Friday, May 26, 2017

Random Thoughts: Friday

Random Thoughts on a Friday Afternoon

Here we are on a Friday afternoon. A Friday afternoon on an extended holiday weekend. A Memorial Day weekend to be ever more precise. I won’t get into the true meaning of the holiday as there is time for that yet, but rather touch on what this extended weekend always reminds me of – the End of the School Year. Not just end of school years themselves, but Graduations and in particular College Graduations. Although Colleges and Universities have different graduation dates with ceremonies that seem to extend over a month long period, we are definitely in the Graduation season.

Graduation Pinup
I was thinking, which led me to researching (ie. googling), and ultimately to the conclusion that, oddly enough, there are not many sexy graduation images out there. I am sure the Graduation Pinup theme would be a struggle for most other artists, but Elvgren once again does not disappoint with his version. This is the reason Elvgren is my all time favorite pin-up artist.

And as far as Sexy Graduation Photos (of the PG13 version), those are also rare. Yes, I did manage to pull the one below out of the archives. It has been around for quite a few years; a lifetime in internet years.

This photo always puts a smile on my face. Why? Mainly because it is her expression of realization that someone has just snapped a photo that might make this day more memorable for other reasons than her diploma (plus not to state the obvious, but I also love the white panties with tiny pink details). You can almost hear her say, "Hey! Hheey..." And to be 100 percent clear I am referring to the brunette as the blond seems oblivious to the facts. Reminder, you can click on the picture to enlarge it.

Sadly for most, after the Graduation celebrations are over, reality moves in quickly and the seemingly Endless Employment Search begins. I won’t get into the political divide on the state of and opinions regarding all things related to higher education. None of that. We shall stay positive for now as it is the Friday of a 3-day weekend.

Instead, I offer you this post-college job search video to make you smile. I love this video. It is so well done throughout. I know, I know; it is very sophomoric, but I can be just that at times. Well, it was either post this or gifs of girls’ bottoms being probed none the gently (I’ll just save those for later if you insist).

Here is the direct link in case the video doesn't auto-load:

Please, let me know if this video makes you smile.

 also, for extra-credit of course, see if you can answer the following two questions
(in short-essay format please).:

1) Your opinion on Darci's (the main girl) outfit and her color choices throughout, and
2) Guess which girl is my second-favorite (it might not be so obvious).


  1. Enzo,

    It was a cute video. I've never seen that one before.

    Darci's out outfit wasn't my favorite. I prefer the business look or the loose flowy skirts. The girl that stood out the most for me was the one in the tight black skirt who tried to smooth it down, and showcased it, in an attempt to keep her modesty while bending down.

    Since you seem to have a fondness for skirts flying up and girly panties, I'd saw the first skirt to go up has those qualities. Flowy skirt and white panties with a print.


  2. Oh yeah, big smile, thanks.
    Darci who?

  3. Heather -
    Happy to hear I shared something new to you.
    I agree with you in that I wasn’t a fan of Darci's outfit overall. The knee-high socks did catch my attention though which ended up matching nicely with her all white underneath.

    I think you may be catching on to my preferences although I didn’t think I had ever stated my fondness of girly panties - wonder what gives you that (accurate) idea.

    The girl in the tight black skirt definitely stood out, but the one I was referring to was the girl who licks her lips as she catches sight of the girl’s panties in front of her.

    Always enjoy your comments.
    Thanks, Enzo

    Bogey -
    Glad you liked it.

    “Darci who?” -
    Is that sarcasm or an honest question? The main girl who loses her dress is Darci (based on her nametag).

  4. Enzo,

    The first girl was definitely the sexiest Definitely, flowing skirt is sexy, but the magenta panties (later) made me catch my breath!!



  5. Rick - Apologies for the delayed response. I agree with your reaction to the magenta panties! Glad you enjoyed the video and thanks for commenting.


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