Sunday, July 24, 2016

Choice Words: A Story

Here is a story to hopefully help you finish off your weekend on a high note. 

Fair warning, to my female readers with delicate ears; you may want to read this in bed where you can peak over the covers while you read this. 

I've come to the realization that a lot of my stories take place during a common event, weddings. What is about weddings that bring out the best and worst in some people? Or in my case usually just more aware of all the heightened sexual energy, anyone else notice that?

Regardless onto our story.

Are you mad? she asked softly breaking the uncomfortable silence.

I made my way across the room, not answering her and instead simply proceeded to remove my suit jacket as if nothing was wrong.

As I undid my tie, I could see her through the mirror, sitting impatiently and watching my every move. She sat anxiously at the edge of the bed, long legs tightly crossed as she bounced and squirmed in place. It would have been obvious to anyone that she was uncomfortable, filled with nervous energy and or desperate to pee. I knew her well, well enough to know it was both.

“Are you mad at me?”
She asked again in a mixed unclear tone; soft and sensual yet subtly appearing to restrain from giggles.

“Are you mad about what I said? About what I said to her?”

Staring at her reflection, I could see her continued struggle to keep still; her legs crossing and uncrossing, legs altering one over the other as she waited impatiently for my attention.  With my tie off, I began to roll up my sleeves, merely to make myself comfortable and not to ready myself to confront her about her actions as she interpreted.

The moment my white sleeves went up, she immediately countered with a defensive pose full of feminine charm. She purposely, yet ever so casually, crossed her arms tightly causing her breasts to nearly spill out of her dress, attempting to hide her intentional actions. Her cleavage now begging for uninterrupted attention was only upstaged by her hands pulling back ever so slightly on the hem of her dress exposing even more leg; all while she squeezed her lips into a sparkling smile that bounced off her glossy eyes.

“How much champagne did you have?” I asked attempting to stay focused.

“Not that much, why? Maybe one…or two bottles” she smiled and attempted to toss her hair casually, but instead jerked her head into an uncontrolled bobble.

“Clearly you have no idea and obviously it was more than you should have from the looks of you." I pointed at her obvious disheveled look as her strap slipped off her shoulder at that precise moment. Her retrieval of the strap, an uncoordinated full force swing, almost sent her sliding off the edge of the bed.

“You, young lady, were entirely out of control. We will discuss it in the morning.”
I responded walking past her.

She leapt up disappointed  and grabbed my arm, “Nooo! I wanna ttalk about it nnnow!”

I pried off her fingers and proceed to grab her wrist, “No. I don’t think you do.
I'm tired and you’ve had too much to drink. Now get ready for bed!” I ordered,
not in the mood to deal with the matter at this hour.

“Noo! I wanna ttaaalk about it! I wannt you to tell me if you are mad.”

“I said, we will talk about it in the morning” I released her wrists and gently pushed her back, causing her to teeter on her heels.

“I just wanttta' nnno.”
she whined.

“What do you think? Rebecca, don’t be so dense.”

She looked away insulted and suddenly forced to face the obvious. She pulled at her auburn hair, twisting her fingers around the ringlets nervously.

“Now, get yourself to bed before you dig yourself a deeper hole.”
I shot back.

“Bbbutt. But aren’t you go…going to deal with me?”
she asked sheepishly.

I stepped forward until her pouty lips were practically on my own and stared into her glassy drunken eyes.

“Deal with you? You mean aren’t I going to spank you? Is that what you mean?”

Her lip trembled as she blurted out the answer, “Yyyess.”

“Well, what good would it do? It obviously doesn’t work. I specifically warned you about behaving yourself tonight and did you? Did you?”

I guess not.” she looked away staring at her feet, staring at her hidden toes scrunching back behind open toe heels.

“So if the threat and pre-treatment didn’t work then...? Then what?”

Frustrated, I turned away.

“Buttt, juust do something; tell me off. Tell me I am horrible…” she burst out.

“Fine, want me to deal with you now? I'll deal with you! I'll deal with your immature, arrogant ass tonight” I reared back, grabbed her upper arm tightly and pulled her towards me.

“First of all take off that expensive dress before you ruin it. I paid too much for you to ruin it.” Releasing her I snapped my fingers. “Take it off now!”

She struggled for a minute to reach her back and undo the zipper, as I offered no assistance and instead just watched her stumbling actions. She finally managed on her own and the dress dropped to the ground instantly as if it were relieved to be free from its duties and from any potential stains.

She immediately crossed her arms to cover her exposed breasts and looked up at me with fluttering embarrassed eyes. She attempted a seductive smile to diffuse the rising tension filling the room.

“Really?! Really, young lady?!” I shook my head in disbelief as I felt an immediate throbbing in my pants at seeing her beauty exposed before me.

“After I specifically told you, you went ahead and did your whim anyways. I can’t believe you went with out a bra and with only that damm g-string! No wonder your ass was sticking out of that dress so clearly all-night.  No wonder you were falling out of that dress, no wonder everyone was staring at you. I can’t believe you, Rebecca. Did I not tell you not to wear those…”

“But you know how I feel about pantie-lines and…”

“And you know how I feel about my girl dressing like a cheap …” I caught myself as she stared into my eyes as I could see the water in her eyes ready to burst at the impending suspected insult.

