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Autumn Morning: Part IV

Remember Rebecca? Rebecca, our cute little would-be poll-taker to be exact?

Have you anxiously been awaiting the next chapter? Or not so much? As mentioned previously this entire story is a bit different than my usual stories, not only in length but also  in that I intentionally want to explore some other areas of personal (and hopefully shared) interest. Regardless I always welcome and appreciate your honest feedback. 

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Fair Warning: There are some scenes in the previous chapters, that might make some readers uncomfortable. 

Here is the latest installment of the extended story about the misadventures of Rebecca.

Also hope you can follow the back and forth time sequences and the time line isn't too confusing to follow.


Fading afternoon light danced with vanishing shadows just past the slightly ajar bedroom door. He could hear her soft footfalls circling on the old hardwood planks. He knew she was up. What he could not figure out was why it was taking her so long to get ready and come down. Pokey as always he thought; he had laid out a dress for her to wear; imagine if he hadn’t and she had to choose an outfit still.

He took a deep breath and resisted yelling up to her what he wanted to say. It had been a tense day already and he didn’t want to add to it although still rightfully angry with her; with her actions to be exact.

He called up from the bottom of the stairs, “Becca? Becca?!”

Just as he placed his foot on the first step, ready to march up and get her, she called down “I’m coming! I’ll be right down!”


“Damm it, dammit it… I shouldn’t have slept so long” she scolded herself.

Rebecca pulled herself away from the mirror where she had been fixated on her reflection. Her bottom still pink from what he had claimed was “merely a warm-up”. She didn’t want to piss him off anymore as he had already warned her that he planned to “deal with her attitude appropriately” that night.

Grabbing her wooden brush, she anxiously stroked through her tangled hair a few times before shaking her head like a wet mutt. Her frizzled hair reflection looked back at her awkwardly. “Stupid” she mumbled to herself, angry at the results of her lazy decision. She should never have napped without drying her hair. She knew better, but she had been mentally and emotionally exhausted. From getting up early on a weekend to the struggles associated with gathering signatures for her new door-door job to all of nature seemingly teaming up against her. It was all part of a downward spiral of a day. All this even before she had run into the crazy gun-totting man’s yard and his stupid scary dog which had sent her day completely over the edge.

She tossed the brush on the dresser, pressed down her dress once more and then glanced around the room confused. That’s odd she thought to herself, realizing that he had picked out a dress for her yet seemingly had forgotten his favorite accessory. He hadn’t laid out a pair of panties for her to wear. He typically would lay out her complete outfit on special occasions or on days she needed a bit of “extra rearing” as he would say. On those occasions, like this and especially today, she didn’t want to upset him more by not following his wishes.

She was about to search her dresser for one of his favorite pairs, when she caught sight of a spot of color on his nightstand. She ran over and unfurled the balled up pale blue swatch. Ignoring what she figured was static cling, she pried open the rayon and quickly began pulling the snug pair up her legs. Squirming in discomfort as the fabric seemed not to stretch anywhere near enough. After much effort, she finally snapped the waistband in place, and felt the immediate surge of pressure against her still aching bottom. Then she noticed that in a couple of areas the typically soft material instead felt like fine sandpaper rubbing against her delicate skin. She attempted to ignore the irritation, figuring it was just where her cheeks were more tender from her spanking, and she hurried out the room.


The sounds of freshly stained pans and utensils being tossed loudly into the sink filled the kitchen. The annoying metallic chorus came to a sudden stop.

she exclaimed squeezing her arms tightly around his waist.

Without turning around, he reached his hand back and grabbed a handful of her bottom.

“Oww!” she screeched and jumped back releasing her backwards hug on him.

“Actually, I think I got you, young lady”
he smirked; “besides I felt you coming”.

“I just wanted to surprise you with a hug, you didn’t have to squeeze so tight, jerk. It still hurts, ya know”

“Good! Means you’ll be really sore after I’m down dealing with you tonight”
 he explained matter-of-factly now turning around to face her.

Her eyes bulged at the thought, disappointed that he hadn’t forgotten his original threat.

She stepped forward into him, intentionally rubbing her chest against his. With her face now firmly resting on his chest she looked up at him with pleading eyes, “I…I… just wanted to say…you know…that…”
She struggled with the words as her pride wouldn’t let her finish.

