Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Office Calls

Can you believe it is May already?

I have had some busy weeks in the office lately plus add in the national theme of the month* and the thought of sharing this office-based story seemed to be fitting.
unfortunately you also happen to find yourself stuck in a boring fluorescent-filled office during these beautiful spring days, I hope you find this a nice little distraction to your 9 to 5. Please let me know what you think and remember every comment counts.





Oh, it is you; I almost hung up. 

Is something wrong?
 Are you okay?

Yes. Hi.

Something is wrong?

Or did you need something?

No, I’m fine. 
But, yes…no.

If you are okay then I will call you on my way home.

No, wait; I just wanted to talk to you for a minute.

Doll, what have I told you about calling me at work?

Besides aren’t you supposed to be working too?

I…I took a break.

Well good, but I can’t right now, I’m in the middle of something important.

I…I just wanted to talk.

Look, if something is wrong just tell me otherwise we can talk later.

Well, I just wanted you to tell me...

Tell you what?


I...I...c..can’t say.


Look this is going nowhere. Either tell me what’s going on or we’ll talk when I get home.


Now listen, I’m going to hang up if you are just going to sit there and not say anything. I have other more important things to do apart from listening to you breathe. is just that…well, about this morning.

I thought we took care of all that.

Well, you did, but I just wanted…I needed to hear you say…

Okay, look Doll. If you expect an apology you have it all backward.

Sure maybe those love slaps on the ass weren’t what you were expecting that early in the morning, but listen, you well know that you often are so damn hardheaded that…

I know.


I needed to get my point across quickly….

You did get your point across.

plus, you were making me late. Look, I don't know what is going on with you, but unlike you, I have work to do.

I dooo have work to do…I just. 
I juust can’t focus, I just need to hear your say…

I told you we will talk about this later. Bye. 

Wait! Wait!!
Pplease…just tell me.

Look, I am losing patience with you, Young Lady, I said we will talk about it later. There is nothing more to say right now. It is simple. If I tell you not to dress a certain way, and tell you to go change I expect you to respect me
 and do it.

I know. It is just that...well I...mmm… What did you say you were….mmmm...were going…tooo do to me if I went dressed to work like this anyways?

You know very well what I said would happen.

I know, but please tell me again. Ppplease.

What? Are you okay? Are you in the office?
Are you pounding on something, what is that noise?

I’m taking a break, I told you. I really needed to. I couldn’t stop thinking about what you said. 
Please tell me what you said.

Wasn't getting your ass smacked this morning a clear enough message; enough of a warning to do as you are told? I was hoping that left a burning impression.

It did! It really did, Hon. I felt it all the way to work actually. And even now, but luckily I am sitting somewhere cool and firm.

Coool and firm - What? 

Mmmmm…You were right. I shouldn't have worn this to work today. You warned me that this dress was too short. I got sooo much attention on the train, you should have seen how many people were staring.

I could hear them whispering and this guy, well he pretended to...well the train was packed but still...well actually forget that, but anyways, I thought...anyways
I thought people could read my mind that they knew what you had done, plus knew what you said you were going to do, bb...but I think it was just the dress and the stockings they were staring at.

And when I got to the office I could hear them all talking about me...

Did you go out like that?! When I told you specifically not to?!

Yyess. I did. I was a bbad girl.

I can't believe you, Young Lady.  And whhat is that noise? Why are you breathing so hard? Where are you? Am I on speaker? Where are you exactly?

Yes, but it's okay I’m in the bathroom. I just need you to tell me what…that…I…and…
Just tell me, what you called me and what you are going to do to me. Mmmm. Ppplease!..ohh.

You are where?

It’s okay, I’m alone, in a stall. I think I'm all alone in here, I hope. Just tell me what you plan to do….mmmm….ohh…ooh.

Oh my gawd, what is that noise; are you doing what I think you are?


I’m just sitting.
Sitting here. Thinking about you. Staring at my new black panties and the stockings I bought. Thinking 
about your hand this morning.

About how you said you would….mmmm…

I can’t believe you! Really?!

Just please tell me what you said…mmm…ahhh…
and I promise I will let you go after... Ahh. Ooh!

Are you fingering yourself, young lady?!
Are you really?
Answer me! 

I…I am, Sir.


Tabitha Laney, are you really fingering yourself at work?!

You are kidding me right?! 
You are that horny that you couldn't wait?

Well, just you wait ‘till I get home!
Apparently those three warning strikes this morning had the opposite effect on you.

Aahhh…I’m ss-sorry..I had to; I just had too… couldn’t get…that idea out of my head.

Well, guess what? 
I am going to do what I threatened AND more!

Mmmm! Yes! Yes, tell me what are you going to do to me!

The minute you walk in the door, I’m going to make you strip down to your panties and bend over.

Yes, tell me more, tell me what else!

I’m going to spank your bare naked ass and make sure you won’t sit comfortably for weeks. 
Then I’m going to deal with this nonsense, fingering yourself at work. I'm going to treat you like the dirty girl you are!

Mmmm…oooo….bb..but, I am not…I am just…Oo! Oh, oh!

That is right and I’m going to teach you a lesson about not following orders, about disobeying me and dressing like a tramp AND especially for getting off on the threat of me punishing you...

Yes, teach me a lesson, please!
Please tell me every detail...mmmm, Gawd. please!

...I'm going to tan that ass. I'm going to give it some desperately-needed color. I'm going to spank you until you scream.

Oooo….wwh...what..what else? More!

Once your ass is hot and glowing, I’m going to march you into the bedroom; admiring my discipline work along the way. Then I'm going to ram into your wetness.

But don't get any ideas, I will only pound you enough...just enough to get you wet, then...

Then I'm going to spread your cheeks wide.
I'm going to push in just enough so you can know how extra thick I am. Then I'm going to wedge myself into that arrogant, yoga-toned ass of yours; slowly, grinding into you. Deeper and deeper until that petite, virgin hole of yours is plugged solid. 

Mmmmm….aaaa...yes; yes!

Aand wwwhat else?

I'm going to treat you like the dirty little whore you are; taking you straight up that entitled ass. I'll pound you nonstop until you've learned your lesson!

Ohooooo...ggawww! Ffuuuu...k!

[Bang, crash; bang.]



Hello, you still there?

[An audible long, deep breath.] 


Sssorry, sorry.
I dropped the phone. Bye Hon, I need to get back to my desk. I'm sorry.

Dammit, why are the stalls always out of toilet paper when you really need it.

Excuse me? Is someone there? Excuse me, would you mind passing me a scrap of tissue, please; a square at least ppplease? I really need to wipe myself up, 
I’m a filthy mess.  



Any thoughts on our young Lady Tabitha's behavior?
Also, so did you guess what month this is? 

Well once again for your convenience a quick poll, one for the Ladies and one the Gents.


  1. Always glad when I see your name pop up on the blog roll. Hope you get out to enjoy some of your springtime weather.

  2. I'm with Sunny...was happy to see your name pop up on my reading list. Thanks for sharing the hot story. That's the nice part of working from home...I can open up the house and have a nice breeze blowing or go work long as wifi reaches. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Sunny -
    Awww, thanks for saying that and for always dropping by. I hope the story was entertaining?

    Cat -
    Thanks and glad to hear you enjoyed it.


  4. it was hot but to be honest if i made Daddy upset i'd be in tears, not in the stall fingering myself LOL.

    But then, that's why it's a story! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Hi Fondles -
    Glad you found this story hot.

    Something to consider, perhaps she went into the stall to cry but ended up distracting herself...?



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