Thursday, August 17, 2017

Intermission: Thursday Check In

It has been an especially busy couple of weeks personally and professionally and on top of that my wifi at my home has been down. (I could post from the office, but I’d rather not).

Personal life has been layered with multiple responsibilities. From the ongoing day to day, to dealing with the issues of aging parents, all the way to starting anew in the relationship department. I may talk about these things later perhaps or probably not, but definitely not on this post.

On top of all that, the ever unfortunate steady stream of bad national news has made me rethink that this blog and my posts are trivial.

As you all know there is so much going on across the US at the moment that has taken my attention and added to my neglect of this blog. I won’t go off on my political opinions for I am fairly certain no one appreciates coming to theses spanking blogs and finding political commentary as has been demonstrated by other blogs.

What I will comment on regarding the political social climate is via what I had always believed in and what my ol’ elder friend Bud reinforced for me multiple times. I am sure I have mentioned him on this blog before.

Bud was sent to some tough places and multiple fronts during WWII thanks to chance and his rare “good fortune” as he would say. His stories were always honest, not embellished nor glorified.
His orders including being sent to Germany. He wasn’t part of the actual liberation forces in Germany, but the immediate post cleanup. 

Bud was one of the strongest men I have ever known on so many levels (When they refer to “the greatest generation”, he was proof). Yet, when he would speak of things he saw and things he had to clean up, he would almost break. I’ll spare you all the details, but he reminded me often of what he fought for, of what we thought we fought for. We should always fight for that which is simply, undeniably right. No, America has never been perfect, but it has been a work in progress; ever attempting to reach a moral ideal. And those ideals are what we should continue to fight for.




I’ll leave you with some eye candy. For that is why you come here, is it not?
Perhaps this blog and these posts are what the soul needs at times; a simple distraction - and in that it serves a purpose - ?


  1. I am not American but I see the news reports on my laptop each day. And while I'm not the most wellversed in politics, I do know that things are happening in the US. I hope your new relationship goes well. And as for ageing parents, I have been juggling and still am, for the last couple of years. Sending good vibes from halfway across the globe!

  2. I've always been interested in the world around me. I tend to get passionate about injustice and what I consider man's inhumanity to his fellow man, which also extends to animals, so it's been hard to not comment on my blog. So far, I think I've done pretty well but you should see my real life FB page.

    Your post is very eloquent. However, I can hear the well-cloaked thoughts. lol

    So happy to hear life is being good to you and that you are starting a new relationship. Great news.

  3. I am American and I see the wheels coming off, not just in the US, but through out the western world. I seek spanking blogs to put a little brightness in the day.

  4. 1. Love the fun image!
    2. I've had to choose to tune out a lot this year. I just can't take anymore chaotic information and still function. Wise words from your friend Bud!

  5. Fondles - Thank you for the good vibes and being able to relate to the aging parents situation. Similar to you, I have been juggling for years now.
    Thanks for commenting.

    Sunny - Not sure if political comments on these blogs make any positive difference or only serves to divide us all further as this is not the forum for politics, but sometimes the frustration gets to me and I’ll say something. FB is actually a worse place to post political commentary in my opinion - that is truly divisive.

    I believe you read my thoughts correctly there.
    As far as the relationship well it might have been to vague.
    Thanks for always commenting.

    Bogey - Yes, things are a mess all over as I watch the latest bad news from Spain.
    agree that these spanking blogs if nothing else are bright breaks from reality.
    Thanks for commenting.

    Madeline -
    1. Glad you liked it. 2. Yeah, just remember to not tune out completely.
    Bud taught me a lot which I dint actually realize until much later.
    Thanks for visiting (first time?) and commenting.

  6. We've done away with cable and just use Netflix and Amazon for the kids. I don't watch the news. I prefer to stay in my bubble. As for the US's current politics, I wish the media would stop giving everyone so much attention. Then maybe we wouldn't have all this upheaval.

    Love the picture. Good luck in the relationship. I hope it works well for you.


  7. It is good to tune-out occasionally, but I don’t believe in tuning out entirely. Yes, the media stirs the pot in either direction and depending on the network for their own messages, but I also believe that these are truly significant times that will be remembered.

    As I mentioned above to Sunny, my relationship reference was apparently to vague. I will need to clarify what is going with that.

    As always, thanks for commenting Heather.

  8. Enzo:

    I am in my 70s and believe me I have seen a lot of stressful times. It is for periods like these that your blog takes on increased relevance rather than less. Diversion helps us to recharge our batteries and therefore easier to shoulder our packs once more as we trudge into the rice paddies of life. So, thanks and please keep them coming; they are more important than you realize.


  9. Rick -

    Thank you for the very eloquent words.

    If my blog stories and posts serve the purpose of diversion and in turn making others smile, well then perhaps I may be doing my job after all. I do hope that is the case overall.



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