“I just don’t… a…that…” she stuttered.

He kissed the crown of her head gently, “We’ll discuss it later. Now please set the table.”

“It wasn’t my faul…”
she mumbled.

“I SAID, we’ll discuss it later. Now, please set the table”
he repeated sternly.

“Fine!” she retreated.

She wanted to argue her point of view, despite knowing full well he was right. She wanted to plead her case, partially because she didn’t want to take the responsibility for any of the unfortunate circumstances, but mostly because she was worried about the harsh punishment to come. Instead, she decided best to change the subject as she remembered a grace point.

“Look, I wore the outfit you left out for me”

He slowly cracked a smile.

“Annn’ looook, the panntees you picked out”
 she teased as she resorted to spinning around and flipping up her dress. She gave him a full view tease of her pantie-clad bottom.

Now it was his turn to stutter.

“Ah…a…ahh…Are those the ones you had on originally this morning?”

“Yes, the ones you left on your nightstand for me”
 she beamed hoping that these little gestures were working in her favor as she kept her skirt up and gave her bottom a little teasing shake.

“Aa…actually…. those…”

“What, you going to change your mind now?”
 she frowned.

“No and never-mind. Actually, what you need to do is set the table like I asked,” 
he responded deciding not to say anything more and simply let her continue to wear them. Not to say anything about it for now.

Annoyed that he was seemingly unimpressed by her giving into his fashion orders, she stomped off to gather the place-settings, instantly petulant.

As she made her way around the simple wooden table he called out to her, “Set the table for three, please.”


“Yes, we are having company.”

Why didn’t you tell me?!
I’m not in the mood for visitors!

I wanted to have a nice quiet night!
You gotta call them and cancel…”

Tap. Tap. Rattatat-tap.

Rebeca’s request was interrupted by the sound coming from the front door.

“Looks like its too late; besides not that you’re in any place to be making demands, Young Lady. Can you get that, please.”

She tossed the final place setting abruptly and dramatically on the wooden table and dragged her bare feet past him towards the door.

“I would’ve appreciated it if you asked me about this first! Who the hell is coming over anyways…”

Before she could finish her angered response, he grabbed her waist and pushed her against the counter. With his one hand pressing down on the small of her back he raised his other hand high and brought it down with a resounding smack over the veil thin layer of her sundress.

“Owww! Oh, ooooooooo!”

He immediately spun her around and held her in place by her tiny wrists. Leaning in he began to lecture her mere inches away form her sullen face, “I would appreciate it if YOU would just follow my lead and do as you’re told for once in your spoilt life. Your constant arguing and battling against anything and everything is what got YOU in the mess you were in this morning in the first place. You’re lucky I went after you! What would have happened if I hadn’t?…And apparently my warning earlier today wasn’t enough?”

She pulled her face away attempting to hide the effect the rightful lecture was having on her.

“Get your attitude in check right now Missy or else I will check your ass tonight -
Now behave and be a good lil’ host.



She stared back at him as she fought the urge to tear up, as a flashback of the morning events flooded her mind; all still vivid and full of emotions as if reliving it all over again.


Rebecca stood facing the open passenger door of his truck while the wind relentlessly attempted to blew her dress up yet again. But this time she made no effort to fend off its attempts. Rather she just stood frozen in place, her ankle nervously shaking as she was preoccupied with other concerns.

“What are you waiting for? Get in, and let’s go home”
he repeated gently.

She dug her bare-feet into the gravel literally and refused to move as he placed his hand on her back in an attempt to lead her forward. She elbowed him away, grunting in protest.

“What’s the problem?”

“I can’t get in. I can’t ride in there.”

“Well you can’t stay here. Let’s get going”


“Excuse me? Why not?” 
he asked patiently.

“Because… because this is all your fault!” she turned on her heel in a huff.

“Excuse me? My fault?”

“Yes, it is! Turn around!”
she demanded.

“What? What are you rambling about?” 
he asked more confused than ever.

“Jusst, turn around. Turn around for a minute” she pouted.

Shaking his head, he did as she asked and waited.

Rebecca’s hands reached under her dress and fumbled for a minute, tugging to no avail. Visibly irritated, she switched methods and began moving her hands in a downward motion as if navigating a rolling pin down her legs. The skin-tight briefs would have been a struggle to remove regardless, but now; well now it was twice as hard. The now thigh-constricting panties appeared in a tight roll from under her dress, which continued to hike up in the opposite direction with her every move. She managed to finally get them to her knees when they suddenly, and apparently to her great surprise as well, slipped and cascaded down to greet her ankles.

