

Rachel stared at her friend suspiciously. 

“I mean not necessarily here, but I would if I saw you in that; who wouldn’t want to…”  Ana watched her friend’s face twist in confusion.

“I mean…I meant; I’d ram you like a friend… you know…kinda hard, but…Not important! What is important is that you said you wanted to do something special for him tonight. You wanted to pay him back for treating you to the ballet tonight right? This is a nice way to pay him back; just look at how hot you look. I’ll redo your makeup and we’ll undo that braid…”

Rachel looked at herself in the mirror but did not see what her friend saw. She did not even see her own reflection. Instead, she saw the conversation she and her boyfriend had a couple days ago.

He had surprised her with a small envelope. It was close to Christmas, but not that close; she wasn’t expecting a gift this early. As it was, she was already worried about Christmas in general. Being a primarily one income household things were always tight, but this year there was the added expense of travel. Rachel wanted to be with her Mom this Christmas, as every Christmas, but her mother having recently retired had decided it was cheaper to move 300 odd miles away; where the cost of living would be cheaper.

Rachel had assumed they would go but was taken aback when he questioned why she had blocked out certain days on the calendar. She had just assumed and he, upon seeing her visible disappointment, being too much a gentleman rather than let her down entirely let her down gently after a short speech about expenses. He had reassured her that they could make it work and be able to visit her Mom; the cost of travel lessened if they drove instead of flying. She was ecstatic, yet, still felt a bit guilty of the travel expenses even if they were choosing the most cost-effective way.

Therefore, when she opened the envelope her mouth dropped. Inside were two prime tickets to the Nutcracker. She went speechless at his thoughtfulness. Especially since he never straight out stated he hated the ballet, but it was fairly obvious when he would tell her why should he spend money to nap when he could do that in the comfort of his own living room and for free. She, on the other hand, loved the ballet and in particular the Nutcracker which she had gone to every year with her mother when she was growing up. She dreamed of going as an adult. The problem was the only performance that she knew of now was in the city and the cost of tickets was an extravagant expense she knew they could not afford.

It was apparent now, that he had indeed been taking note of all her comments that “one day” and had indeed noticed every time her eyes lit up whenever she would see an ad for the performance.

“Oh my gawd, Hon; thank you!” she squealed. He broke a smile as per his usual demeanor. 

“Are you sure? Are you sure we can afford…” she began, but he cut her off.

“Shhh, it is a gift. Just smile.”

“Are you sure? I..I…”

“What did I just say?”

“Okay, but I will make it up to you. I will, I will. Whatever you want. Whatever you want in return.”

He chuckled, “Ahh, be careful what you say.”

“No, no; I’m serious. Whatever you want. I promise.”

She looked him straight in the eyes, and then down at the tickets, before looking back at his handsome face; just before her eyes filled with soft tears.

5:35 pm


“Let me add a bit more lipstick to make sure you leave a nice ring around his cock when you blow him a ‘thank you’ tonight” Ana explained matter-of-factly.

“No…” Rachel began to protest as her friend, who was standing over her, squeezed her cheeks into forced duck lips and coated her lips once more with bright red lipstick.

“There, that’ll do the trick and remember to swallow; it is rude to spit” Ana offered, capping the lipstick.

Rachel just shook her head, “No, it is not like that. He doesn’t want…”

“Oh please Rachel, I have yet to meet a guy who won’t take a blowjob as a thank you.”

“Actually he wants something else. He wants…” Rachel began turning away on the small stool she was sitting on.

“What?! What?! Tell me, tell me!” Ana perked up even more.


“What?! What?!”

“He…he wants to…sp…spank me” Rachel stuttered and turned away.

“Oh. My Gawd!” Rachel beamed. “You mean he’s never given you a few playful swats?”

“No, yes. No. What he wants to… He wants to… you know; like a hard over the knee spanking.” Rachel blushed realizing she had never told anyone about her boyfriend’s particular fascination.

“O.M.G! That is so hot!” Ana literally leapt off the floor and landed with the pride of an acrobatic dancer. Except in a dress. And spread legged. Her almost identical short outfit having easily riden up when she landed, left her standing proudly in front of her seated friend with her dress hiked up exposing bright pink panties; “You’re going to let him do it right?”

“I’m not a hundred percent…” Rachel tried to ignore her friend's exposed crotch now at eye level, but couldn’t seem to look away either.

“Oh come on now, Rach, you can’t blame the guy; him having to stare at your big juicy ass every day. I’d want to smack it all the time too, I mean that is the least I’d do if you wouldn’t let me do other things to it.”

Rachel began to stare at her friend awkwardly again and changed the subject “Do you, do you…maybe want to cover up?”

