Thursday, April 6, 2017

The answer my friend is…

I received a handful of questions in my March Questions previous post. Here are the answers to those inquiries in a unified, ease of writing and most importantly ease of reading post.

And before I forget, thanks to Sunny Girl for explaining that most other Bloggers had not or were simply late on posting for the Official “Question Month” theme.

Bogey asked:

How about a summary of the vanilla side of you.

Isn’t it interesting when asked about your own life, it never appears as if it would be very exciting to explain to anyone else, or is that just me?

Let's see, what is interesting and what is not, plus what is okay to print? Despite being described often as complex and contradictory, here are some random vanilla facts:

1) For someone who loves the outdoors so much as I do, I grew up in the city and never went camping
 or saw a National Park until I was 18.

2) I was no different than the guys in my neighborhood growing up. Upon high school graduation, we were presented with limited options and only two “positive” choices; either go work in a warehouse loading trucks (for a major delivery company most of you would recognize) or join the military. All this despite being the valedictorian of my high school. My brother-in-laws and smarter friends had all chosen the military, so except for a different branch, I had decided to do the same.

3) Despite some twists and turns, things not unfolding as “expected”, plus not really having anyone to give me guidance to life’s possibilities, things turned out okay. Long story short I eventually put myself through college and ended up used my artistic and creative talents to make a decent career. Design overlapped and continues to blend with marketing which is what I currently do and is leading me to the next stage.

Ronnie asked:

What's you favourite implement you like to spank with and why?

I still prefer my hand over anything else. Why? The intimacy it brings is the best on so many levels. I love feeling her soft skin; the goosebumps right before I begin, literally feeling the energy of the tension. I love the coolness of her bottom, and then the warmth, the heat, the deliciousness of it all. Being that close to her femininity... Other instruments separate that contact (literally & figuratively). Generally, I also feel there is also more embarrassment that comes with the hand on the bare bottom.

My belt is a close second, but that is used under a different mood and solely for punishment. I love the emotions it brings up, the discipline and chastisement….I digress as that is a whole different question.

Lindy Thomas asked:

What's your favourite part of TTWD?

This is harder to answer than you would think. The answer is two-fold. The obvious simplistic answer is that on a physical level; I love women and the feel of a woman’s body. Add that to being intensely almost magnetically attracted to women’s bottoms, well than what is better than spanking?

As far as the emotional/relationship side of TTWD and in particular Domestic Discipline well that is harder to answer and not so obvious. In brief it is about the gift of trust. It is about a lady following your lead, respecting you; plus about both her need and want of your direction.

Leigh Smith (Sunny Girl) asked:

How are you doing, have you found another lady?

Coincidentally, both Ronnie and Lindy were also curious about this same question.

So the simple answer is, no, I have not found another lady.

The long answer is that I haven’t really been searching. I am at an age I consider it especially hard to be forced to go back into dating. I am not a 20-something with easy standards and anxious to get any physical catch. But, I am also not on the other extreme side of the spectrum where I would imagine I will be at some point being content with companionship foremost. No I am somewhere in the middle where I have lived enough to have had genuine life experiences and have serious responsibilities. Unfortunately people seem to be in either of those those camps mentioned or already in a committed long-term relationship and busy at some stage of raising families.

And yet now more than ever, "this" overall preference of mine,
"this" desire, "this" drive and distraction is center-most. I do not want to settle for a relationship that does not involve "this" – that does not involve spanking, that does not ideally involve DD.

Sure it is easy to say “
Enzo, there are plenty of girls out there who would love to be spanked,” but is there really?  Is there?

And the fact is that the search is the hardest part:

Hi, I’m a down to earth, hard-working responsible kind of guy who wants to take care of you and will occasionally take you over my knee and spank your ass red whenever you act out.

No, not gently and not over your clothes. I will flip your skirt up, examining your panties before yanking them down and leaving your pretty ass completely bare and exposed. Yes, I will do this often when you least expect it, but only when you deserve it. Yes, it sounds humiliating because it is and that is all part of the punishment.

No, I don’t like to beat women. 

I respect women very much. A constant defender, more than you know.
Yes, I think this okay in a relationship…

Excuse me, where are you going?

Yeah…Can you imagine those first dates?

Without going too much into a blogpost-size long answer, to simply summarize; this finding another lady is no easy task. And as I said at this point in my life I don’t want to settle without that which I have accepted as an intricate part of my life. That which the majority of you have and currently experience in your relationships. that which brings us all to blogs and places like this.

Thanks for asking. It has been over a year and it hasn’t been easy. Enjoy the weekend, I will be away on a retreat for the next couple of days.


  1. Thank you for answering my question and all the others Enzo. I hope a nice lady comes into your life shortly so you can live the way you desire.

    Enjoy your retreat and have a good weekend.
    Hugs Lindy xx

  2. Hi Enzo,

    Enjoyed reading your answers, thanks for answering. So many love the belt. Like, Lindy, I too hope you meet a nice lady.


  3. Since you say you are somewhere in the middle of your life, you may it encouraging that women in their mid-40's open up about their spanking needs. Long suppressed thoughts are given open space.

  4. Thanks Enzo for answering the questions. I love your really in-depth answers. I too wish you could find someone to share life with - it goes by so quickly.

  5. Thanks for sharing your answers, your detailed answers.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  6. Lindy - Thank you for all your kind intentions.

    Ronnie - Thank you. The belt may well be an American preference.

    Bogey - I would hope this is true and not another myth like women's sexual prime is in their 30’s. Any women want to confirm or deny Bogey’s words of encouragement?

    Sunny Girl - Thank you, hope I wasn’t to long winded on my answers.

    Cat - Thanks for reading.


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