I stopped myself and instead pointed her away for the moment.

“Turn around! Just turn your immature, self-centered ass away from me for a minute. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your behavior all day, tonight and now; getting me all wound up about to say something you don't want to hear.

She turned around in place as she was told and simply hung her head down sulking.

As she fidgeted in place, I took a moment to admire her curves, the paleness of her soft skin and the radiance of her hair. No doubt it was all accentuated by her practically naked state. I could easily forgive her indiscretions and take her right then and there; but what good would that do?

Instead I grabbed her arm tightly and began to scold her.

“Tell me, young lady, what was your attitude like today? Tell me. Did you behave yourself like we had discussed?”

She nodded her head from side to side, not so much as a response, but seemingly unable to process a cohesive answer. My sudden man-handling
had caught her off guard despite the fact it was what she was seemingly hoping for all along.

Still holding her in place with one hand, I used my free hand to deliver a smack to her exposed bottom no longer encased in the formal dress.

“Oww!” she grimaced over her shoulder.

“Well give me one word for how you were acting?” I insisted.

“I…I…don’t know. I can’t think…”

“Well I can. You dropped plenty of foulmouthed language today for me to choose from. But there is one that stands out.” I explained delivering another solid slap to her bottom, this time with enough impact to send her hoping a few steps forward before she reached back with both hands to cup her cheeks.


“The word I am thinking of starts with "B" and fits you perfectly. Does that word come to mind now?”


“Well, does it or not?”

“Yyyes.” She mumbled rubbing her bare bottom.

“Very well, if you are going to be a rude to others, I’m going to remind you of what happens when you act up.

Full of visible apprehension she continued criss-crossed her legs, fidgeting and unable to stand still.

“Now be a good lil' bitch and go make me a rum and coke while I figure out how to deal with you.”

She did not counter the request and meekly nodded. Tossing the custom dress on the chair, she shuffled off still in her heels and nothing more, except for that thin scrap of floss wedged deep between her ample cheeks. A choice she never would have guessed would be an important catalyst and cause of so much additional discomfort for her that night.


Bend over the bed now!”

Her ample bottom became a clear target as she leaned over the bed and as she proceeded to arch her back, causing it to be an even easier bulls-eye. She stood in place with her palms ready to grasp at the sheets, her head faced forward resisting the urge to look over her shoulder.

I waited for minutes, which no doubt I could easily guess seemed like hours to her as she remained in position while I merely savored my drink and the view. Suddenly the anxiety of what was to come seemed to take over her as she clenched and unclenched her bottom in rapid succession. Her wide bottom began to shake uncontrollably in nervous energy, cheeks jiggled while she softly murmured to herself, a quiet desperate prayer, a bit too late.

I couldn’t resist a small chuckle at the amusing unrehearsed performance of her bottom shaking nervously in angst of what she imagined was to come. I reached over and slapped her ass.


“I wish she could see you now, I wish they could all see you now, with your big naked ass, trembling about to piss yourself. You’re not so tough now, are you Rebecca?”

She whimpered an inaudible protest to which I answered with another full palm slap that sent her ass into a full spasm of shakes. 

“Owww! Ohh!”
“Regardless, you are doing this all wrong. Get your big ass up!”
I demanded.

She instantly pushed off the bed relieved to be out of such a compromising position or so she thought.

“Turn around and lay on your back.” I instructed as she edged herself against the bed “All the way back.

She leaned down against the soft mattress, which seemed to catch her in a soft forgiving embrace. Unfortunately for her the bed was not her judge or jury; I was.

“Now lift your legs over your head.”


"Lift those pretty long legs over your head.”

She began shaking off her heels when I motioned for her to stop.
“But, I’m not sure I can with my heels on” she complained while staring at the ceiling and not at me. Her legs continued to dangle wide over the edge of the bed capped by the heavy patent leather heels.

“Of course you can, this is where your daily yoga classes come into use; where I get a return for my expense on all those classes. Now raise those legs like a good lil’ bitch”
I ordered.

She hesitantly raised her heeled toes, first straight out, and then pulled her knees in and then back as her feet pointed behind her head. Even if the g-string had not been discarded on the floor, she would have still been entirely vulnerable in this position. She shook softly as a shiver shot through her at the awareness of her full exposure.

“Now tell me; give me a word to describe how you were acting towards the Bride?” I questioned, sipping my drink.

“I…I… don’t know. I can’t think…”

“Try harder” I insisted stirring the ice in my tumbler loudly.

“Like…like a bitch?” she whispered.

“Well you were a bitch all night, we already acknowledged that; no doubt a word that came to the mind of many tonight. Not the kind of bitch you should be. But no, the Bride I’m sure had another word in mind for you.”

