Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Witches

Remember me?
It seems so long since I have been here.

Rather than talk about the why and the where I have been, I thought I might share a story instead. A somewhat Halloween themed story to be exact.

Even if you don't remember me, I wonder if you at least remember one
of my favorite characters? Well this is not a continuation of a previous story, but rather just some other chapters of her small rural town adventures with other key characters


Ana couldn’t believe what she thought she was hearing. She debated with herself; knowing she should walk away now and further ignore the sounds, but she desperately needed to positively one hundred percent confirm for her own sake what she thought she was hearing. Her feline curiosity got the most of her as she decided to investigate further.

Before proceeding, she decided it best to do everything possible not to alert them of her presence. She began by removing her loud shoes. Precariously alternating standing on only one leg at a time while she pulled off her heavy heels. She tossed them gently onto the sofa, out of fear that dropping them on the living room floor might make too loud a noise and alert those on the other side of her location.

Now shoe-less, her stockings slid dangerously easily across the slippery planks as she scurried towards the door. She needed to steady and reposition herself a few times, hyper-aware that her stance mattered as her nylon covered feet wanted to skate in opposite directions against the polished hardwood floor.

With visible apprehension, she leaned her body slowly towards the wooden door to confirm her suspicions. No sooner had she done that, then at the first loud sound she lept backwards resembling a startled cat, hopping back and landing on tiptoes with both palms out in front of her as if to block what may come breaking through the door at any second. She was grateful she had landed safely somehow with her feet spread wide yet hardly a firm grip on the ground.

Waiting for the next moment of silence, she shuffled forward once more. This time, building her courage,
she proceeded to comb her hair away from her ear, pressed her hands softly against the door and leaned in. Her eyes began to grow larger and larger, fingers stretching and relaxing against the door in rhythmic reaction to the sounds beyond. 

This continued on until she abruptly froze and her big brown eyes disappeared under the cloak of her shadowy eyelids. Her mouth opened slowly and her tongue rolled out licking her lips, as she breathed in and out heavily. She knew for certain now what she originally only thought she had imagined.

There was no doubt about it now, she could hear it all clearly. He was definitely spanking her, and it wasn’t some light taps. No he was dishing out a stern disciplinary spanking. Unbelievably her best friend was literally being punished like an insolent. She could hear his hand strike against her bare flesh or so she imagined. It sounded solid and it echoed, it had to be flesh on flesh. She could also hear every word if she focused hard enough; hear every angered scolding, every disappointed remark. Yet, it did not make her angry to hear her best friend yelp in distress, instead, it had a surprising effect on her. It was making her hot. So hot in fact that she chose to let it go on and instead allow it to fuel her own building desire.
She opened her eyes for a brief second as thoughts of self-criticism raced through her mind, questioning herself about what kind of friend she was. Shouldn’t she be rushing the door and protecting her? Shouldn’t she be running in and screaming for him to stop?

Instead, she closed her eyes once more and lowered her hands down, patting down her micro-mini costume skirt before allowing one hand to wander under the tulle skirt and further yet between her legs. Her fingers tugged frantically at the delicate material until her hand disappeared behind soft, sheer rayon. She arched her back as her fingers had found another door, a welcoming door that she did not hesitate to barge through as she allowed herself to imagine the scene behind the other door.

She could picture her friend’s pouty face, begging him to stop; her tearful eyes as his large strong hands slapped her comparatively small but pert ass with force, over and over again. Gawd, I wonder if he has her panties down, she thought to herself. Her own fingers sinking in an out of her own doorway as she desperately wanted to peak into the room and confirm the actual visual that accompanied the escalating audio.

Ana started breathing heavier as the growing commotion from behind the door kept her mind rushing towards overdrive until she surrendered another of her fingers to herself. Just then, she heard her helpless best friend let out an anxious plea, followed by a muffled scream and then she heard him scold in a manner that sent Ana into a sweat.

“You want to dress like a whore, I’ll treat you like one. Your tight lil' ass wants attention? I’ll give it plenty of focused attention. I’ll save you the trouble of going out in that costume…”

Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, Ana thought to herself, jumping in place as her fingers worked furiously to release her frustration. Not only had he spanked her with only a door separating them, he was now pounding her. She could hear her every moan and his every grunt; easily imagining them timed with his every thrust. Her best friend was obviously trying to muffle her own screams in order to not be heard beyond the room, but her painful moans of being rammed relentlessly were clear and undeniable.

