Thursday, July 13, 2017

Intermission: Checking In

I am on this road, going and going, but I just need to pull over and stop for a moment. Problem is I’m not happy with the view ahead. To be fair, and no different really than most, no one ever really gets an unobstructed view. But for someone who wasn’t meant to be here, let alone this long; well the road is truly unclear.

The soul tires of the bumpy road, the eyes ache from glaring through the haze. Perhaps pulling over, turning off the engine and just being is the best course.

Yet staying here, unmoving, is in itself a step; and praying not a step backwards.

Checking in just in case anyone had been wondering; in case anyone was still interested in reading. It has been a minute since my last post. Although that last post didn't seem to gather much attention and seemed to prove unpopular with the ladies as I had partially anticipated.


  1. Haven't been posting much either Enzo. Life keeps getting in the way.

  2. Sunny - I just read your recent post and see that, unfortunately, you can relate to some of the stuff going on here.
    Thnaks for always dropping by.

  3. I'm still checking in and I love your stories.


  4. Hi Heather - Thanks for checking in! It makes me smile to hear you enjoy my stories (and hope you enjoy the newer/shorter ones as well).


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