Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ought to be Spanked

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I often wonder dear readers, if young ladies like yourselves occasionally look at other female kin and begin to process an idea. If you ever allow a specific, solitary idea to grow until it fills your mind. A silent judgement. If you ever wistfully yearn to speak your mind; to tell your girlfriend your uncensored assessment of her:

"Yes, you really would benefit from a good 
bottom-stinging spanking!"

I wonder if these thoughts ever cross your mind. I wonder about this not as much for those whose preferences lean entirely into erotic-spankings or what I like to call "funishments."  Rather more so for those who are in domestic discipline relationships and believe in real punishment and discipline spankings. Do you ever look at your friends or acquaintances in utter frustration and think,

"I really wish someone would take you over their knee and spank you; 
that would really do you some good."

Or do you sometimes run into strangers; perhaps a rude waitress or attitude-filled Starbucks barista or an uppity sales girl at the Saks cosmetic counter and think,

"I really wish someone would pull that tight designer dress up, 
and give your snooty ass a good spanking!" 

For the most part, I can fairly accurately guess what the guys reading this blog points-of-views on this subject are. I know guys into spanking think these type of thoughts often – well at least I know I do. So gentlemen you are off the hook for commenting.

Instead, I am seeking the sincere thoughts of the female readership of this blog. So, do you ever and/or have you ever wished this upon your female kin?

"You are my friend. You're my best friend in fact, 
but honestly you can also be such a pain-in-the-ass. 
I love you and all, but you really need a taste of your own.

You deserve to be bent over, have your panties yanked down; 
that big ass of yours bared and then be spanked to tears!

...and I would love to be there to watch!"


Of course, I would rather hear from you via comments, but I understand the desire for anonymity so once again I am offering a simple poll. Please vote it really only takes a second and is completely anonymous!


  1. Yes, yes and yes. lol. Even when watching a movie or show at times, when someone is being rude/disrespectful or bitchy etc. :P hehe.

  2. Thanks for sharing Amber! Appreciate it.
    It good to know I wasn't entirely off based with this one.

  3. I don't usually wish a spanking on someone based on their behavior--mostly, if someone is being bitchy, I just want them to leave me alone. However, I look at butts all the time, and I constantly picture women with cute butts being spanked. I mean, I'm definitely straight, but I think I enjoy looking at women just as much as my husband.

  4. @ Autumn - Thanks for taking the time to comment and for sharing!

    So your comment begs the question, when you picture women being spanked what type of spankings do you picture; erotic fun spankings or punishment type spankings?

    Thanks again

  5. New reader, and I lived this post! Awesome!

  6. Welcome Brooke!
    Appreciate you commenting and glad you loved* the post! Thanks!

    Please explore some of my previous posts and hopefully you'll let me know if you find any others enjoyable.

    *You meant "loved" right?
    or did you really mean "lived"?


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