Then all went silent.

Ana pushed her body further against the door with hopes of figuring out what was going to happen next. She couldn’t make out the whispers, but wanted to hear those words so desperately. She wanted to claw away at the door and be a first hand witness
, but her one hand just slid down slowly in defeat, her multiple bracelets clinking softly against the hollow wood.

Then she heard a louder mumble from her friend followed by loud, clear instructions from him, “No, you wear these out! Pull them up! Pull them up right now. You go out just like this, wearing these stained panties so you remember that I took care of your ass. And I’ll do it again if need be!”

Gawd, so fricken hot, Ana mouthed to herself imagining the conversation to come just a few hours later. Her humiliated friend, confiding in her as she pulls up her own costume skirt; high enough to reveal the cum stained panties she was being forced to wear. This was all so exciting, Ana thought; her mind a whirlwind. The only thing that could make it hotter was… if… if she… if she were the one in her best friend’s place; spanked and fucked and made to wear marked panties, wet cum stains still damp hours later.

Ana’s fantasies were cut off unexpectedly as she heard steps coming towards the door. Oh no, she turned to run away, but her nylon covered toes slid. She attempted to put her hands out to catch herself, but her one hand was too slow as it was still preoccupied and she struggled to pull it out in time. Unable to brace herself, she slipped, nearly face-planting, but was able to recover by going into a full spin (which seemed rather appropriate in her circus-like tutu skirt) only to fail nonetheless.

She lost balance and landed with a solid smack. To her dismay she found herself in a humiliating pose; her ample bottom kissing the wooden-floor firmly, her long legs spread wide
having slid in opposite directions, her stiff skirt now standing at full attention leaving her fully sheer panties on display, front and center and revealing all her secrets - all ready to be exposed to the opening door.


Daniel opened the door and froze in shock at what he saw. It wasn’t often he was caught by surprise, he had seen enough in his life to not be easily shocked, but this view was something else altogether. Before he could speak a word of greeting or of any other emotion he heard the shrieking welcome.

“Ooola! Guapo!” a female voice shrieked.

Momentarily unable to form a sentence, he was further interrupted by his girlfriend.

“Look Daniel, Ana showed up early so we got dressed and are all ready.”

“I can see that. Well, I can see Ana… a whole lot of Ana…and of you, young lady.”

He took in the scene of his girlfriend and her flamboyant cousin, Ana, standing in front of him in what were obviously meant to be their Halloween costumes. He was beyond words as they wore matching sleeveless bandeau tops with tutu styled, micro-mini black skirts; all accentuated by black thigh high stockings and capped by sky-high heels.

“And what exactly is this, are those?” he asked gesturing with his hands in the overall general direction of the two cousins, and best friends for ages, now seemingly dressed as twins.

“What kind of welcome is that? Come here,” Ana approached him and kissed him on the cheek while giving him a tight squeeze. He felt her nearly bare chest rub against him as he received her embrace while still easily peering over her head towards his girlfriend, for even with her towering heels her petite stature was not greatly enhanced (except perhaps to accentuate her figure ever more). “I haven’t seen you in months and no hello how are you?”

“How are you, Ana?” He asked further taking in the details, or lack of, of their matching outfits, “I wasn’t expecting you this early. I came home early hoping to speak to Rebecca before you two got ready for tonight.”
“Well as you can see, we are excited and ready to hit the town; aren’t we ‘Becca?!” Ana exclaimed intentionally spinning around and revealing the flowiness of her skirt, but perhaps not intentionally the sheerness of her panties as well.

He shook his head, “So what exactly are these costumes supposed to be?”

“We are ‘sexy bitches’ of course!”
Ana responded with a flirtatious smile.

“Ahh…ahh…she meant sexy 'witches’, we need to add our pointy hats still,” Rebecca answered sensing his obvious discomfort with their outfits.

“I think you need to add a lot more than hats if you ask me,” he replied sternly looking directly at his girlfriend.

“Of course not silly, these are purrrfect,”
Ana replied attempting to break the couple’s locked eye contact.