Ana looked down at her exposed panties and nonchalantly pulled down on the sides of her dress, “Oh sure, I thought you were going to say something about; never mind. I just can’t believe you never let him spank you?”

“No he has, but like I said this time he wants to spank me for a serious reason and as a real punishment. He wants to spank me ‘till it really hurts' and I’m not sure about that.”

“What’s not to be sure about?” Ana shrugged confused at Rachel’s trepidation. “You’re lucky that’s all he wants to do to that ass, because you know most people would want to…”

“Ahh…uhuh…Shall we go?!” Rachel interrupted.

“Oh yeah. Right! Don’t forget to grab those heels.”

“Do you really think they are necessary?” Rachel pouted, “They hurt my feet and are so damn high. I was just going to wear my boots.”

“There’s a time n’ place for boots and a time n’ place for heels. You said you wanted to pay him back, so do it right.”

“Fine, but I feel like I look like I’m going to a club instead of the ballet. Rachel asked as she twisted her manicured toes into the sky-high corked heels. “Want to ride the subway together into town?”

“Sure. I’ll hop off at the company holiday party and you can go on from there. Actually, you’ll be early and I know what you can do with that spare time!”

“What?” Rachel asked afraid of what the answer might be.

“Hop off at the shopping district and get yourself a new g-string for later tonight.”

“ ‘A’ - What is wrong with the panties I have on? and ‘B’ - I don’t wear g-strings.”

“Doll, the fact that I have to explain ‘A’ to you and convince you about ‘B’ might be signs of bigger issues.”

Rachel’s mouth dropped mildly insulted as she stopped mid-bend in the process of wiggling into the heels.

“Come on get those shoes on, I’m going to be late,” Ana ignored her friend’s shocked look and instead walked past her towards the front door, but not before taking advantage of her friend’s pose. She swung her arm back and released it with full force, delivering solid slap squarely across the easy target.

“Oww! Jeez, what the holy hell was that for? Dammit, Ana; I’m going to have a handprint on my ass from that.”

“Sorry, not sorry; can’t help myself. And I imagine neither will he.”

 7:35 pm


Unbeknownst to her, Rachel added to the bright flashes in front of the civic auditorium as she stepped out of the back seat of the car. It was more than the glittery party lights reflecting off her wide smile and white teeth. She stepped out awkwardly, stretching her long legs out to get a firm grip on the ground before pulling herself up. Unaccustomed to wearing a short dress she absent-mindedly forgot the protocol when exiting a vehicle.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like to wear dresses on special occasions, but her height had always made her self conscious that her dresses appeared extra short. As her own mother loved to remind her whenever she had worn miniskirts that she resembled a matchbook and thus another reason she always favored jeans.

Her prior nervous energy was slowly turning into genuine excitement as she looked around the event. and took it all in. All the attendees dressed up in their formal attire, the literal red carpet laid out before them as the dazzling lights and decorations welcomed them while photographers and valet drivers rushed about.
She joined the queue to enter the auditorium smiling at the senior woman in line in front of her who had turned upon Rachel’s approach. The woman returned an awkward smile as she looked Rachel up and down.

Admiring the woman’s long formal sequined dress and matching shawl, “I like your gown” Rachel offered to which the elegantly dressed woman simply replied; “Thank you, but I couldn’t help but wonder…”

“Oh about my dress? I know, I know. To be honest my friend made me wear this…” she began glancing down at her own short sequined version.

“No. Not about your…your outfit, but with your choice of a purse? Aren’t you adverting yourself a tad bit too directly?”

Rachel looked down and realized she was still holding the small brightly printed lingerie boutique shopping bag.

“Oh; no this isn’t…you know, sorry. Excuse me.” In an unecessary panic, she dashed off without a clear destination point.

A few minutes later she found herself on the far side of the building between two well-groomed obelisk-shaped hedges lining the facade. She could still hear the excitement by the entrance of the building, but here all seemed quiet and private enough. She needed to get rid of the bag and more importantly get the most use out of her over-

She backed up against the building and pulled out the contents of the bag, dropped the shopping bag to the ground and then looked around cautiously once more. Not fully thinking the process through, she pulled the new garment out of the bag yet found herself in need of both her hands. She opted to hold the new garment with her mouth as she required both her hands to reach under her dress. She tugged and twisted and released her comfortable large cotton briefs. She carefully pulled her heeled feet out of the leg holes trying her best not to trip. She tossed the bright yellow pair into the shopping bag.

With nowhere to sit, she then attempted to put the new garment on while standing. Unfortunately putting on the small scrap of fabric of a g-string proved to be much more of a challenge then it was removing her regular underwear. It immediately became a game of cat’s cradle and she was losing.

