Wednesday, July 26, 2017

P.S.A. Wednesday

Wednesday Morning Public Service Announcement

Well, ladies and gentlemen, today’s P.S.A. is:

So simple, but so true.
This is so true for so many of us. We should all learn to stop and
look for the beauty around
 us. Otherwise, you never know what you might miss.

Allow me to illustrate.
So many of us can be like this guy:

(Remember you can click to enlarge the pictures)

Or this guy who thinks he is looking around, but really isn't.

Because if they only had looked around,
they might have seen the beauty of this young lady's struggle:

And what exactly was her struggle you ask? What did they miss?
Well, let's pan-out in order to take a closer, longer look:

(This one you should definitely click to enlarge.)


I think it is obvious these guys clearly missed the lesson, because something is very, very clear. What do you think?

In turn, I think this young lady’s lesson, taking one on behalf of other young ladies, is a bit different.

Foremost, she should learn to look down and beware of street grates.

And even deeper, she should perhaps think about her choice of panties long and hard before setting out for the day. Because one thing is definitely obvious, thanks to their sheerness, if someone gets a long look at them, it is clear that she is no doubt going to get someone hard.

That concludes our PSA.
Don't forget to vote below.
Enjoy your day.


  1. So the stories don't have to be purely spanking. We have the occasional grate in my area but I've never felt anything blow out of the them, so I don't have this problem. Maybe the occasional wind blown skirt or dress on the riverwalk. I can't say they're a turn on for me, but I can't say I wouldn't appreciate seeing the beauty of the moment either.


  2. Thanks for commenting Heather!
    According to the poll, seems like you may be in the minority amongst the ladies as far as the preference not always having to be spanking related.

    Glad to hear you can appreciate the beauty of a windblown moment.



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