Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Random Thoughts: Simple Pleasures

With SO MUCH going on in the world most of us could definitely use a distraction.

Unfortunately, I have not had enough time to properly devote to my distraction of choice, writing, as I would like. I have considered giving you tidbits of stories, smaller scraps of stories than usual. But would those be satisfying? Perhaps? But guessing not.

With new stories missing as of late, here and seemingly on a lot of like-minded blogs, what has been/is your go-to escape? Is it television instead, or videos? Or simply perusing old stories online? 

And to be further intrusive, do you find greater solace in images over stories or are they all equal? Is Tumblr more your speed now, rapid visual stimulation?
Or is Blogger still the nice preffered coasting speed where you can take it all in at your own pace?

I am guessing since you are visiting here you favor the stories at a slightly slower pace. Which leads me to the question I really want to know the answer to.

How much joy do these stories, do my stories to be precise, bring you?

I write for different personal reasons, as I have stated multiple times on this blog, but one of the main reasons I write is with the desire to bring a smile to my readers face. To bring a bit of joy to you. To know a reader has experienced simple exuberant joy after reading one of my posts - well that, in turn, brings me simple joy.

So my inquiring mine wants to know, are you are like I imagine.

Like this young lady. Full of curiosity, reading my stories with anxious hesitation. Stumbling at key story points.  Pausing to breathe, p
ausing to visualize, pausing to imagine yourself in the story. Wanting yet unable to turn away. Reading the lines over and over again. Interest building to sudden enthusiasm and then being overcome with an urge and giving in before you even realise you have.

Is this a possibility - yes.
Is this a  high probability - hard to say.
Well hard to say without being biased.

Therefore, you tell me dear readers, does this site;
do my stories bring you to this point of pleasure?

Do share.

After all, it is only us here.

(The polls below are for your convenience,
but the extra effort of comments are always appreciated.)


  1. Enjoy your blog, otherwise, I would not come here. Share what's on your mind and don't fret it may not be to your highest standards. Twitter? Never.

  2. I enjoy coming to read someone else's stories.

  3. Thanks for the words of advise Bogey.

    Sunny, thanks for always visiting and appreciate your feedback.



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