Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Happy Hump Day - 5 Things

Yes, I was away. Once again longer than I had hoped. I was away from home for about a week dealing with extended family situations which in real life are seldom fun. Dealing with the progression and stages of life can in fact be overwhelming at times, even for the strongest of us. Add to that the ongoing everyday news of the decline of Western Civilization, or of the US of A in particular and it seems out of place and trivial to write.

Or then again perhaps that is why I should write and that is why why you come here. For the temporary distraction.
If so, then for now, for today I offer you – 5 Things. 
Random Thoughts. 

5 Momentary Distractions from bigger, more important matters.
5 Unedited News Inspired Thoughts to wipe away your Midweek Blues.
5 Simple Things to Ponder.

5. International News
I am surprised no one had more to say about the Nike Wimbledon "dresses". I was expecting lots of spanking related posts on the subject, so much so that I purposely chose not to publish my thoughts on it for fear of sounding redundant. Did I miss any posts on this? Or was I the only one expecting posts on this short subject?

"What?! Nothing to see here. Nothing new in female tennis uniforms."

4. National News
The Trump Women. Yes, yes I know. I know. Let's just stay on the lighter side of politics for now however. Unarguably, I do believe Trump plays the women in his circle, from his wife to his daughters simply as eye candy. Therefore, if you "had to" spank some sense into one of these women, who would it be (let's keep the visual of him personally out of the receiving end please)?  

Wait, what? This isn't his wife and daughters? Sorry, my mistake.
(But my question remains.)

3. Direct News
As I sat in my office the other day, after finishing up a meeting in our conference room I came to a sad realization. This is the first time that I do not currently work with anyone directly who I would want to spank. That fantasy has not crossed my mind with this group in the least. (For clarification purposes, I am 'counting in' only direct employees of the company in this office, not contractors or vendors, etc.) Ponder that for a minute. But not too long though otherwise you might become as seriously sad as I do when I think about it. Do you currently work with anyone who you would love to (or be) spank(ed by)?

4. Local News
The good news is have met a few women recently, on various methods of our lovely public transportation system, that I definitely would love to take over my knee and administer a good spanking to. Have you meet anyone lately which triggered your first thought to be, would love to (or be) spank(ed by) that?

Here is a picture of a typical day on my commute bus to work...
Oops sorry wrong picture –

Here we go. This is the correct picture of
my actual commute taken by a friend.
Do you see me? Look close.
I'm right there. Right behind the box.

5. Blogging News
Anybody miss my stories?
Or are these 5 random thoughts enough to ponder?

Or would you rather just hear me retell
tales of
how I dealt with
challenging young ladies in days past?

Would love to hear your thoughts!
Until then enjoy the rest of the week!    


  1. I had no idea that there were new tennis uniforms. Do you have to watch TV to find such out?

    How about this deal.You post, we read. Seems fair.

  2. Hi Bogey -
    Nope don't have to watch TV, I actually read about it on the online news and heard about it on the radio as well.


  3. Loved the new tennis outfits.

  4. Thanks for commenting Ron -
    I will have to do a full dedicated post on those outfits soon.



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