Daniel decided to turn around at just that moment, and instantly bulged at the sight of her bare legs and naked thighs, her dress hiked above her waist and her white panties draped around her toes.

“What in Gawd’s name are you doing?”

“I…I…It doesn’t matter!”
 she huffed.

“Oh, I think it does” he looked at her perplexed.

“Can we go now!” she demanded as she pulled her dress down.

He stepped closer to her, “Not until you tell me why you find it necessary to strip at this moment…”

“I am not! Its…its…  Lets just go!”

She stared at the gravel ground sheepishly; avoiding eye contact.
She was attempting to free herself of the dainty sheer constraints which had turned on her and given up their purpose of saving her modesty.

“No, tell me wh…”

Her ankles tangling in the legholes while
er legs trembled, knees locking and unlocking until she finally blurted out:

“I…I…I pee’ed myself. You happy now!

I pee’ed myself and its all your fault!”

“What?! Excuse me? What? How? And why is that my fault?”

“If you wouldn’t have made me change this morning, I wouldn’t have gotten a late start. I wouldn’t have missed my second bus into town and wouldn’t have ended up in your crazy friend’s house and his damn dog wouldn’t have….ugh! Damm, you! It is all your fault!”


“Yes, I would have been fine if I hadn’t had to listen to you to change my outfit…Its all because of you!”

“Uh, who came looking for you? And lucky thing I did come by when I did or that hound would have ripped into you or….”

Frustrated by his rational explanations, she kicked at the ground in his direction in angered protest. His shins were merely pelted with gravel, but in turn (like so many things in her life) she unintentionally caused herself harm in the process. She hopped up on one leg, grasping for her stubbed toes. Pretty manicured bare toes were no match for sharp gravel she was reminded.

Now fully irritated by her ungrateful attitude and her attempted physical attack, left Daniel with the only logical choice; to defend himself and deal with her. In an instant, he scooped her up by the waist and pulled her towards the inside of his truck. She kicked and bucked wildly; all to no avail as he had her well-enough restrained as he leaned into the passenger seat and proceeded to throw her over his knee.

A single sharp warning shot was his only intent, delivered squarely to her bottom as he stopped to offer her the opportunity to save herself, “Do you really want me to do this here? Do you really need me to set you straight out here in the open? Or are you going to sit down here like a good girl and we can go home and figure out what your problem is?”

He received his answer in the form of a near miss elbow shot that landed just above his groin.

“Damm you Rebecca!” infuriated by her latest attempt, he flipped up her dress and revealed what the bright sun had been showcasing and the persistent wind had only managed to partially reveal that morning. Her ample and naked bottom stared back at him.

She closed her eyes tightly wanting to disappear, knowing that with her panties now gone she was fully exposed; plus however thin they were, she now had one less layer of defense against his impending assault. He brought his hand down with an echoing slap. Her voice shrieked and then seemed to disappear as she released an almost inaudible scream in reaction.

“You ungrateful little spoilt brat!,”
 he began reprimanding her as his large stern hand made contact with her bare bottom once more. “I’m going to tan your porcelain white ass here and now!”

“Nooooo! Pleeasse…”
she began protesting, but it was too late, her discipline session had begun.

Draped as she was, left her bare ass on full display to the glory of late morning sun. His proportionately extra-large hand came down with force, over and over again. Her protests became a series of grunts and moans as her plump soft cheeks were being punished by a torrent of stunning slaps as he made sure to cover the entire surface of her bottom.

Apart from the growing pain spreading across her entire bottom
, she was also fully aware of her embarrasing exposure, feeling the breeze on her naked flesh. She knew that she was propped up in such way that her most intimate lips were no doubt visible to him. Her legs were spread as her uncovered crotch rubbed high against his denim covered knee. She struggled, but her outward kicks did nothing more than leave her bare feet dangling out the side of the truck.

She could only thank God for the small mercy; that they were partially inside the truck on the end of a dirt road and not anywhere more public where someone could happen to come across this scene. A
humiliating scene of her, a grown woman, being spanked bare bottom like an insolent and helpless to do anything but protest in a series of incoherent blabbering. 


