Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Would You Rather? Modesty vs. Vanity

Interesting enough our little game of "Would you rather…?" is proving to be quite popular. I am happily surprised. In case you haven't played, head on over there, vote and come on back. Don't worry, I'll save you a seat. 

Welcome back. 
As of this post, the answers to Would You Rather...Round 1 fall as this:

Anyone surprised by these results?
I am.

I would have guessed it easier to explain/deal with a spanking in front of family rather than undergo the embarrassment in front of coworkers.


OK, is everyone ready and willing to play Round 2 of "Would you rather…?" 
where we up the ante?

Sure let's play; onward to Round 2 


Modesty vs. Vanity
If you chose In front of your Coworkers 
Would you rather be spanked wearing:

 - Snug-fitting Sheer panties 
You know the type, so sheer you might as well not be wearing anything for modesty purposes. Where your cheeks are completely visible, with every curve ad crease defined, all with no squinting required. So sheer nothing is left for the imagination; in fact imaginations are suddenly running wild. Plus add in some embarrassment factor. Let's say you also have to remove your own skirt before bending over, so that you inadvertently offer your coworkers an additional full frontal sheer view of your grooming technique as well!


 - A pair of  ill-fitting, tattered and worn, Granny Panties?
To clarify, I'm not talking retro-sexy pinup style high waisted lace panties. I'm talking, big beige, made out of some unnatural cloth originally produced during WWII ration days. Your fashion expertise, fashionista credentials and overall popularity is about to plummet when you reveal this dull and drab yard of "fabric". All which leads to speculation amongst the gathered witnesses that no action could possibly be taking place in your home anywhere near those beige granny panties.

Remember the witness lineup for either coworker scenario above:
- both male and female coworkers (including the leering IT guy and the frustrated "Dolores Umbridge" look alike Human Resources Lady, both salivating at your predicament).
- as well as both your managers and your subordinates.


If you chose in front of your ADULT family members 
Remember this was the bare bottom spanking so to up the ante further; would you rather be spanked with the front row, onsite coaching techniques and instrument choices of:

 - YOUR Mother's Coaching & Instrument choosing


 - HIS Mother's Coaching & Instrument choosing

Just to clarify; not being subjected to either mother's hand, but subjected to her coaching your significant other and her recommended best instrument choices to use on you....
"Harder! More! Use the belt...Put your arm into it!...Harder!" - you get the picture.

Plus, don't forget the witness lineup for either of these family scenarios above:
- both yours and his relatives, a random assortment of family (including the crazy uncle who is always trying to cop a feel and the bitter sister who's jealousy always undertones everything yet is suddenly smiling and giggling with every slap on your bare ass).


OK Let's play. Cast your votes! 
Remember as always, explanations via the comments are always welcome and appreciated! 

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