Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Helping her Listen

Well ladies and gentlemen here is a little story for your reading pleasure or at least that is the intent. The same intent as all my stories; to entertain and amuse; to make you smile and possibly laugh. 

By the way, I originally wrote it in first person and then wondered if that limited the story or is there even a preference. Regardless – enjoy the story.

"…and then I couldn't find change for the subway. The stupid thing wasn't reading my card and I didn't have any dollars. I found one, but it wouldn't take it! You think they would have machines that work right. Are you listening to me?" 


"Are you? Because I don't think you realize how difficult it was for me getting home after shopping? 

"Of course I am. Can you have a drink and sit down I need to respond to this voicemail before we go." 

"Really? Really. Uhh!" she glared at him, stomping her platform heeled foot in frustration.

Truth was he wasn't really listening; his reasons two-fold. First, he had just received a voicemail marked urgent on his cellphone. Second, she was just too worked up. It happened every so often. She would work herself up to a point of frivolous eruption. He used to let her be. Just let her boil over. She would start by blowing off complaints followed by random insults; all lead by misdirected anger, then finally explode. 

"Does someone need to take a deep breath?" he responded, barely making contact with her big blue eyes.

"Uhh...I don't! You just don't get it! People are just rude. I couldn't find change and the stupid machines didn't work and people were complaining. I could hear them. I don't know the tricks to get those stupid ticket machines to work and then when I got on the train it got worse. People were pushing me and I dropped my bags! Can you listen to me?!"

"Can you take a breath and calm down. Go upstairs and change while I check this message and then we can go to dinner." He instructed without raising his voice, but clearly changing his tone.

"Calmmm down? Calm DOWN?! It was horrible. This guy tried to help me, but the train was crowded and I was smashed and couldn't get a seat and this guy got mad and I don't..."

"One last time. Take a breath. I need to do this before we go. Before it gets late and you start getting hungry and grumpy…"

"Ahhh! Whatever! Screw it." She spun on her heels, swinging hair and shopping bags over her shoulder.

"Excuse me?! Does someone need a lil' help calming down? Do you?! It sure sounds like you do." He asked now raising his voice while rising from the sofa. 

"Nnnooo!  Whatevver! I'm going upstairs.  It is not like you are listening anyways. Listen to your stupid voicemail…I'm sure that is more interesting" she turned around, sticking her tongue out in a pout, but making sure he didn't see her. 

 "I don't like your tone young lady. Come here. Now!" 

She slowly turned over her shoulder to read his facial expression. Hesitating for a moment she took a step forward with full intent of marching out of the room; thought the best of it and froze.

"Smart move." 

He immediately grabbed her arm and spun her around causing her to launch the shopping bags. Bags and contents scattered across the room creating a scene resembling a half-dozen broken designer piñatas. This fresh mess, created in large part due to her exaggerated gestures, simply added to his own frustration as he yanked her towards him; landing them both on the sofa, her body spreading over his lap. He began caressing her bottom over her short skirt as he coached, "Breath."

"Breath," he repeated slowly in a hypnotic pace. "Now just relax and don't say a word." Instructing and caressing simultaneously all in attempt to diffuse her heightened state.

It was evident she desperately wanted to continue her complaint about the journey home, but she bit her tongue knowing how vulnerable a position she was now in. She didn't want a punishment. Not before going out to dinner. Not before meeting up with friends. Not after what she had just gone through on the train. She took a deep breath.

"Now isn't this better?" He asked condescendingly patting her pert bottom. There was no verbal response just  a soft nod as she began breathing  steadily. He could feel her body slowly relax.  Without raising it, he ran his palm under her skirt  with the intent to continue to softy stroke her tight cheeks.  He stopped as suddenly as he had begun. The cotton material of her panties that was anticipated was nonexistent.

"Did you not wear the panties I left out for you this morning? Did you NOT wear panties?!" He asked already aware of the answer. He was now the one fighting to remain calm.

"Umm..um.. I did….but …well you see… I can explain... I had to..."

Flipping up her skirt he revealed only a small thread of cloth wedged deep between her ample cheeks.

"Hmm. Are these new?" He asked yanking at the waistband of the g-string panties and tugged them down her thighs; leaving all her feminine charms entirely exposed. As he pulled the material down, he noticed the store-tags still attached. That's strange, he thought to himself before diving into a lecture.

"Let's see; where do I begin? Shall we talk about how you fail to follow our agreements? How I left something for you to wear and you failed to follow through? Or perhaps we should talk about your irresponsibility and unsafe actions; about not loading your subway pass ahead of time. We have talked about how unsafe it is is to load cash onto your card at those stations; that one in particular. Thieves target tourists…and girls who act clueless. Or shall we talk again about your impatience and lack of respect for what I need to get done? Or perhaps your lack of self awareness…"

Calmly lecturing, raising his voice without yelling, he watched her closely. Her bottom swelled with goosebumps from either fear of possible impending punishment or the sudden exposure to the elements.

