Saturday, August 9, 2014

PSA = Wear Cute Panties

Saturday Morning Public Service Announcement

Well ladies, did your Mother ever attempt to instill in you the importance of wearing clean underwear? Today let us remember to take that one step further. I have always been one to instill not only the importance of clean underwear, but of wearing cute underwear. Why ladies? Simply because you never know.

I know, I know I can hear the excuses already...I am always running late, he doesn't care, who's going to see them anyways, I don't have time while chasing after the kids...Yeah, yeah....excuses.  Wear your cute panties ladies!

Well, the reason I am bringing you this PSA this morning is that I just experienced something similar to this rather simple yet amusing commercial below. The casting and details are a bit off, but you'll get the idea: 

For those of you who have been around my blog for awhile may know this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. In fact one of my complaints about this was directed towards a young pop star and her disappointing moment. You can reread it or read it for the first time here.

And for those readers here who also happen to be Taylor fan's, fan-mail her and let her know this is how to do it properly (@:5:00):

Once again, you never know. Wear your cute panties ladies!
So I want to know, did YOU remember to wear your cute panties today?


  1. Omg. love this! I am a pantie junkie, I always insist on wearing cute or sexy ones. Sir does like to rip a lot of them off of me, but when He does, I just buy more! lol

    Great post - as always! :) xx

  2. Amber - Always appreciate you commenting!

    I would have guessed you were a pantie junkie or what I prefer to call a "pantiemaniac". No doubt you have have some colorful and cute ones in your collection!

  3. As Ms. Lucille Abernathy, the town's 82 year librarian always said "I wear Victoria's Secret or I wear nothing at all"


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