Finally, after several failed attempts to get her foot in the right hole, she took a break. She breathed in deeply and looked around again. She was at least seemed safely hidden from any attendees seeing her in her makeshift dressing room. Frustrated, she now contemplated for a moment going without.
The cold winter breeze was picking up and helped her decide against that as something was better than nothing.

She began another attempt to get her feet in. This time she managed to get one foot in, began pulling the g-string up only to get the back strap tangled easily in the high heel. She hopped around on one leg for a minute trying to avoid ruining the expensive garment by stepping down on it. She teetered left and then right and finally managed to get it unstuck and up to her ankle. Holding the one side, she then attempted to stab her other foot repeatedly into the other leg-hole; finally succeeding after a half-dozen attempts.

Happy with herself, she bent her knees as she crouched down, allowing her dress to ride up in order 
to get a better angle to pull up the skimpy lingerie entirely. Just as she managed to get it up to her thighs she heard a series of sudden footsteps and froze in place.

“Mommy, what is that lady doing?”

“Never mind! Come on!”

“But, why does she…?”

Rachel's eyes swelled as she saw a pair of shadows rushing down the sidewalk mere feet in front of her. The two darken figures proceeded to stop in their tracks. Rachel realized that that the same street light behind the pair that was making their faces invisible, was the same light source that was illuminating her in her embarrassing stance.

“You see dear, this is a prime example of why I tell you it is important to let me know if you need to go before we leave home. Otherwise, you end up in these humiliating situations.” The maternal voice explained trying to make the most of a teachable moment.

“These sita’tatons? Did she wet herself, Mommy?”

“Yes, dear; even big girls wet themselves sometimes.”

And with that, the pair disappeared into the night as fast as they had appeared.

“No! No!”
I wasn’t even…I didn’t!
I didn’t!"

She rambled out a protest, continuing on until another icier winter wind slapped her exposed skin. The chill immediately transformed into a flock of tiny goosebumps encircling
her exposed flesh.

"I didnnn’t peeeeee myself!” she pouted out one last time as the frosty flock of goosebumps raced up along the entire length of her bare legs until reaching between them; a frigid touch which in turn immediately made her actually want to. 

 7:55 pm


“No Miss, this ticket is not valid” he stated rather unemotionally.

“What do you mean?!” Rachel stared at him in shock, “My boyfriend is waiting for me inside.”

“I don’t know if that is the case or not, but I do know that this ticket is invalid,”
the older gentleman replied apatheticly.
“Wha..how?! This is my ticket!” Rachel began fuming in confused frustration.

“Yes, that may be your ticket; but it is not valid,” he repeated once more.

“This is my entrance ticket it says so right here!” Rachel shook the paper in her hand and began swaying it in the usher’s face.

“Miss, don’t do that.”

“Well then let me in!”

“I can’t do that.”

“Why not?!”

“Because you don’t have a valid ticket, Miss.”

“I have my ticket right here…”

"You do not."

"I do!" she gritted her teeth ready to lunge at him. She could take him, she thought.

"You do not!" he growled as he thought about slapping her on the side of her head.

"I do, you fricken..."

“Is there a problem?” a deep female voice broke up the seemingly juvenile argument.

“Yes, yes there is!” Rachel began, “Your…your butler here won’t let me in even though I have my ticket.”

“Miss, please you are causing a scene,” The women attempted to defuse what she pictured as a further oncoming altercation.

“A scene?! How am I causing a scene?!” Rachel questioned loudly.

“By demanding entrance with an apparently invalid ticket and furthermore by calling attention to yourself by wearing that; that costume.”

“Excuse me?!” Rachel stepped back insulted just as the women snatched the ticket from her hand.
Rachel stared perplexed at the woman who she thought could have easily passed for one of her old school nuns.
“Hmmm. Hmmm. Yes, yes; I see it here. Miss, please read your ticket properly and be on your way.”


 The single expression matron handed the home-printed ticket back to Rachel and repeated, “Please. Read your ticket. Next in line, please.”

Rachel grabbed the ticket nearly tearing it in the process and held it taught. She reread the show title, the date, and the loca…

“Oh ma Gawd!” Rachel covered her mouth in shock. She looked at the odd but equally rude pair, a nun and a butler in her mind, who were now leering at her in unison.
She spun on her heel ready to run away and faced the civic auditorium’s grand marble lobby to be greeted by countless judgemental eyes watching her.

She retreated, scurrying off as quickly as possible while trying to keep her balance on the
treacherous polished floors. She fled out the giant antique doors into the night and in towards the correct location of the Nutcracker, the other performance - the amateur performance.


So were you able to follow that?

Were you able to pick up on how different Rachel is from Rebecca? Maybe not, but I am sure Ana's personality is clear, right?

I know you were probabbly hoping for a spanking scene; perhaps that is yet to come. To be continued or not.

As always, feedback comments are always golden, but if you are shy please at least vote.

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