Caving in to her emotion she began rambling again,"You don't get it! People were rude and mean…and.. I wasn't being unsafe. The machine was being stupid! But then on the train..."

He raised his hand high and brought it down with a solitary full palm slap that instantly seized her disjointed speech. 

"Looks like someone actually does need her pacifier? Do I need to go get it?" 

"No. NOO!" she blurted out looking over her shoulder with her begging kitty eyes threatening to release torrents of emotion.

Looking away from her pleading eyes before changing his mind further, he looked around for an aide. He reached into his cold drink and instantly fished out an ice cube and dropped it between her cheeks. The sudden shock resulted in her bucking like a wild calf;  her legs kicking wildly. He wrestled to keep her down and eventually managed to brace her legs with his own. With her long legs no longer a threat, he spread her ripe cheeks with his left thumb and index finger.

"This will calm you down for now and help you focus," he whispered.

"Noo! Pleease!"

With his other hand, he punted the remainder of the ice cube out of her cheeks as the cold water drops puddled conveniently. Without further hesitation he  pushed the tip of his thumb forward while slowly easing into the resistance. The thick finger worked forward past his knuckle before finally sinking into place. She gulped and let out a whimper as the sudden intruder invaded her tight hole. He rested the remainder of his fingers along the curvature of her soft cheeks as he felt her heart pounding against his leg.

Leaning back he admired her quivering cheeks now held ever so slightly apart by his proportionately large thumb. His other hand wandered down her back and proceeded to get lost in the tangle of her hair. She responded with a stream of nonverbal pouting.

"There. There. Better now?" He soothed as he ran his fingers through her hair. "See, there are other more effective ways of calming you down quickly. Perhaps you don't need your pacifier after all."

She nodded softly as her movements gradually slowed and she moved herself into a quieter state.

He loved seeing her like this. Surrendering to him. Vulnerable.

Admiring her curves, he began pumping his thumb slowly into her; then harder and harder. He stopped to pull out almost entirely and then rammed her again forcing her to grab on tight to the cushions. The ice water had evaporated and he was now pumping her ass dry while she squirmed and moaned; unable to form clear words.


"What was that Young Lady?"

"Ohhhh....I'm...I'm...Gawwwd!..." she couldn't verbalize anything coherent as he pumped and probed her petite hole. Instead she relented; merely gasping and holding tight for the ride.

"What? I didn't understand you - You. Are. What?" he teased, pumping her rosebud firmly with each word.

Suddenly his mind was distracted again.  His phone vibrated the signal of a new message. With one hand still occupied with keeping her "calm", his other hand searched for his cell phone on the table to attend to the urgent messages. 

She looked up to see him no longer singularly focused on her. 

Instantly aggravated she jerked to free herself from the solitary finger hold. He tightened his grip on her cheek keeping his thumb and her in place. Frustrated and in a fit, she clawed angrily at his ankle causing him to release his grip. 

"Enough!" he scolded pulling his hand from her bottom abruptly.


"Stand up!" He ordered as he helped her off his lap. She intentionally swung her arms as she pushed off his lap and sent his iPhone flying. Pretending not to notice that she had caused the phone to fall; she immediately attended to her panties as they slid further towards her ankles. 

"No you don't. Those stay where they are!"

Avoiding eye contact she stood-up straight and the cotton leopard-print g-string slid to her ankles. 

"Now get your tight ass upstairs and get some punishment panties on! I need to deal with you before we go."

She looked up at him wide-eyed,"Punishment panties! But why?!"

"Really? You have to ask? Speaking of, did you buy any new panties like you were told?"

She glanced at the overturned shopping bags and back at him,"Well I was a trying to explain what happened…"

"Just get your ass upstairs and back down here with some sheer white panties before I decide to be harder on you."

She bent over in haste and gathered what she could into the shopping bags before shuffling toward the stairs; her panties restraining her ankles. He cracked a smile to himself staring at her predicament and then turned to retrieve his phone. 

The smile slowly faded as he began scrolling through the urgent texts:

6 urgent credit card texts!

He called after her, knowing she was still within ear shot as he could hear her slow careful steps going up the wooden stairs. (She was at least following those instructions; the tiny elastic excuse for panties was obviously constricting her ankle steps.)

"Actually bring your pacifier back down with you! We need to talk! And I need to make sure you listen!" 


Hope you enjoyed this little story.

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