“Everything alright there, Daniel!”
a gruff voice shouted out of nowhere.

Daniel stopped his assault momentarily as goosebumps filled Rebecca body in reaction to the unexpected intruding voice.

“Fcck; gawd, no! No, no, no…” she cursed. Meant only for herself, but unintentionally heard clearly by him. Daniel grabbed her bottom cheek, strong thick fingers squeezing tight.

“Mind your dirty mouth” he leaned in and whispered a warning directly into her ear.

“All fine, Walter, just packing up the truck!” Daniel called out.

“I thought I heard a scuffle” the now recognizable voice replied.

“No, just tiding up a few things before I get going.”

“Okay then. Just thought you mighta run into that wild beaver, or something, from the sounds of it,” the gruff voice questioned as it seemed to be approaching still.

“Honestly, it seems like I’m always dealing with wild beaver, Walter; but I got it under control. For now”
he said removing his grip and patting Rebecca’s naked bottom patronizingly.

She could hear the man’s footsteps on the gravel getting closer and closer. She prayed he wasn’t close enough to see her in her full shameful predicament; not only spread over Daniel’s knee, but fully exposed as she knew she must be.


Grrrww, Rufff!

Rebecca nearly lept out of her own skin at sound of the other unwelcome, but recognizable bark. The beast apparently had run up for a front roll seat as the dog’s menacing bark seemed to come from right behind her.

Grrrww, Rufff!

Could things get any worse she thought.

Rebecca back-kicked her legs in the air in a mad panic as she felt the mutt’s slimy wet nose at the sole of her feet and slowly progress up her legs.

“Diablo, back off!”
Daniel yelled at the dog.

“Come here Diablo, let him deal with his matters and get on his way,” Walter shouted at his ever-determined hound.

As the dog sniffed at her legs, she lurched forward to get away, her feminine charms rubbing against the stiff denim of her lover’s pants while she simultaneously became even more vividly aware of her throbbing bare bottom. It was that surge of uncontrolled mixed emotions that finally overwhelmed Rebecca. She whimpered as she felt her knees begin to buckle, her heart pounding and her middle shaking uncontrollably.

His response to her swaying and gyrating was anything, but soothing. Instead, he responded to her uncontrolled reactions with the hardest stiff slap to her exposed bottom yet. Her eyes teared up as she felt an outline of his hand forming around on her tender bottom.

She slowly turned her head to look up at Daniel, whispering softly, “I…I think…I might’ve…I’m sorry”.

“Too late and you will be sorry. Daniel whispered back before swinging her off him and around onto the hot leather seat. He slammed the door behind him as she let herself collapse fully into the bench seat hoping to disappear or at the least not make eye contact with the gun-toting witness.

Daniel walked around the back of the truck, petting the dog’s head in passing as he intercepted his acquaintance’s advance. After a brief conversation, that Rebecca neither could make out nor cared to, for fear of what they might be saying about her, Daniel returned to the cab of the truck. He slammed the door shut and started up the engine. He turned to Rebecca, who’s face remained against the seat, her hair shrouding her face further.

“I love you. But don’t misunderstand me, I will not tolerate your ongoing ungrateful attitude he told her as he ran his fingers through her hair softly. You’re just lucky we were interrupted. That was merely a warm-up. I’m going to deal with your attitude appropriately when we get home, you…you dirty girl.”


Wait, could there more to this story? Perhaps.

 what did you all think of this latest installment; did Rebecca deserve that spanking or was Daniel overreacting and being unsupportive?

I do hope you enjoyed it. 


  1. My ex treated me to several open-air spankings during our time together...praying they'd be over before someone came by and saw and then having to sit on a hard truck seat afterwards. LOL Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Years ago I did the US Census so I can relate to 'Becca'. My problem was chickens and a fellow that wanted to secede from America. Interesting.

  3. Cat - Thanks for commenting and for sharing. I am sure those were some unforgettable experiences.

    Sunny Girl - Thanks for commenting. Funny you were able to relate; hope that means you are still enjoying this story?



  4. Wait, could there more to this story? Perhaps....
    no perhaps Enzo and please , make it soon... you've got me hooked on this one ...

  5. Thanks for commenting Squirt - Not sure if readers are still enjoying this story or if the majority are just tired and/or turned off by Rebecca's misadventures.



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