“I…I…don’t know. I can’t…”

“Well, I’ll give you a hint.  What did I say about how I was going to deal with you next time you really were entirely out of control?”

“Th...the belt? You were going to spank me with your belt.” She tried to keep her legs from swaying while trying to remain in position.

“No, not the belt. Something else for when you really act up.”


For an extended moment
nothing invaded the sanctuary silence, but her heavy breathing and the sharp ice clinking in my glass.

“Well what was it? So what is the word I’m looking for, the word to describe your horrible, immature behavior tonight?”

“I..I… don’t.. I can’t say it…” she closed her eyes and turned her head hoping to disappear, but there was nowhere to go.

“Oh I think you can. I know you can; I've heard you say it plenty of times. Say it; what were you acting like?”

“ asshole.”
She blurted out.

“Say the whole thing?’

“I...I wwhha...I wasss acting like an asshole” she closed her eyes tighter.

“That is right. And if you are going to act like an asshole, we are going to teach your tight little virgin asshole a lesson.” I explained calmly.

“Bu…bu..uutt…” she stammered, “But I thought you said I wasn’t ready for that?! And that you would work me up to that first?”

“Well you are half right,” I moved in closer, standing over her as she softly trembled awaiting my next move. “Your attitude is clearly in need of something serious, and as much a you deserve it, I’m not the one going to take you up your ass tonight.”

Then whoo?! her voice trembled in confusion.

You are. I smiled and raised my glass in cheers as her eyes openeded wide bulging out of her suddenly blushed face.

“Were you not acting like a big asshole to the Bride tonight?”

She nodded
hesitantly as best she could while her head remained on the bed and her shoes balanced inches away from her face.
“Well then, there you have it. Go ahead young lady, you know what you
need to do.”

She stared at me in disbelief for a moment before fully realizing I was serious.

Still on her back and staring over her exposed attentive nipples, she hesitantly proceeded to place one hand on her pussy and pressed down in order to get a slightly less obstructed idea of where to aim her other hand. Slowly and cautiously she took her other hand and extended her middle finger and circled her brown spot. She circled around and around as her legs swayed and her mouth swallowed continuously while she worked up the courage to intrude her own hole.

I slapped her hesitant finger forward “Stick it in! Take that long lean finger, with those pretty manicured nails and stick it in.”

She bit her lip and pushed the red fingertip into the unlubed exit where it was swallowed up instantly.

She quickly pulled out her finger, grimacing at the shock.

“Put it back in.”

“No, please Hon….” She looked at me pleading, but unable to verbalize a compromise.

“If you are going to be an ass to people, I’m going to show you what it feels like. Now stick that finger in there. Now!”

She slowly pushed her manicured digit back into her tight hole as she looked up already humbled.

Mmmm…Ow! Ow! Please, Hon, can I stop?

"No, silly girl. What is it, is your virgin ass too tight? You're lucky I'm not fingering you then you would truly feel it."

I instructed her how to proceed, coaching her step by step "In…and out. In. And out. Good girl. Think of all the times you've flipped people off with that finger, now it has come back to fuck you up your ass."

She didn’t say anything more, but to my surprise seemed to react directly to my last comment and she began furiously fingering herself without any further encouragement, Mmmmm. Owww. Oh. Oh. Ow!

She locked her sights on me, staring at me between her legs while she worked the finger furiously. I remained over her enjoying watching the front roll seat to her self-punishment.

Now you'll know what happens to girls who act like assholes. I just wish…” I began to describe what would be to my further satisfaction when she cut me off to complete the thought.

Shhhh..yyyess, I know.
Oh. Oh. Ow!”

Between grimaces, she bit her lip before
eventually blurting out,

“I’m sorry, Hon!

OW! Oh. Ow.
I know you wish…
I do too, for your sake, Hon.

For your sake...

Mmm...Oh. Ow! OW! 

I wish they could……all see me with...

Ahhh..Oh, oh oh. Ow!

With my pretty nails up my dirty hole. 

All see me...
ith my finger literally up my ass,
like your humble lil' bitch."


So what did you think? Was this entertaining?

As always, only you can keep the comments alive the creative juices turning. 


  1. Interesting punishment, Enzo. Good story.

  2. Hi Sunny Girl -
    Glad you like the story, though not sure you liked the punishment. It is rather uncommon, but I thought it made for a realistic punishment based on the story dialogue hints.

    I'm very interested to hear what everyone's opinion of it was.

    Thanks for commenting!
    - Enzo

  3. A punishment that fits the crime...I like it!

    Seems I have some catching up to do here...I need more time in the day so I don't fall behind.

  4. Hi Misty,
    I had trouble coming up with a title for this one, but your comment would make the perfect title!

    Glad to hear you liked it, you'll have to let me know your thoughts on any other posts you may have missed.


  5. Thanks Ron!
    Glad you liked it. I wasn't sure how this story would come across over all.


    1. I keep reading it. Well done

    2. I love the scolding for the G string! Hate them and thongs

  6. Ron,
    Yes g-strings and thongs, there is a time and a place for them (which is usually when I say so).
    Thanks again.


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