“Perfect for street walkers! Now go change into something halfway decent. Besides these are not the costumes you told me you were planning on wearing, Rebecca.”
An uncomfortable silence filled the room as Ana stared back and forth between Daniel and Rebecca; Daniel stared back and forth between his easily influenced girlfriend and her bad influence of a cousin. While Rebecca not wanting to disappoint either, avoided eye contact altogether and stared down sheepishly at her black patent leather heels like a child caught in a lie.

“Oh, don’t be so ol’ fashion! Now are you going to give us a ride into town as planned or do we have to call a cab, as I’m sure you don’t have Uber in this gawd-forsaken town do you?”

“We have Uber! It's not that bad…”
Rebecca shot out a defensive reply.

“Oh, is it Jimbo and his truck? And do we have to ride in the back with the chickens and hay?”

Rebecca’s emotions caught up with her and her eyes teared up at her cousin’s subtle put-down. She took an audible deep breath and turned all her anger towards Daniel,

“Fuck you! We are going out like this and you either give us a ride or we’ll walk into town if we need to!”

Ana let out a gasp and covered her mouth with her hands in shock, eyes darting between the couple now in an unexpected standoff.

“Excuse me, young lady?!” he snapped back, astonished at her entirely uncharacteristic tone towards him.

She looked away towards her cousin for encouragement who offered merely an indistinguishable smirk. Rebecca’s eyes swelled further and holding back tears, pivoted around on her heels towards the bedroom “I’m going to get my purse.”

The bedroom door slammed shut, momentarily separating some of the tension.

“You really should be easier on her. She looks hawt. And besides her skirt is a lot longer than mine.” Ana attempted to lecture him.

“I’m not sure, anyone…would classify that…what you are wearing as a 'skirt' so that isn’t saying much about Becca’s skirt. More importantly, I’ll deal with her as I see best. What I ‘outa do is deal with your arrogant, mischievous ass in just the same way.” He scolded her while stepping ever closer to her with every word until she was literally backed against the wall.

He stood in front of her, leaning in and resting one hand on the wall on either side of her. She turned her face away and closed her eyes unsure of what he was about to do.

He inhaled and took in her perfumed scent, mixed with cosmetic flourishes, and proceeded to take her all in. He stared at her natural pretty face, obvious still despite the layers of makeup, and stared further down at her ample, deep and intentionally accentuated cleavage. His eyes scanned her tight body even further coming to rest on a thin elastic waistband of her black panties that was visible above the tulle skirt. A further narrow strip of sheerness was unintentionally highlighted as her skirt sat below her panties, her skirt resting lower on her hips. He imagined what she might look like if fully exposed in the sheer barely there fabric that undoubtedly hid nothing underneath.
He had received a preview when she had spun around, but now seeing the edge of rayon mere inches above her crotch, mere inches away from his own, was all beckoning.

“If…If you were my girlfriend you’d be regretting wearing this outfit right now. I'd start by flipping you over against this wall so fast and spanking your ass so hard you’d regret it all the way till next Halloween.”

She said nothing, but merely bit her lip anxiously.

With a sudden jerk, he pushed himself away from temptation and marched into the bedroom slamming the door behind him.

Ana began breathing heavily, arching and releasing her back repeatedly. Her mind wanted to slow down, but her body continued to react uncontrollably. She was unsure if his threats were real or not, but what she was sure of was that they were having an immediate effect on her, causing her middle to fill with an uncontrollable sensation.

She began praying audibly that whatever the sensation turned out to be that it wouldn't end up with her ruining yet another pair, especially these. These new, over-priced designer black panties that she had splurged on, bought specifically for this costume. Bought with the sole intent to tease heavily, to be shown off "accidentally" throughout the night thanks to her barely-there skirt. Now that flirtatious plan may have backfired.

Shuffling in place, she anxiously yet hesitantly reached down between her legs with both hands for the answer. She worried that either his words had somehow, and entirely unexpectedly, had aroused her. Or worse yet, that his harsh disciplinarian tone had scared her so much that she was about to wet herself.

Well, could you follow along the chain of events or was it too confusing?

I do hope you found the story enjoyable. If so, please let me know via comments. If not at least take a moment to vote via the polls below.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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